1. People tell mi. A mi old fashion or is this phenomenon where everybody post them post intimate thoughts and feelings, and them private business all over the Facebook just stupid and annoying? A man caan hold a medi to himself again? And furthermore why do you think anybody gives a phuck. Geez!!

      1. But met mi wonder if is a psychological disorder or dem just hate dem life. Di people dem just caught up inna the matrix rasta. An wha mek it worse a mostly fakeness dem a portray and try fool people seh dem conscious, or dem introspective, or dem rich, or dem fashionable or whichever other lie dem feel fi tell da day deh.

      2. Yu nu suppose to a sleep? Go rest cause something about the day sey de night a gol busy fi yu pon yah…lol

    1. Fi real, is who Mickey Mascot a fool. Dis ole chi chi need fi invest inna a dictionary before him post up dese waste talk. Mi waan know how dis mongrel ago help wid homework when im a struggle fi spell ‘financial’

  2. Mikey please to know that Trees and Virus sperm canot breed man. And from di looks of it yuh and the 2 a dem not gwine stop duh unuh 3some. I feel is your dainty way of coming out of the closet wid dat attention seeking statement, but some of us done know sey you is a fish from way back when. Guh tek yuh enema and put in yuh tampan and hold a medz. Causen sey mi done look :maho

  3. Ok this is a photoshop right met?,,,dwfllll
    Rass if me could have kids me dun bred nuff,,
    Pass over the pill to turn your batty into a pu$$y
    Attention seeker is a disease this dude have

  4. True!,, but everything is against him and the girl that lay with
    this should check them self,,,anyone could have a kid even him,,
    But keep it real you’re a battyman,,kids or not.

  5. Nuh worry bout weh dem a say ya Mickey dem have agency fi Gay parents yah….when it comes to Mickey …you are the gaddy…. and if ya need help with anything ya have Soap star jason and dreamboy Ken fi help ya raise them but you and jason try get a tutor for the child homework cause unnu cannot spell to properly please and thonxs

  6. Oh please this is just a fb status to get attention. He’s too selfish? Well he got the fish part right. Come out already Mikey.

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