No Criminal Charges For Cops In Video-Recorded Arrest – DPP

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has ruled that no criminal charges be filed against the policemen caught on video trying to subdue a St Andrew woman accused of resisting arrest.

That’s according to a statement released by the Police High Command today.

The High Command says the office of the DPP has instead recommended that a departmental review of the policemen’s action be conducted.

It says the office of the DPP also indicated that the charges filed against the woman should be ventilated in court at the earliest opportunity and that all parties are at liberty to pursue civil remedies.

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The viral video, which was captured in Gordon Town, St Andrew, last month, appears to show two policemen using force to restrain the woman after she was reportedly warned of prosecution for using indecent language.

CCU says in arriving at her ruling, the office of the DPP took into consideration the lawfulness of the arrest, the presence of independent witnesses and the fact that the creator of the video is yet to come forward.

Meanwhile, the Inspectorate of the Constabulary says it will now commence an internal investigations into the actions of the policemen.

It is also appealing to the person who created the video to come forward and assist in their investigation.


  1. F**y why does it matter who record the video. U have all the evidence in front of u but no u wanna kill the person recording. Wonder if dem figet dem have wife dawta madda sista aunty

  2. The artist screams unruly, the people throw up the Devils horns and scream it back…. The cops listen to these songs as well and adhere to the same lawless attitude most of the citizens follow. Don’t know the specifics of this case but I’m pretty sure this whole situation could’ve been avoided if even one of the two parties had a mature/professional approach to inappropriate behavior. Too many Jamaicans feel it’s ok to lash out without and discipline or restraint, especially if they feel they’ve been wronged. If this cop told this lady to go “suck her mother” she should’ve filed a complaint against the officer so this behavior can be documented and if persist he can get penalized. Words are wind people stop having extreme reactions to words. A second of losing your cool can affect you for a lifetime, try to maintain your head and if an officer acts inappropriate file a complaint, don’t take him on verbally or physically.

  3. The laws are archaic. They are not satisfied with a live recording? OUTRAGEOUS!!! Now if the video tekka come forward the police kill that person to protect their job. This is utter rubbish. Where are the law makers in Jamaica? Where is the investigative arm of Journalism? Cho…bex mi spirit inna di nice Sundeh. And nuh badda gwaan like it don’t happen Mr Commish.

  4. u no hear or see articles telling us Jamaicans what our responsibilities are if we are arrested meaning. if 3 police hold you cant manage them. whatever cause them to haul and pull her she is charged for resisting arrest. one person man or woman cant manage 3 police and crowd cant help them only run their mouth when courthouse time dem cannot be found. the pregnant woman in st Thomas that was killed is the same bad word cause it

  5. a cop called me a whore he was in the car the gun pointed out the window me tell him like u muma looking back me lucky him never box mi rass for they love box and I was looking in the barrel of the gun, Im also wandering if someone in the car knew me cause said nothing and the car drive off, some wicked man never fight when cops come for them, if you goin to fight nothing prepares u for what is goin to happen next

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