1. A dat a di first ting Mi ask when one call me say mi win 2mil lol mi say why Yuh nuh tek it outta di 2mil…
    Bright eeh bout man nuh wah send no money come a yawd… A wah dis? Some a dem ago dead eno..

  2. Tek a headers inna you madda big dun out ‘ole. Go suck out you granny grandparents. Lol ! Jamaicans are the best. Me done.

  3. So to find 1% of any number requires you to move two places to the left. In this context we know what 1% is, $800 according to Scammy so we therefore are required to find x ( the amount 800 represent 1% of). This requires us to work forward and so we move two places to the right of 800 which adds 2 zeros to our number making it $80,000 . Then how come the scammer is saying he won 7.5 mil? Applying the rules to 7,500,000 and moving two places to the left, we are removing 2 zeros which makes 1% $75,000. How did you get your numbers Scammy? I do hope that you are all caught and the full brunt of the law is extended to you. You do not want to work and that in and of itself is fine because it is your life. However, you want to be lazy at someone else’ expense. Some people work like slaves just to make two ends meet and you all want to sit on your “behinds” and con people out of their hard earned money. You are all a set of LOSERS!!! You should all go to jail.

  4. DWRCLLLLL!!!!!! den di fool fool skyamma bwoy a threaten the man when him get buss. I’m a bit envious as I was not a colorful with my refusal when contacted to collect my winnings. Now I’m edukaytid and better prepared, mek dem “call mi now!” Guh chuck up inna yu…….LOLOL!!!

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