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There will be a repeat of entertainment report on TVJ this coming Monday so anyone is welcomed to tape and verify what I’m abt to say since me watch it Friday night.They featured Digicel’s big news announcement that Usain Bolt is their Chief Speed officer and it was his 1st Day on the job.You may find the following insightful as Usain was interviewed by Anthony Miller.

1)Anthony asked abt all the publicity,pics esp in the British media showing Bolt with all those girls and what he has to say abt all that.

Bolt: Well everybody knows my personality and how I love to have fun so that’s all that was..

AnthonyMiller:But ppl look up to u as a role model and to set examples for the kids???

Bolt: Well I’m young and u know ppl make mistakes.But I am a role model because I work hard and train hard and show kids they can achieve their goals.

AnthonyMiller questioned the Digicel Jamaica Ceo about bolt’s image/antics.The dude says they aint concerned abt the british tabloids and pay them no mind because Bolt is the consumate professional.
He added emphatically that what Bolt Does in his personal life is not an issue for Digicel!

No mention of Kasi no time though,hmmm.

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  1. Bolt most likely forewarned them not to make mention of Kasi and they followed his directives. Kasi isn’t Bolt’s woman, let us all face it.

  2. Mi say di only time unnu ago here mention of Kasi a when she get di award fi di year. She deserves dat award… She earned it.
    Bolt just mek it seem like chu him a runna boy him Can do anything…. A hope ano just di running yuh good pan and Yuh have sense and buy out di whole a jamaica cause Yuh sound like Looooooo runna. Bout retire! boy get ur life! An bout Yuh young… My youth Yuh bawn fi run nuh tap.

  3. Most sponsors don’t care about what they do in their personal life.

    And I hate this thing bout how dem young like seh dem a teenager weh nah nuh sense. Dem a 20+, 30+, year old. You more than kno how something looks and right and wrong!

    Bolt alright, but that live your life inna di public eye behaviour by showing things up can be detrimental. Cause dem foreigner there will bury him if them feel like it (they’ve done it before to both blacks and whites) so him fi careful!

  4. Anthony ask bolt don’t he think he could’ve been a little more discreet and Bolt said no becuase everybody knows how him stay.

  5. Why would he need to be discreet and why would anybody care what he does in his personal right now? He’s not married.
    Some are trying to make this more than what it is when it’s only gossip. No scandal here at all.

    1. And that is the mentality that keeps us down, he’s not married so monogamy goes out the window and loyalty to one woman is not an issue no accountability for his actions whatsoever, in a big big 2016 AIDS is still relevant just disgusting.

      1. How is Usain’s lifestyle keeping you down? You only need to worry about the mates you choose to be with and have intimate relations with. The man has said more than once he’s not ready to settle down so this is the type of actions I expect from someone who wants to live the carefree single life.
        You can’t call out Usain for loyalty as long as you have women who are willing to put up with his actions and Kasi has proved time and time again she will put up with whatever he does. The question you should be asking is why do women like Kasi put up with this, and I believe we all know the answer and Usain knows too so why would you expect him to be loyal to her or anyone like her?

        How do you know he’s having unprotected sex with these women?

  6. Kasi is his gf for now nothing more, nothing less. He has said it more than once, he is not ready for marriage.

    The only mistake he made , imo , was by saying he is in a serious relationship . Dude, it can’t be a serious relationship if u going to sleep around and humiliate her in public, and me know Kasi shame and a gwaan like she ok with it .

    If he did not make that announcement, no one would have cared about his recent shenanigans cause he always does it.

    I feel like usain arrogantly say and do things without consulting with his pr/management team.

    The damage control methods weak tho

    1. I agree. It’s not a mistake if that is what he normally does. He could have said that that is him but admit that he could have been a bit more discreet with having his picture taken. Personally, regardless of marital status, it didn’t look good. But I can’t understand how it’s only Jamaicans that think what he did was okay. Ask any other people and they say marital status aside, it wasn’t good for his image. Maybe, this is why some of our men swear off marriage because as long as they are single they can play the field.

  7. Arrogant and immature.Bolt make up your mind either you dont care or you care.He dont care personally he feel he does whatever but there are still a few people who might voice their opinion about his actions .He still care what those people have to say regardless.He is a momma boy so I doubt his mother condones that type of public display.

  8. I would love to hear Kasi’s views on the whole thing. It’s obvious Bolt isn’t committed to her so why is she behaving like there is a commitment? Can a relationship be open on one side? We all saw bolt sticking his tongue in different girls mouth…. protected?

  9. So he is saying he making a mistake and he doesn’t care? Why him never just say Althu he is a public figure he has a right to private live and him no see how sex life or recent actions was really not against public interest. A who really a prep him? It sad bcus a lot of ppl who could have lived successfully until dem dead just didn’t bcus dem nuh have the right team, education or even common sense.

  10. Nobaddame is correct. Rio & London looked bad because it was Bolt himself and not some foreign media that said he was off the market, had someone special he had been seeing for the past two years, and he showed her respect. That opened the door for the press when his actions proved otherwise. I’m sure the press and others wanted to know “Off the Market for What?” If this is how you treat someone special and show them respect and love, we all would hate to see how he would treat someone he did not care about. The treatment we all witnessed was bad for someone even in an open relationship as they claim.

    Yes, Bolt couldn’t do these things if there were not always women ready and willing. He has commented on women’s behavior in the media in the past. What does this say about some of us as a gender? We want to always cry it’s the man but when you look at it, it is both sexes.

    As for a role model, let’s say I am a youth with average talent that with hard work could be special who looks up to Bolt as a role model. What have I really learned from him: That I can party as hard as I want to and do whatever I want regardless of who else it hurts even me (Some of those other women are saying Bolt is lying to them and they all can’t be lying on him. Some would probably not mess with him if he did not lie.) as long as I’m doing me and living my life and “I still win” even when I’m 30. But when I do the same things I don’t come out on top because I am just average and don’t have the amazing abilities that God gave Bolt; therefore, I can’t bounce back a fast; therefore, I don’t win.

    Bolt did more than anyone else but Bolt was giving amazing abilities beyond work alone. Can anyone just imagine what Bolt could have done in track had he done things a little different? That 9.40 that a lot of people wanted to see him achieve as that was one of his goals according to him would have been attainable years ago along with a few others.

    Anonymous at 5:37 is also correct about the world has seen Bolt sticking his tongue in different people mouth. That is unprotected. All one has to do is exchange bodily fluids with someone who as gum disease and their gums have been bleeding at the time for AIDS and not to mention all the bad germs that lead to tooth decay. His behavior is risky and too many kids look up to him. Now, Bolt is saying he is a role model to youth because he shows kids they can achieve their goals. Well, when does he tell kids to stop looking at his public displays of “just doing him”. Who is Bolt’s PR person? Unfortunately, he has set himself up for potential dangers in the future if his “just doing him” self does not change. He is not Tyrone down the street anymore. If he wants to continue being a role model his behavior needs to start showing it.

    Everyone does not ask to be a role model; nevertheless, fair or unfair role models and public figures are held to a higher standard. Good role models exemplify the behaviors and qualities that lead people to be happy and successful because those in the public eye have an enormous ability to influence youth and model their behavior, attitudes, and values necessary for youth to “live safely” and grow up into virtuous people. Anyone who does not want our youth to grow up in this manner, there is something wrong with them.

    God’s grace and mercy have shown greatly on Bolt thus far, but he needs to be mindful that sometimes the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. Just go ask Hollifield, Tyson, and many others. Long before that woman cried rape on Tyson his behavior had gotten out of hand publically.

    I’m not trying to bring a man down. Only want to say that to whom much is given much is also expected. . . Just Saying

  11. well said @justsaying. i really hope someone will pass your comment to bolt and hopefully he will read it. no one is hating on bolt but i don’t think he really understands his position in jamaica’s history and society. bolt is jamaica whether he likes it or not..

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