Following the testimony of Detective Sergeant Linton, an attempt was made to fire bomb his home when unidentified persons threw a Molotov cocktail at his house resulting in the destruction of a section of the perimeter fencing. Subsequently, unknown persons returned to his house where they left a bag containing photographs of the Detective Sergeant, a cow eye and a cow tongue with his name written on it. It is to be noted that this ritual is practiced in other countries around the world as a warning to witnesses in court cases to keep their silence.


  1. Uhm, ahm…. :sorry
    What I wouldn’t give fi the obeah consultants in this case to issue a press release, dwl

        1. Yu know yu nu easy? De ongle thing de ago sey is that “you can’t come a look justice when yu hand a drip wid blood”.

          Me hear sey a thiefing cow dem get the tongue from and de owna beat dem to the obeah man so de tongue neva have nu powa…good ova evil it say….dwln

          1. So dem really tief maas Zacky one cow? Hmmm, what a wicked wretch dem… cow tongue shudda hold dem dung and Alkaline *scrips*scrips* the whole lot a dem

        2. lolol…de way dem misfits de operate me really think a thief dem thief de cow . But dem waste dem time cause ‘good ova evil’ *wink*.

          1. Everytime… remember at the time of this indictment Shawn Storm has jyst caught a case for physically assaulting a streetside vendor and tiefing some oranges etc?

        3. EX.. yu hear me say ‘misfits’…lol. You can a thief orange and assualt vendor? De vendor must feel good fi see that wretch downfall.

  2. unno tink diss a obeah? or was diss a a mafia like scare tactics?

    for example: u know like wen dem kidnap sumone an fi show u seh dem serious and will kill di kidnapped victim if u no send dem dem money dem will all cut off one a kidnapped victim’s finga an send it to u?

      1. so dem try tie up di man tongue….kartel mumma a wuk obeah fi years and a dis dem really do ar this is the thanks shi get ??dem obeah man ya fi get sue …a wonder if dem can carry dem before di court ???

        1. That mi a seh too…. wonder how them customer service department a handle such egregious failure to render services?

          1. a mean come on…di whole family a cx and a dis gwaan…and dem go so haad…………………………maybe dem can get a partial refund

          2. Stop. London fulla smog right yah now and dem joke yah… I’m two laughs away from a heart attack!

        2. They gadda do sumting… because its been established that molotov cocktails are fancied by that constituency

    1. Lundun, I believe it was both. A threat of what will happen and the obeah woman a work her see no evil, hear no evil tactic.

    2. It was obeah done with evil intentions. Ongle thing de bitch dem figet sey DEM CAN’T HARM GOD BLESS! NU DAY, NU TIME.

  3. All the amulet wey him wear during the summation fully loaded. Him put him faith Ina him obeah woman suh till!! Why him Nuh put a hit pon har now? A she him fi blame instead of the system, a she gi him just as much fcukery advice as Finson. A dem him fi kill.

    1. Just wait man… yuh know him watch nuff tv and hs always been an aspiring farinista.. so just like how yuh hear bout how gang leaders be running it from behind bars… he will, as he always has… try to emulate what he doesn’t grasp and f**k himself even more…. haughty stiff necked fool

  4. Kartel did a wuk ovatime inna lockup. Him put him faith inna de darkside, when him shudda repent an put him faith inna God. Epic fail. All de obeah and scare tactics neva stop de sentence. Him get weh im deserve. De sentence a beat him bad.

      1. Met, a think a de Spanish Town obeah man him did a use…lol Remember JCF/JDF did pickup him baxside and tek whey him note book O?….DWLN

        Trust me, JCF good a all did have somebody a masquarade as a obeah man and sheg these bastards. Me did think a frog mouth dem padlock fi courthouse?

        Obara! come here O

          1. lololololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

            Remember finson sey JCF tek why documents why defense need? lolol……a did de phone number to the BEST obeah man in the land…lol

          2. ______________________________________________________________________________________

  5. yuh know seh the Devil is extremely strong and persistent….but God is the mightiest and stronger than ALL!! People, pray everyday and if your prayer is sincere…God Almighty will see you thru. Mister Linton, if you are a God fearing man, He WILL continue to protect and see you thru every trial and tribulation. Stand firm and doe mek dem coward deh put huh fear inna yuh heart :angel :angel :angel :angel

  6. Yuh know seh the Devil is EXTREMELY strong and VERY persistent….but God is the MIGHTIEST and STRONGEST of them ALL!! People, pray everyday and if your prayer is sincere…God Almighty will see you thru. Mister Linton, if you are a God fearing man, He WILL continue to protect and see you thru every trial and tribulation. Stand firm and doe mek dem coward deh put huh fear inna yuh heart :angel :angel :angel :angel

    1. Yep!….see yu post a read twice….lolol. Devil sey him nu have nu hand inna dis a de minions dem doings dis…lololol

  7. Yes Met but if dem did use the cow or goat fi sacrifice fi him maybe him oodah have ah chance, (aldoe mi nuh tink suh, caws ah God write dah one yah and no powers on earth cudden mek him get whey), but in Jamaica there is no good spiritualist left now ah days any how, and ah peer batty man tek ova de work dem, plus if anybody ah good smaddy and dem go to him fi help despite de money dem shud turn down de case, because de spirit should be able to tell dat eprson sey him guilty, anuh every money ah good money!!!

    1. if him neva go a di obeah man if him did stop him woulda get fifteen but it look like dem sen him off to ……….mi boddiiiii cause to how it look dem mek sure him nah come out….go si him a gi more money fi di appeal …………………

        1. Yow u know seh mi nuh really feel seh a shorty deal wid di obeah mi feel seh a madreen dem……and di mada ….mi nuh tink dem have da real trus deh inna shorty……….but mi know seh shorty pray to God fi him get a good one

          1. Real, wey yuh sey? Shorty pray to God fi him get a good one? Dead!! :bingung :bingung

          2. foxy shorty woulda gettin di cussin a ar life …and shortly a buss ass weh him hear wen him lock up wid him mix up self…….mi nuh tink di girl coulda live…plus shi go get fat and him love rage doll…..but shi too good to bout shi miss him…bitch he was not living with u …………..mi jus cawnt

    2. dem nuh get it…dem feel seh wen ppl see dem …dem cah read dem mind..dem a try hide wen dem a seek help…….. …di bwoy neva deserve it… dem lef him to him own faith …….which is 35 to life

    3. love yu fi dat, Obara.

      Me keep telling people sey true spiritualist DON’T do works fi harm people just because you willing to pay. If it nu justify then you shall get no favors.

      Now, If Lizard people go look a “works” dem more than justify and a spiritualist would take that case cause “an eye for an eye”.

  8. I’m surprised Tesha legal team that got him off hasnt been retained to date,,, but then, being tthat a significant part of the defense budget went to “miscellaneous expenses” and tesha out of circulation….. he better get comfortable

    1. No man, Tesha legal team Bert Samuels dem run from de case. A greedy Finson greedy and a wuk fi keep him name as celebrity lawyer mek him tek de case. From what mi hear, everybody run leff de case. Finson was last resort. Is a laborite lawyer Geishell use and him a big comrade.

      The learned lawyer dem know dem cudden get Geishell off a case deh wid de evidence gense him. Big lawyer nuh like lose case, damaging tuh dem rep.

      1. Kunta, you know I don’t think it’s merely greed why Finson accept the case…I think it’s because unlike other attorneys, he is aligned so much with the criminal element and employ many underhanded and criminal tactics meant to win a case. So while the case couldn’t be won on its merits, he figured that eliminating the witnesses by providing this information to Kartel and disappearing evidence through bribery and bribing the jurors…that the case would be won.
        If anyone perpetrated abuses against the justice system, it’s Finson and Finson and the proper authorities really need to analyze this.

  9. anybody whey work fi him ah evil, dats why people class people why do some work caws is not everybody have standards and fear God, a man came to me years ago because his wife accused him of molesting their ten year old little girl, so him run to him sister de sister bring him come to me, as him come,(mean time de siste ah class de wife to mi enuh) mi see right away him guilty, mi stand up and tell both of them fi leave mi place, dem surprise, I told the straight out that he is guilty and I will not be apart of that, leave!!!…I am happy to say two months after the police got him, him doing his time as we speak.

    1. Greetings Obara… blessed Love… what did they want you to do in that instance? Yuh see how people wicked? Mi sure that guy “christian” mother knows her pitney a evil… she can try fool herself… but thats about the only person she and the rest of his family fooling….

      1. Nizzy, yuh waan hear de sister inna mi house ah class de wife, de man ah one ah dem quiet man, but as mi siddung fi do de reading fi si how mi fi hepl him, mi just hear e spirt laugh and sey RAPIST!!!!

  10. mi fail fi believe seh a obeah kartel dem did a try werk :ngakak :ngakak

    diss a di worse case of obeah execution i have eva! EVA!! heard of :ngakak :ngakak

    i mean not one stunt bingo, not even a likkle piece of one, is where dem find di obeah personnel weh dem was r using???? i mean shiiiiit, not even one stunt neva ketch??? :hammer

  11. Lundun, no good smaddy nuh deh bout deh, mi ah tell yuh…years ago there were some powerful ppl in Jamaica, but dem dead off and tek dem secret wid dem….

    1. Obara someone told me that there grandmother told them in a dream that she did not die ………….she (the grandmother) is her (the dreamer) the grandmother was a warner and that sort ………..

      1. Nobody dies @Real, No one!!!..mi deh yah nung and mi Husband mother just walked in and she transitioned from 1999, no deeven know her, but mi just describe har feem

        1. but ppl always tell di girl seh shi have a certain ting bout ar like shi a mada ….but di girl feel seh a common sense

          1. well if it’s her destiny, she cannot hide from it, mi ah did hot gal inna mi batty rida and heels, mi still wear de heals, minus de ridda lol

    2. obara, is dat a good ting or bad ting? di fact dat dem dead an carry dem secrets wid dem?

      cuz i have never had anything positive to say about obeah, its always been negative and demonic. so if dem dead an carry dem secret wid dem, an a pure fu-ckery weh naah connect deh a road, dat is actually a good ting nuh so?

      1. Same suh mi think Lundun. Mi nar none a fi family member dem as far back as wi can rememba always serve God and nuh go near obeah. A betta dem did nyam di cow tongue…a least dem woulda get a meal outta it. Ole crosses dem.

      2. Lundun, is de character of people who mek these things bad, spirituality like all things have a negative and a positive, de person have to choose, there are repercussions for their bad behavior, all my life this has been my work, and I HAVE NEVER done any wicked, but as me and anybody have a problem, dem go bout an sey mi ah obeah dem, when dem was around me I was de beat person, lol, human being nuh good!!!…but we are needed here because God gave us certain knowledge, for instance if smaddy call me right now and sey Obara someone round dem seems to be having a stroke I know something simple I could quickly tell them to do to save that person., if someone is giving birth and de baby breech, I will utter some words and de baby turn immediately, if a woman always have miscarriage I know what to do to stop it, or if she barren mek she have a child, so we are needed here in this realm, but the road we chose is another thing, and I know bad work , I do!!!

        1. obara ansa mi diss please an tanks, if someone came to you for a reading, yet they don’t fully believe in what it is you do, and while telling them what will happen in their life or what they must do for such and such to happen for them, they are actually skeptical, will things still work?

          1. yes. because I practice TRADITION, so what i will be telling them is not faith based, I would be accessing their AKASHIC RECORDS, in tradition we call that IFA (EEFAH), SO I WOULD USE THE ORACLE TO CALL THEIR DESTINY FORWARD AND TELL THEM WHAT IT SAID, and the solution, matters not if they believe, IFA/ORUNMILA is always correct!!!!

  12. dat was a hoax come to think about it or de smaddy really nuh know work, yes cow tongue can be used for court cases, but yuh don’t leave it ah de smaddy yard, it is prepared and either frozen or buried…frozen being the better thing to do, but it is a very light (in weight I mean) work for a case this heavy, and the cow eys have to be prepared but it should be the left eye and the cow have to be a certain gender…kmt foolishness…fi dis kind of case..if yuh tell me sey dem did sacrifice a cow now, dennnn!!!, like how the kenyans dem did when Obama first was elected, they ensured him a long life and a second term, we Africans understood what they did and the meaning behind it and we were happy!!

  13. O ma se O……….a yuh mi deh wait fah fi giwi de small breakings a dis yah wan yuh does?!?!?

    dem too caught up inna dis yah guzum sh!t tuh much,puss nd dawg doah hab de sed luck suh de smaddy weh tell him seh de wan weh ninja use a dah wan dem him suda use need fe swallow Psalm 119

  14. lol no de court psalms dem ah 35,36,37,122,6,27,and 9..122 has to be said a certain amount of times and one of God’a name called along with it…..knowledgeable people will use SALT, which is one of the three S’s..SALT, SULPHUR AND SAND, anyone knows the secret of these three can conquer anything or anyone, like in nature there are certain plant and herbs ppl can use and no one can EVER harm them physically, dem blood cyaan draw at no time!!! God is wonderful…@Simplicity O ma se OOO….how yuh do mi lovely!

  15. In all fairness; in one of the voicenotes he did say him no too usually believe inna the science…. so, he shouldn’t fee no way that it no work. And just like he’d stated he doesn’t believe inna GOD then everything them a extol GOD…. and last but not least we shant forget the piss poor attempt at the rasta accessories at the commencement of the trial
    The administration of Calabar must be appalled that someone who didn’t see fit to observe the regulations of their institution while he briefly attended and who’s probably never even joined an old boys association or done anything of merit toward the institution saw fit to sully their school on a day like today by wearing what he wore

    1. ______________________________________________ :hammer
      jeer him a jeer dem …. when him wear him illuminate ring a calabar tie and khaki him wear…..something ina sumting wid calabar and him

      1. Well C-bar win Champs….so a hope him ketch some a di C-bar vibes inna im fi either run from di battyman dem inna prison….or gi dem im donkey length :ngakak

        1. What is (b)gi dem im donkey length :nerd .. wonder if plane soon start land a Horizon Remand? Wah else dem say he be giving away inter coitus? Cyaar, Land etcetc?

      2. jhim feel se him did done calabar ….him feel like dat a di only odda ting weh woulda give him di respect and di power ….he had lost hopes and him very bad mind so him nuh want di ppl dem fi rememba dem glory widout him

      3. When he was there he didnt wanna be there (as per the educationally employed sister), and him no stop wear Cbar uniform and ting as an adult? …BTW, I think she was a friggin disgrace to her profession. Nothing about her conduct in court said educator, much less educated.

        1. well hopefully they dont fire her………..but to me it look like a desso it a go …cause shi a cus police and politician and shi a civil servant …………..madreen nuh easy

        2. Nixy either him have calabar secret or dem have fi him own. Nuff young man glad fi get ina school but him was happy being a delinquent so mi nuh know a wha suh now and him neva graduate from deh…for the sister…mine a di same obeah why she ina dat position dere because as u seh……..nothing about har seh education

          1. I didn’t think about that angle eno… but I can see at least in part, how he arrived at his destination. His family is prosthelytizing and extolling all kinds of phantom virtues .. its apparent that in all the wickedness he was going on with not even the church going madda stopped once and said “son, stop” or any other admonishment….

    1. bay hulluh………dis a go rerk and dis and dis……….all di white whey him white a goodly di hulluh gyow sellings lol

      1. a farin mada seh …..farin ..mada move in on up wid di one back dow weh shi collect………………

  16. Met, whatever became of Dog Paw’s appeal that his beloved baby mother so confidently declared ‘we must appeal’? Lovers of criminals I tell ya!

    1. FOxy mi can tell u weh di appeal deh……………anyhow a Finson him gi it inna di steel garbae wid a burn out matches stick…………………………Her daddy lied to her

      1. yow a wah kinda ppl dem yah wi really a deal wid…..if nuh bwoy pon yah a look oman …before and unu drop unu pants unu mek sure a weh unu a do cah some oman ….mix up ina some tings weh nuh normal

          1. met den u nuh siseh it look like seh shawty neva get fi excercise da avenue deh …like it did inna di plan but now di girl a tell ar it nuh too late ……………a wah kinda ppl dem yah??/

          2. :ngakak what a whole heep a dolly dem wudda haffi buy and a whole heep a work fi wuk pan

          3. No sah…dat deh link sound broken tuh me..cah how shi neva sense di LIFE SENTANCE??? Suh common-law-wife ago run dung ah Haiti an bring eeen di grip full a dolly. DOLLY-R-US..What is not dis :ngakak

          4. Met so a di whole community tan so …………..dem fi change di name

            di girl seh shi a fren fi life and shi a sen di gyal fi free up di wikid bwoy \\\shorty mussi LOOK LIKE EDIAT

  17. Mi just a shake mi head scratch me head cause mi caaaa believe dem something here no sahhhhhhhhh

        1. Aright nuh firing, but yuh ago get rite up nex time :ngakak
          Pon ah real doe yuh si how much ah dem like di comment…all di one shorty. Dem viper deh eat, sleep and breathe obeah. Das why dem nah go betta.

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