Vybz Kartel i am not happy that u get life in prison cause a mean you a somebody pikney too and u have u family weh love u. BUT…………………….. at least u have rass life. Lizard nuh have nuh and no amount a years u serve can justify what you and ur co accused did. The justice system made an example out of him to show u dat no one is above the law. and to all those supporters weh a come on tv and a chat shit. unu realise that a some a unu mek him get so many years with unu idiot comments? bout “lizard did a killer too” and “is not like is a police or solider or whosoever him kill, is a regular man blah blah”. unu have sense? or even think before unu talk. sorry fi u still. U a bawl u nuh bawl yet. Just mek sure u dont drop u Soap. Rest in Prison Addi the World Boss.

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  1. I have to admit that I feel some sadness toward this thing just because of the look on his second sons face ……………it sound funny but maybe the child thought he would have a daddy now after this is over ………….as I am sure he was not really a father before he went to prison………………I wonder why any one who came from such a good family and who was raised with their mother and father would do this and I got my answer in all his post and the post from his family…………..money and inequity are the only two words that can discribe this evil

      1. ye mi know mi feel sorry fi di child him jus look sad ,,,but him fada neva si him son face wen him a kill lizard so who am I?

  2. Addi truth ? De Kartoon get life ?? Him a go spend de rest a him life inna de place wey him a go see nuff “roach” and “lizard” ? Woieeee!!!!

  3. i am not sad for kartel, he did wrong and is now paying the cost.

    just like kartel, lizard was sumbody’s child too, so i don’t get this thing about ppl feeling sadness for him when he clearly did not act in self defense.

    i 100% feel no sadness, or remorse for kartel, FU-CK kartel and his feelings and his situation. He at this moment shows no remorse for what he has done so why must i care about him?

    bun all murders, rapists and pedophile. may all a unno dogshit burn in hell. Mi hate ppl weh leave ppl powerless, mi hate ppl weh feel dem can take away another person’s voice or right. FYAH!! pon di whole a unno nasty rass.

    1. You summed it up perfectly!!!!! NO love for those evils hearts and their contentions :hoax2.. :ngakak

  4. Met, wheel and come again wid de “MAMA” song deh. The one wey Kartel a sing bout himself. Perfect timing fe a perfect song.

  5. Mi feget fe use mi manners. Met, can you please show Kartel”s Video/audio of The song “Mama”. How appropriate at a time like dis. Thank you Mums,

  6. I feel sorry for lizard mother and what she is going thru not even his bones she can fine to put to rest boi! Kartel mada can guh luk fi him shi can talk to him touch him kiss him etc etc suh mi nuh sarry fi dem I’m not feeling them pain Kartel haffi face him judgement he may not be di only person to kill sumbady inna Jamaica but him duh it an dem catch him an find him guilty wen you take a life you have to give yours up!!!!!

  7. lolol…dem could a drip yeye wata like ole stand pipe…no sympathy/empathy here at all.

    If only the sky could talk, we would hear more about this evil and his deeds towards his fellow mankind.

  8. Becuse sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. Though a sinner do evil a hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him: but it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he feareth not God. Ecclesiatics 8 vs 11-13.
    Read this last night and Kartel came to mind. N then the verdict today God nah sleep.

  9. (Tongue in cheek) i think Justice Campbell was quite generous in handing Kartel life. The judge handed life to a man who was in the business of taking other ppl’s. Justice Campbell mi admire u generosity. Mi loikes u.

  10. Fi all I know, I am happy he got life but he should have gotten 100yrs before parole..I swear! R. I. P Jockey, Bossie, Lizard, Jomo, Creg, Luewe, Boogle weh you send yuh man dem go shoot, NuNu Puss, etc..This devil is behind a lot of things..he break the little portmore youths out and then kill them

  11. I’m appalled once I heard the whole story behind the killing of a friend of his Lizard… I didn’t know besides Kartel being a artiste he was a Don as well because he sure did act like one… I don’t understand a man that should have some type of sense and smarts can but him own self in this time of problem, you having conversations via phone and your video taping the events, who does that did he not know that those items can be retrieved, smdh… Come on Kartel you buried your ownself and everyone around you played a part in your destruction and their own just to please the world boss! I just can’t understand it yet, you are going to be a old man by the time you get out of prison. The you have this coolio attorney that to me is just looking pretty on camera I really don’t see what his doing for you to help your case… I feel sad for him still because he is a good artiste no one can deny that regardless of what he did… But if you can hide the body real good you didn’t do a good job and keeping yourself out of it and for two guns, damn dem two guns most of worth a lot to have to take a life and try to take another life and he got away, if that other guy didn’t get away i think that Kartel would of gotten away with the crime and Lizard and Chow would of just been missing men… smdh side day for all still..

    1. Chow was smart…he knew for him it was only a matter of time and it would be about something different.Kartel is a sick individual

  12. Well my understanding of the story met is that chow sister a shawn storm baby mada. Well if a so vengence a go carry fi life

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