The Vybz Kartel murder trial continued this afternoon with accusations from the defense that a prosecution witness tampered with telephone evidence to secure the conviction of the deejay and his co-accused.

Attorney Pierre Rogers suggested that Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton was a liar and tampered with the phone evidence put before the court.

Rogers said there was a discrepancy with the time stamp that was reflected on the BlackBerry message that told of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams being “chopped up like mince meat”.

Rogers put it to the witness that he changed the time stamp as the forensic report showed the phone message being created and modified at 12:54 and 20 seconds.

However, he said the memory card from the phone attributed to Vybz Kartel reflects the time as 8:54 and 20 seconds.

However, the witness explained that the times appear different because the latter was in Greenwich Meridian Time and represented the time difference.

Ethium Allen, director of immigration services at Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency retook the stand briefly as attorney Tom Tavares-Finson asked him if he knew of persons leaving the island illegally by boat and from unauthorised airstrips.

Deputy Superintendent Vernal Thompson, who is in charge of crime investigations for the St Andrew North division also took to the witness box just before lunch.

He testified to assembling a team based on information received and going to Kartel’s Havendale home.

He testified to finding a ransacked house that had been burnt out and smelling a foul odour.

Kartel is jointly charged with fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell also known as Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones, Shane Williams and Andre St John for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Williams was allegedly killed in relation to two missing guns.

0 thoughts on “NO PHONE TAMPERING

  1. I swear Det. Linton should have a barrister on standby fi sue de rass out a de defense team. Desperate bunch of demon defenders.

      1. After de case yah done…stewart and the others need fi reevaluate dem style of reporting along with firing a few half ass reporters and editors dem have on staff

        For decades dem Jamaica media as been the source of social disturbance because they serve as the carriage for propagandas and de sheaves dem gulp it up TIME FI IT MASH UP! .

        1. very dirty reporting…meant fi create discord and fool the public but I was not moved because di digicel man already tek di stand so mi know a only dance di defense can dance roun things

      2. He reached and reached until he made himself look like a dumb ass. Accused the man of lying because he the defense attorney wasn’t smart enough to decipher a time system?

  2. However, the witness explained that the times appear different because the latter was in Greenwich Meridian Time and represented the time difference!!!

  3. Met so how come you didn’t put up the questions and answers of what happened yesterday. I come to your site just to read about the case.

  4. The media houses are worst than Omar Davies everything dem run wid it…seems as if they are on kartels payroll …thanks again MET we need more people like u weh Nuh support fukry ….

  5. met u seem upset am just point out the holes in his excuse!!! its is necessary its a murder case not a drugs case where time dont matter and evidence expose to unauthorized personel!!!!!!! kartel maybe guilty or not its the crown duty to prove that so when stupid police like that log wrong time, expose evidence to be tamper with! it sure cast doubt!! so when the crown’s using that evidence as the smoking gun alot of doubt hang over the police

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