Q- You told me that read only machine couldn’t write to SD card
A- Yes
Q- It is incapable of doing that
A- Incapable
Rogers- Take me to file that contains BB message ‘between me and you’.

The BlackBerry message said

‘between me and u…a chop we chop up di bwai Lizard…mince meat’

Q- When was file created
A- File was started and created.

– Objection from Rogers intervenes here stops Linton saying he’s asked only for date created

Q- When was it accessed
A- 18th Oct, 2011
Q- And you cannot write to SD card. Can’t leave any fingerprint
A- Cannot write

Q- Whatever machine you used leave that there
A- Access here speaks to when data was accessed from device to file system
Q- 18th Oct is written to SD card. Thought you said machine cannot write anything to SD card
A- File was accessed by forensic device


  1. Why the police dem decide fi tamper with the evidence. KMFT we nuh need dem fi take out or add on just let the evidence speak for itself.

  2. The defence a mek a mockery a this trial.They keep throwing out that the police a try frame and edit sd card and should have gone to RIM fi mek sure the phones was not hack by the pow pow.The last time mi check the defence have fourperson a facemaybe death penalty so the reponsiability is on dem fi get to the thruth.So since police insert shit pon the voice notes and texts pay and get information from RIM.RIM.RIM.yes RIM so unno can convince mi sey unno right and di pow pow dem a di criminal a try set up kartel.All a kartel fan and idiot sheep den go back gohave a seatinna di shit bucket.Unno too easily led.di lawyers fi di defence only a try mudi up di water fi confuse the jury,no substance sey a not kartel voice or texts.bring the expert from RIM,or letter sey the phone dem compromise because the dates no ina dem system.

    1. I am not sure if the Jamaican courts are ran like the American justice system BUT the burden of proof is NEVER on the presumed innocent (DEFENDANTS)…..the burden of proof is for the prosecutors and (police).

    2. :2thumbup hope the jurors have enough sense to know their strategies so we can get a verdict pon hell boy and his fallen angels

  3. and as I said before in another post the defense has to show justifiable reason as to why the police would want to frame Kartel and his crew….as dem sey “It nuh ova till de fat lady sing!”

      1. Mi haffi tell mi bff from u see judge nah shuffle and dem nah move fi notion fi thow out case dem not getting nowhere…a jus hype

  4. If the jury go by the book.Not guilty.If they find them guilty then they did not go by the book because you find reasonable doubt all over the place. Guilty personal feelings. Would they
    be right by going with how dem feel it fi go? I am not a Kartel fanatic or fan just an observer.

    1. thank u…finally sum1 with a little sense…some people are like “whether him guilty or not him fi go a prison…even with so much reasonable doubt…i personally believe that even if the prosecution is right they have been fabricating the story too much…

      We Jamaicans know that most of the older crowd cyaan stand kartel so even if him innocent dem still a go want find him guilty.

  5. Sigh me still a wait pon something to happen and evidence to present because the line of questioning get old now and detective seems likkle suspicious now. Defense fi stop speculate malice and enter proof.

  6. I wonder who won’t sleep tonight and their prayers have fallen on deaf ears. Do remember god a god and him don’t bow to the law’s of man. Met I don’t think you and your human leaches will sleep to night so now you can ban me for good. Like I said before I don’t care because mi no eat a people yard. Peter Bunting it look like kartel have more money and get more respect than you, I don’t think you going to retire just yet your job is not done sir. Sorry you time is up because JLP ago win the election and I don’t think dem ago want you inna dem cabinet. BRUCE GOLDEN (NOT IN MY CABINET). But met and leachers have a nice day.

    Win or lose this man did say he was going to create history in Jamaica. Now I wonder how many innocent youths have to spend the rest of their lives in a Jamaican prison because police say they did knowing that the youth dem innocent. Have a nice day.

  7. I am willing to share the hot bleach met because you the giant leach or lord of the leaches need it fi bun out unnu duty heart. Bout drink hot bleach. The bleach is needed to pour on you and the leachers so unnu can stop suck unnu own people blood like vampires. Have a nice day!!!!!!

      1. Thank god fi your parents…dem mek your fortitude out a Iron my girl. You let IT back in and it come pon de same assault…

          1. lolololllllllllllll…..OKAY, I got the drift of that…lololollllll

            Me nah lie just the wording of “hot bleach’ lick me inna me chess………lollllll dat sound hotta dan water to ratid.

  8. Good night Met and Ace if u still a link lol what is this anger towards the host of this site? really you are very passionate toward this Kartel situation man. Now as a blogger and an independent thinker I’m here wonder what would you do if you actually know met or some of the bloggers will you offer them death and minced as kartel Alleged informed on the voice note? Met mi think Ace love you lol

  9. Shit up Ace the saying goes is who laff last laff best so gwaan who u a call leach when Kartel did haffi get him obeah woman fi pry u off him balls so who really a leach Ace????

  10. Met Ace na come back u lost him wit di hot bleach,f**ker a fret after fartel,him think kartel give a f**k about nobody

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