1. chuet u know smaddy tell mi bout dis and say dem end up never have it and mi tell dem seh it may soon reach and see it here………….but mi a ded wid laugh brb

        1. Met ——————————————————————————————————————————————————–

  1. Met no sah to Rass. Dying. U stay real bad then pluggu if that’s your pic up top .Pot must a kuss kettle. I don’t want see what she look like if she stay worst than you. Fix it Jesus . The bible ain’t never lie thou.

  2. No sah fi a mi like the girl deh mi run weh…but pluggy you and the oowan stay bad…the pot calling the kettle black

  3. Pussy hole yah brute nuh bloodclath bout Len me you breast and pussy!!who can mistake this for a woman tuff nuh rass!!

  4. Me say Met me hear it from weh day innuh and a say dis sound like pluggy innuh…. Him duh up d gyal sad case him is…

  5. Pluggeisha u just win the Grammy award fi tracing u mouth nuh normal.pluggeisha u really waa borrow the woman stay bad pums

  6. Pluggy yuh is ah battyman widout conscience. Yuh duh up di gurl, but ah dream fi own har breast and undaneet. Pluggy yuh is a walking dead, bout Sunday boyfriend fi lick ice cream wid. Ah weh yuh hear bout, cah dat deh tuffness deh nah get yuh dem pleasures dere. Pluggy yuh stay baaad…..:travel

  7. A man really mek dat shit pushr trick him anuh trick him get is a under cova battyman even ray charles and stevie wonder can see a man dat a dat him love an go home go shit up him babymada front yu fi dead bwoy a yu help mek sti spread

  8. One Thing mi have to say, is that pluggy or fulgly , just want to be noticed , if a gal really a text him , the shim would a TEK screenshot of the text and show as proof , while him a runn off him cocky sucking mouth.

  9. Disturbing voice note from Pluggy ( more like loosely), because that is what happens to the ass hole of most homosexuals when they ar unable to hold in their shit because the muscles become too slack.
    The man suffering from ‘pussy envy,’ and sound like an old crosses.
    He obviously nuh right in his head to carry on so. Suffering from major delusions of grandeur. But this is what happen when undercover ‘ straight’ men in jamaica and abroad continue to creep and f**k d men them when d lights off.
    There are gays, who really born so and humble and then there are flamboyant flaming f**kers like Pluggy. Sexual deviants beyond measure.

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