Meka you is a piece a sh*t. How you walk and chat kimone you no normal. B*tch more chat on you . You run back a Florida cause you man breed nedda gyal pon you b*tch. You walk and beg like dog and turn round and chat people. B*tch you love talk bout you mate live ina basement while you a kotch with cherry . Mek you r*ss man weh you live chat and turn round war over rent somewhereput you. B*tch how me hear you sit and chat people you call your friend. And you don’t have a pot t pi*s s in. Thank God fi Joan


  1. all this bitch do is walk and chat ppl n beg. you no tired fi him breed woman on you one more on the way . a you same one chat it out you mouth

  2. Donna we tired of you sending Meka pictures! Move on and get a f**king life! Every week is the same f**kery you send in. It stale now we want something fresh!

  3. Bitch weh did a kotch a Nally then go a Willy go sleep pon him couch shouldn’t a chat people . Bitch go finish pay the obeah man that y you and you man pop dung. Every day you walk n chat you man bout him gyal weh him breed and you look dumb as f**k. 20 years and a pure bun you get but that mate deh a man you rass. Everyday you dung pon her name bout she live ina basement while you no live no way. A di same basement him f**k her and breed her and a pay rent fah while you a box bout. You say you mate pussy big and she a one night stand but bitch memba a years now you a call her phone and war wid her. Dumb f**ker

  4. you big pussy horse face livin a basement, one night stan mate a beat you bad. you pussy so tight and delly still no want you. 20 years you say you deh wid him him have a 22, 20 18, 16 10 1 year old and baby on the way. bitch but you say a you him want. stop cuss you mate bout she a cause destruction pon you man and the money weh you owe the obeah man and no dun pay him mek you life miserable . go look work and stop chat people and come out cherry house. rent too cheap a florida fi you a war over man weh a pay next gyal rent.

  5. unuh a cuss di one him deh wid fi 20 years wat about the germs dick man. y him nuh get up and gooooooooooo. Its something about dis lady he likes so all di pitney hes having a road di pitney dem still dont have mommy and daddy home as one big family only on his time her time dem play dolly house family suh unuh come of di lady and check the germs dick man. and he’s sounds like one worthless fuka

  6. neiter do she. he likes her silly ask he can take for a fool all day long and cheat on her stinking ass and she still sty with him cause she cant do better. when you haffi depend pon a man to buy even the soap weh fi wash out you pussy wid this is how they treat and cheat on you. meka you love bun bad but you cant do better thats why paulette used to dun you cause she know a worthless woman want to tek her man from her and she wasnt going to have it. Wane knew better

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