1. shell dem whey gully booooooooopppppppppp,
    just one thing mi boss no put a 100 percent trust in you manager woman ,,,

  2. Gully ting a gwan them only mek him more relevant. Lol, and is Shawna guh look fi him and clean him up out of the gully to what I hear, that’s y him love her suh, who knows she might love him for real, love is a great thing don’t underestimate the power it carry’s.

  3. poor gully bop him a the slave now while she collect ,,him affi a do road ina him old age,,while young gal f**k pon him and teck him money,,,gully bop my advice to you is to find your self a legal team,,,dont trust this woman ,,she cannot be trusted.

  4. Gwann yah Bop Bop Bop Bop..mi loike itttttt:) Bop ah wen u get u cuteness back it aguh bun dem…woiieee lol..

  5. @ Anonymous 23, if you listen the words you would hear them both say “queen of the Atlantic” sometimes I wonder if it’s stupity or some ppl has nothing to comment seh.

  6. BOP BOP BOP. Tek dat punk face ppl. Where is Yeppie? Met big up yuhself because u always talk truth, Shawna deserve to be paid no matter what because is work shi working.

    1. I’m right here bitchhh :nerd …like I said before, I will say it again…Mi nay give ah fuhck bout Gully Bop when him een inna di gully ah suffa, nay give ah fuhck bout Gully Bop when dem fine him pick im up, duss im off ah geem ah buss, still nay give ah fuhck bout im when im mek Sting stage show, still nay care when Claims Record drop im and I still care zero that he got his 15 extra minutes…next time when I speak, pay attention so that I don’t have tuh keep repeating myself over and over cause I say what I mean and I mean what I say…so in summation, fuhck Gully Bop and fuhck you too…any questions??

    2. Oh, and if you’re trying tuh insinuate that I’m a punk faced muthafuhcka, I’ll be that, but also know that maybe you should focus all of your attention on Gully Bop and not me..Gully Bop isn’t and will never be Ninja Man, and that is that…ah deh suh my loyalty lies and there is nothing you nor anyone can say or do tuh change that. Period. End of discussion. :beer:

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