9 thoughts on “NOPE

  1. The only positive thing I can say is that shim (EJ) be looking better than tough foot Braitlyn….

  2. OK enough is enough he lost all this weight and now he looks awful not a cute drag queen so to speak… He is really working really hard on looking sassy… He has a lot of time on his hands… His daddy needs to stop giving him such a big allowance… :mewek

  3. Was in the mall earlier and is one wid headwrap in deh. Last weekend one was strutting around in his short shorts and makeup.

    Black men are becoming the face of the flamboyant gay community.

  4. Him too big an soft fi be battyman dis just look outta place. Like when usain did sell out an put on di dress it nuh pretty..aww boy!
    Go see how yuh caah tell him nuthing deh now wax out all him battyhole an put glitter round it. Awww boy!

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