7 thoughts on “NOSE P.S.A

  1. U is a likkle piece a shit suck cock sydna marks. U nose big nuh bloodclaat, u upset every string ina mi duty germs
    ..A suh u plan fi live Dutty Gal??? Well if a suh u plan fi live nobody nuh trust u again suh u Deh pah u own..And u must know wah others plans u have fi u future if Disgrace nuh kill u Bloodclaat afta dem ketch u Stink Bloodclaat….U tek out out ah run gone a merica like America a run weh fi go dress up ah tek pics like u a hot gal ah u like u a live life. But u Neva mek a right move. Hot gal nuh do dem sumn deh. U fi tek a page out out a suma Mobay Hot Gal dem book…..Now u go affi come bk a Jamaica cause dem ago ketch u ah dip u BloodCloth. Girl when u a do tings u fi think and look into things. Way the cons and the pro!!How u sleep a nite time if u sleep? U wicked mi nah lie u nuh have nuh heart nor no feelings fi nobody. U only fi u self ah u cah live so. Di bible seh life and let others live, am wondering if you have kids; cause I don’t wanna assume but if u do, I would like to asked what kind of love do u have for that individual/s….U create a big disgrace pah both u self and u family and u shudnt do it. U upset the worl. Anyway my hand tiad now suh wen u reach JA mi follow Wid u cause mi wah tell u how how fi look into u life ah try to be positive at all times. Bye

  2. Never co-sign loan for any one unless you are fully prepared to pay off that loan. A friend send be a blank loan document to sign as a co-signer on a small loan (US$500). I figure the intent was to get a much larger loan once the documents was signed. Of course I filled out the loan amount in numbers and words to prevent someone upping the loan amount.

    A few months later,I got a letter from the institution that the individual was making the loan payments. Don’t feel sorry for no one or else you will get screwed in the long run. Lesson learn

  3. Damn piggy looking gal… ppl mess things up for other ppl all the time cause she did lucky fi find someone who could do that fi har an look… ppl cruel eno and if yuh even try be so cruel dog nyam yuh suppa

  4. I feel your pain down to the root of my hair. I honestly do. But it doesn’t seem as if you even know this woman well enough to co-sign on a loan for her. If you had to ask around because you hadn’t been seeing her, then that means she wasn’t your best friend or even your close friend. We have to be more responsible with things like that. We are more enlightened today than we were yesterday about the repercussions of making decisions like these. A few years back people could have taken advantage of us in this way because often times we weren’t aware of the situation we were getting into. But today there’s so much information out there and so many stories about people who get scammed every single day. Because this is a form of Scamming. The minute you put your name on a piece of paper you make yourself liable and accountable for whatever you agreed to. Hopefully you’ll find a way to pay this money because at this point it has now become 100% your responsibility. I’m sure she’ll get what’s coming to her because she’s going to try this with the wrong person. Good luck hun. God is able. Pray on it.

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