Police boosting efforts to capture ‘Duppy Flim’

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Police High Command says it is ramping up efforts to capture the country’s most wanted criminal, Marlon Perry, also known as ‘Duppy Flim’.

Perry, who is of a St Thomas address, is wanted in connection with a number of crimes, including the murders of two police officers in December.

Two joint police/military operations have so far been carried out in east Kingston and Cross Keys, Manchester, last month, to apprehend Perry.


“We have been relentless in our efforts and those efforts are continuing. We haven’t found him yet but a lot of effort is going into finding him,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Elan Powell told OBSERVER ONLINE on Monday.

Added to that, the senior lawman said Perry has severely impacted their crime fighting efforts.
“It is important to note that Duppy Flim is being investigated for 14 cases of murders along with many cases of shootings and other crimes. I don’t think the wider public knows the impact he has had on the country’s crime,” Powell said. Perry is also wanted in connection with at least one murder in Haiti.

A reward of J$1.5 million is being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest and charge of Perry.


  1. Me suspect that a him and him colleagues kill the missionary them. The men may have rode in a dem camp or near it.

        1. That nigga right de a bush! Hope him no dead pon people yam grung or nothing fi Go market.

          Duty gal whey a help him onu womb a go twist.

  2. “Time alone, oh time will tell.
    Yu think you’re in Heaven, but you’re living in hell” – Powerful and piercing words from a Bob Marley song.

    So Duppy Film, mi want yu fe know say dat only de fool says “I will rather kill myself than commit suicide”. Now to you I ask, what’s the difference fool?

    1. Some a dem cyah sleep dem a worry and fret…ratatata we know him nah sleep him ina hell right yah

  3. $1.5 million JMD is not enough for people to risk their lives for. Duppy films and his boys would probably kill for free and that amount of money cant start you a new life

    1. It more than enough.

      In truth,turning in a demon should be done for FREE! The life dem tek Neva have no value when de Creator gave it for FREE.

      A de wrong police dem a hunt him, mek a did the ole school wasp dem and see if him and him gal dem and hatian dem wouldn’t inna trunk an truck back like dead dog long time.

  4. Doubt he’s in the country! Haiti, must be his hiding place, you can run but you will get a terrible death.pray about the demonic forces happening , on this earth. The end is near

  5. Only a matter of time before them find him. You can’t do them crime an not expect to do the time.

  6. If like them say is obeah most times it not him then it’s the spirit that’s in him or around him… like I think kartel had a spirit which wasn’t him at times…. At least not sure how it works still just kinda think it makes sense since its just a body suit and we are spirit met yuh need a topic bout this need to understand more

  7. I was thinking the same thing that is him kill the missionaries just to taunt the security forces

  8. A the same politician them a hide him so check with them but then again when them get tired a him them will set up him death. It’s only a matter of time. Phillip paulwell a one a them that know him whereabouts trail him when him a delivery the money simple.

  9. Rayyyyyy…needleye whey yu de mumz?

    Some gyal need to know a so we ago draw fi se ole post dem when dem roll get call. Pinkwaller energy on lock bitches.

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