1. No mi always problem mouth, tongue and teeth dem fi clean nd deh deh a smile alone can land yuh a work ..mi get dat from my mada eva a luk inna ppl mouth nd if it nuh tan rite a it dat fi me.
    Gwaan chue Mr.Bolt

    1. @Simplicity before me even read Ms Met caption I said the same thing about his missing tooth. Noooo sahhhhh the first money he received, he should have replaced the missing tooth or teeth and get some propra dental work. One of his girlfriend should have told him. Bolt mi rate yuh and everything but sir please to go find a Dentist and fix your grills pupa, please and thanks! Women (at least some of us) love when men have nice teeth, even if a buy dem buy them, as long as dem nice and pretty. I equate ugly teeth with stink breathe 😀

  2. Yea’zer love the Jamaican men, hands up for they cooking skills :2thumbup
    Maybe Bolt said he “Rich, B*tch” and the missing tooth is alright…..teeth white, mouth clean….who knows! Love you don’t limit yourself to one venture Bolt!

  3. If A laugh A dead, Yes him can get implant Him have the money can do it….People with that side tooth missing always mek me laugh I swear, something about it just look funny. LOL. Bolt gwan go tek care a you teeth boss, We know say is the country rain water that you use to drink mek you teeth drop out but it can get fixed, and all the woman dem you have none couldn’t tell you it dwoh look good if a big star? LOL

  4. him side teeth a bother yu it nah bother him—stop watch di man money n wha him tek it do is not yours—dutty badmind sender yu flop worse than flippa

    1. The right thing is the right thing and wrong is wrong. The missing teeth looks wrong especially when you are in the public eye. Aint a thing wrong in fixing it , he may not know better

  5. The missing side teeth doesn’t look good, however it just goes to show that at the end of the day we are all just ordinary people. He’ll get it fixed in due time.

  6. Nobody caan tell the man how to use his money what to fix on his body in his mouth but see here afta a nuh none a we man it nah bother him so y it fi bother john public it nah stop him from run it nah hinder him in no shape or form so whats the big deal—-him fix wha him feel like fix a fi him money n if that’s not a problem to him it shouldn’t be a problem to anybody especially if we nah sleep wid him. Unno mek simple tings look too extra more time.

      1. The teeth need if fix, but I don’t want Mr Legend put a oz a drug in his body fi d ol wicked dem come crucify him bout doping….

    1. Gyal like you make the man dem walk around with them mouth stay so!! It doe look good and you there a defend it why? Same so you tell him his shit dont stink don’t?

  7. may not know better Met yu caan serious how about it’s not a big deal to him and he’s a grown man n him free fi do whatever him please whenever he chooses to..yu caan serious bout him nuh know better a wha diss—he is fine with his missing teeth him nah live him life fi please the public I heard him say this once and its so true him sey Jamaicans are the biggest waggonist inna di world and I find that to be so true everyday…smh it nuh dat serious

    1. dwrcl yuh sure u nuh know bolt personally? CUZ BOLT HIMSELF IS A DUTTY STINKIN WAGGONIST suh idk how him can possibly mek that statement.. you’re going mad hardddddd for no reason nobody nah diss him IT JUST DONT LOOK GOOOD !!! Why yuh tek it up pon yuh head suh man

    2. You coulda bwal BLOOD! For a public figure, HIM TEETH WAAAN FIX. You a one a dem people who would make Bolt go out there and people laugh him to scorn. Him side teeth need fixing and thats it.

  8. Well considering that most women ah watch him money and not him teeth dem, could be the reason why he’s content with his missen teet dem…

    1. DWRL Simply cuzen seh she aguh hardddddd pon di teeeeth him look like one GRANNY wid di missen tteeeeth an dem groupie deh wickeddddd enuh man can u imagine tongue kissing him and u tongue touch eh gum weh d teeth missen :hoax2 :ngakak why trendy candy ah moveee suh simply … she fake to di ting tryna be real to di ting bout ah fi him money gal d teeth stay velly bad ! MNL Usain stop walk bout wid chris martin cuzzen him av up fi him side teeth dem … your entourage fake bad :hoax2

      1. ____________________________:tkp
        No cecile wuden play dat wid chris at all she hide fi har dawta long and well . She nuh almost close to two yah now?

      2. if dem wicked..u call them fanatics…its not like its a good look it dont…asafa is many things but he is well groomed at all times

        1. Fi real Admin dat damn bwoy asafa stay in de mirror suh everything at all times is right wen it cums on to presentation. …Bolt can def fix it

  9. That person who a defend the missing side teeth is a dumb ass cause just that one tooth missing is doing his whole mouth harm meck unnu Dawk n BACKA bush so to rawseeeeeee the teeth want to fix dranco go see fi u teeth them kmft cho mi EIGHT (mi stop use the word hate) fool fool ppl eno cho

    1. but when iyanla did a look a come back her mouth did spacy n it was fixed , the person that took the pic should fix the side teeth with photoshop it dont look good so who waa vex can stay there..he has money he can go fix his teeth

      1. Rightly so every celeb when dem meck dem fuss big money look bout dem mouth so di sum body whey a rail up is like a big nasty rotten teeth whey no waaa dentist see it cause it would have to go need to STFU

        1. Thats true look at Keyshia Cole & Demi Lovato they never had to fix their gap but they did anyways because its just etiquette and Im sure it loos better to them so if them felt something as normal and small as a gap needs fixing i wonder why bolt granny teeth cya fix

  10. Bolt well alright n unno well busy a worry bout him teeth lol unno have nuff fi do I swear how yu know sey I dont know him personally so him nuh have family ok a unno one have family lol–unno a di worse I swear n when him run n win unno same one fly up n post diss n dat n raeee bout him real waggonist!Mi don talk my opinion

      1. A gudly she yes ……him mussi use dat side a him mouth run over har clit suh she caan afford to loose that gum space

    1. @TRendset yes when him win we all proud buttttt that still don’t take away from the fact that he need to get an implant fi di side tooth that is missing causen sey it don’t look good, that’s all mumma. If he’s your family then you should call 1800dentist and set up an appointment for him, that’s what families dooozzz :sup: :thumbup 😀

        1. No, serious ting Wicked…all jokes aside…his feet is in a diabetic state and Diabetes can cause dental problems too..

    2. And you are the best. Whether him a family or stranger it shouldnt take nothing for a normal thinking person to split PETTY JUSTICE. How did badmine come in? U badmine when u correct someone or make a suggestion? I hope not..Of course we will praise him when him win that and the teeth have ZERO in common..If people never meant well there would be no suggestion ..we nuh want him go skin teeth internationally and dem send people go tell him bout di teeth because they will do that because it dont look good.

  11. Bolt well alright n unno well busy a worry bout him teeth lol unno have nuff fi do I swear how yu know sey I dont know him personally so him nuh have family ok a unno one have family lol–unno a di worse I swear n when him run n win unno same one fly up n post diss n dat n raeee bout him real waggonist! Mi done talk my opinion

    1. But miss anno him teeth him run wid n matter of fact we do up the foot dem to all tho we proud a him n dem if u is him farm-mily plsssssssss advice to see a dentist pls n tonks BYEEEE

  12. Bwoy yuh difficult bad gwaan chue fambily memba all if a stink him foot stink and a it him a use win wi ago complain bout cuz dere nd den it doah bloodclaat luk or smell gud cum tuh tink bout it him have some ugly ass feet wid did chat bout it nd de corn dem kmft

        1. AH WEAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! i know im not buggin some gal tumuck TRANGGGGGGGGGGG! all fi money hell no me woulda neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr all a my man dem hygiene UP UP UP UP!

  13. n with all his flaws him still a beat unno bad cause he’s human n we all have falws— him still the fastest man in di world him still have him money n a spend it how him choose wha mi realize wid unno if somebody disagree wid unno is a crime unno luddy!! Mi stan by my saying all a unno a talk how unno stay lol—please unno nuh have no weight—stop watch di youth n go sort out unno life period

    1. :batabig :batabig :batabig :batabig :batabig

    2. a flaw is what you are born with and cannot correct..he has the money to correct his teeth…broaden your mind your thinking is way off

      1. Metsy u pick up say di farm-mily memba is not the sharpest tool inna di box right????? Mi waa MECK Her know say a fuxx n suck here n DERE don’t meck u family n if u really related to him u is a back and belly rawseeeee rat cause if u care bout him u would tell him to fix the damn teeth kmft

    3. No but yuh have de dead weight inna nd unda yuh luk ere lady me nah seek nuh ban suh mek I guh read a next chead yuh is no kine a gud….him mouth mussi a remind yuh a more dan jus a space fi yuh elevate yuh waist

    4. @Trend well since its his money and he spends it how he wants, then he should spend some on his teeth and stop buying you rotten front, how about that :bola :bola :bola :bola

  14. Is Trueee n mi glad somebody say it. Di missing tooth doan look good fi a public figure. Mi sure mi did sey it fram him buss a tooth implant starts at like US$3000.
    Fix up u smile, done wid di country man smile

      1. Met yuh nuh see how YEPPIE outta narda dwrcl yep ask fambily is how d teeth drap out …
        as trendy seh dis nuh concert we met i canna krass it nor understant … :hoax2

    1. People, unu mustn’t tek everything mi seh as joke jus cause mi nuh jab nuh God given sense…sometimes when mi talk and it sound funny, is tryin mi tryin mi hardest fe be studious :nerd…most men weh have rotten teeth licky licky and love sweetie *can be the kind yuh buy inna the candy aisle or the kind between ah woman’s legs*…mi have 2 weh love store bought candy ah one weh love crotches candy…the first one use tuh nyaam up di Bustamonte taffy like it a gout ah style and God bless him heart…mi count bout 6 and a half teet inna him mout wa day…the next one mout always smell like candy crotches juice wid wholeap ah tough tartar stains back it tuh….mi good good JMG family…unu hear the phrase “from head tuh toe”?…it’s true cause if summen wrong inna yuh foot, it is probably what’s causing dental issues inna yuh mouth, hence Usain’s feet=Diabetes *my very strong belief, but I could be wrong though*…

  15. A beg warn dat lady weh a guh doah mek ei dig up unnecessary comments nung…a nuff tings ppl weh lay dung inna the legendary bed complain abt just tell a smile is worth a next million dalla see d’angel mek beenie hair and mouth mash up deh save yuh fambily oooo

  16. Jamaican men never think bout dem teeth and feet first when money start mek I don’t know why but I love one that know how to cook :peluk

  17. Implant is a very time consuming procedure. You gotta do quite a few trips until it’s done. They do the work in stages and maybe him Noh have di time fi keep going back to do each stage. Then again as someone said up top maybe is a “rich bitch” syndrome Ah gwaan

  18. No tea no shade…mi really feel seh Usain is Diabetic enuh…Trendsetter_candy, if him is really yuh family and you are seriously concerned about his well being, take him tuh an Endocrinologist who will do a total blood work up for him. They will also do a Glucose Tolerance Test to determine if he is Diabetic or not. Millions of people are Diabetic and don’t know it and by the looks of Usain’s feet, he could possibly be a diabetic….your feet are one of the tell tale signs of Diabetes…encourage him tuh get it checked out but in the meantime, he can use a cream that is EXCELLENT for feet of his condition…it is called Revita-Derm…dermatologist recommended, and it comes HIGHLY recommended…Ebay or Amazon; it will restore and give him beautiful feet…

    1. _______________________________________________________________ den yeppie suppose a nuh diabetes? dem mus check fi those things ina di running ting man..he needs to pamper himself…he has worked has been blessed..God nah sin him fi put some focus pan him

      1. Metty, if yuh nuh have good health, then what is the sense in having money? If I were Usain, I would seriously go see an Endocrinologist tuh at least rule that out, and if it is not Diabetes, he can still purchase the Revita-Derm for his feet….GUARANTEED tuh give him pretty pretty ass feet!!!

      2. Metty, ah coulda all di suga cane weh Usain ah nyaam…sometimes dat can tear out people teet tuh enuh, especially if ah di big bamboo stalk ones dem…

  19. I was the one that said it was rain water mek it drop out, but after me read the bloggers comments I CANNOT BELIEVE BOLT EAT SOME VICIOUS Punny Juice and mek the side tooth gone…..No sah this no right at all. DWPCL. Pretty soon is Baaaaaa Gum we a see when him a smile cause Him Eating tun way up.

  20. Candy tell usain sey him need to fix dat teeth…….nobady nuh inna long argument,cah mi nuh know how bad mine reach teeth…unno no like di truth….

  21. All mi ah guh seh is dat Yeppie tek di words outah mi mouth..Mi Grannie wouldah seh, Bolt moi boii, gone are di days when u can smile pan social media widout a tooth, and go without wearing ah socks wid feet like dose. Fix it Jesus, fix it. While u at it, fix di Trendy one, that is still stuck in those days and who mussi hab all five teeth missn.

  22. All one a him front teeth discolour, it need a cap/crown ova it. Pretty smile wi sey, while u at it put veneers pon ALL u fine ratta looking teeth dem. Dazzle dem wid u movie star smile ya Usain

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