Sade you remember this post 13 weeks ago…it was intended for robbett…..Sade you are the back and belly rat. You are the sell out for fake Chanel bags , food and money. The Indian have nothing to give to you. Bobbette said he’s a damn loser. Tricia I’m happy that you jumped ship. You don’t need dem vampires for friends.


  1. Lmao!! Watch the pot calling the Kettle Black neither Bobby or Sade can get anything in their names so I don’t know why she was throwing words pon bobby when they weren’t talking. BOBBY YOU SAY YOUR A BAD BITCH PROVE IT! YOU DONT AND CANT OWN SHIT IN AMERICA THAT COULD BE IN YOUR NAME BECAUSE UNCLE SAM DONT KNOW YOU. YOU DO NOT EXIST IN HIS DATA BASE :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak YOU DONT HAVE NO DOCUMENTATION YOUNG GIRL LIKE YOU LIVING IN AMERICA ILEGAL :hoax2 GIRL GET YA LIFE (IN MY TAMAR BRAXTON VOICE) :ngakak

  2. Bobbette car in Tricia name and she was Gwan bright dat girl Bobbette are one wicked idiot gal u see f**king dog shit

    1. A don’t believe dat part cause that shit would have gotten swooped UP UP UP many moons ago no smh nopessss not buying that one

  3. Sade born here boo Long Island college hospital she was not granted 9 digits it’s in hey birth right so she can have anything in her name bitch lol @@@ that and due to the fact her credit is not abused it’s good bitch’ this kettle clean good witj steel wood

    1. Hey Sade!!! How you doin? Now that you’ve cleared that up, answer the question everyone’s been asking…. Why is it that as an American Citizen who was born at Long Island Collage Hospital, whose birth right is to have those 9 digits,dont have any goals long term/short term? In other words Sade; Why yuh suh rass wutless????

    2. Hi Sade a does not knows unnu but I’m curious to a fault as mothers how unnu find time fi all this shit n second wit the social n birth in Long Island wat have u done with this wonderful birth given opportunities??????????????????! Other than terrorise n 10 finger discount outta di ppl dem store that is?

  4. Sade might as well you were illegal, because everything is illegal about you. People like you shouldn’t have the right to a SS number or an American birth paper. Sade you’re just a mere 9 digits in america, that’s all. You’re the 47% of takers Mr. Mitt Romney had spoke about.

  5. @ By stander :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak she might as well be and she is definitely one of them that Mitt Romney was speaking about. #F**kingBums :batabig
    Humpty Dumpty Sade Have Sevaeral seats Ms.Piggy yuh ugly just like ya fren. Your baby daddy is a living bum just like you. Him wutless baddddddd :hoax2 FYI: You and him look weird him crawny and you big sour and fat :ngakak :ngakak

  6. @ Lol 8:53 I always wonder why he look so slow…. They look so funny together. He need to get a hair cut and a résumé… Because Sade needs to stop depending on Bobbette. Sade is always begging. She is the worst of them all. She ugly and stay bad. She is not a pig , she is a “hog”.

  7. Sade walk and beg . And she is one fake friend she don’t even like bobby but she deh round the girl 24/7. Tricia always have a job they can’t be like her no day

  8. Hahaha mi a dead cuts did fat grass always acting like she a sumadie… and she kuk like a dam begga. Go had tek several seats n Mek sure dem strong fi hole up or fat ass……

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