0 thoughts on “NOT YOUR SHADE

  1. She don’t look good, the outfit stay bad and har foot them look hella big in them Jordan’s

  2. her makeup isn’t that bad. A lot of times you can have the right shade matchand the flash makes your face look lighter. Her face may also look lighter because she only bleaches her face. And call me a hater but I think a lot of these jordans that ppl in Jamaica are wearing are fake! I seem them wearing new Jordans that were released a long time ago which means they would be really expensive to buy right now. I don’t know her pockets but I don’t think she’s paying $300 plus US when I’ve seen her in cheap looking rainbow shoes

    1. yea i figured they must be fake because I see everyone in jamaica wearing jordans now and ones that are really hard to come by (like the Gamma 11s). it just erk me to see them ah brag and boast with them fake jordan and it depreciates the value of the few that are real

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