Ms. Met,
Good afternoon what a way Ricky and him chemical browning just parted ways like the red seat and them did well up in arms at yellow and white and all. Terry settings you well up in arms wid the gyal thing Deedee was your sister, unnu fi do better. Is this a business wedding or real love eehhheee.





  1. I’m sorry but the man hand in the first picture hand plus the two girl dem bottom picture discoloration very distracting

  2. I hope deedee learn she all over the Caribbean selling her soul and a mind Rickey with it and don’t live no where decent wake up and smell the coffee

  3. Met deededee make crazy money. A girl that live in my complex was in Bahamas with her and bling and she bought a car and gelatin her town house through mortgage and she was there shorter than them she told me them girls made a lot of money could because of the freaky nasty things thy do but the waste it to hype on social media and mind man

  4. Deedee have are nice decent rich man a Bahamas she’s not no stripper are whatever y’all call it ppl just love chat ,she n Ricky don’t match at all ppl been saying dat. Frm terry to Michael and Ricky a user,just hope deedee learn har lesson

    1. Please don’t do it ..Deedee is a dam stripper this little gyal been so bad from har eye deh a har knee nuh dweet it bout she have rich man a Bahamas rich man where ? must be from the strip club..ahhaaa you got jokes.
      Since her man so rich why him cannot help har and mek she help har family ? unnu fi stop it.

      Them dis fi use har cah all she do a hype pon the ppl dem weh she grow wid. Terry should a suck her dry and Ricky shoulda milk her rotten. What she expected look how him do the babymada. These men are under cover fish dem dont want a soul Michael have him gyal dem, but him just respectful to Nadine cah a she a di one wid the money and education that gave him the buss inna life.
      Her man so rich and she don’t even have a dam house har car here in Jamaica, pleaseeeeeeeee

  5. Deedee have a rich man Mi nuh knw y she did deh with nasty looking Ricky soo long she’s a very nice girl she always looking nice sometimes ppl just mek wrong choices at times ,and deh gall weh name godblessla mek her self look like fool no respect fi har self #rebound

    1. wasn’t Deedee a rebound too after all the other bitches ahhaaa she need fi tek some a the rich man money and fix her eyebrows and while she at it stop wearing those cheap looking clothes man. Bout rich man ahhaaa stop it.

  6. iF the gal wah strip it’s her business nutthing nah gwaan a Ja n if a gal wah go mek har money a fi dem business unu knw ppl business 2 rasssss much the gall always look rasss good Ricky look stink like she’s just young ,people make bad choices at times don’t let diss get you down deedee hold up yuh head girl yuh get the wicked dem out yuh life mek bad mind go suck dem mother, we are all woman n we need fi motivate each other

  7. the girl have a man weh a help har mi go Nassau go mek my money all the time n mi see she n the man come in the club all the time come tip the gal dem,the man mek she alright cuz the apartment weh she’s live a pure white people’ live deh mi dare if she’s use to strip she’s not doing it no more I knw dat fi sure unu low the gall

    1. Oh really so why she don’t use the said money and tip Fredrick (her mom) and stay bad crack up heel back sister Deandra kmt. y’all need fi stop it just stop because we the people who know will know stop it. Nah nothing is wrong with stripping but unnu stop hype up the rich man part fi the love of God unnu stop it man. Ricky looks stink as f**k wid him doodoo mouth.

  8. I don’t know why any of these girls think there special Ricky just use them LOL Deedeee did a go to hard every min dem a pose dis an dat now look new girl an were is she they all need to grow up an get a life

  9. At yellow and white them wasn’t together mi see ricky a beg deedee like baby fi come home with him but she’s seh she’s tired of it all micnadkid a beg har the only thing weh ricky leff fi do a balll woooiii the girl seh ricky nah help her nun a tall n a pure mix up with him and she wah change har life all him do a dun the gal money guess she realize now bwoy him beg like dog mi nah lie well the money and the hype stop now weh rick go do cuz deh gal weh him have up nuh have a dollar

  10. a one part a the suss kectch fimi eye. what a set a bwoy them fi play wid shit. them only clean inna them clothes. met them lick out batty and that a nuh secret.
    from ricky to micnad. a just bay batty nastiness suh me nuh see why no good woman woulda want them. these guys are sex toys the only thing is that them nuh have no a thing fi show. yow mi neva see two bwoy freaky suh yet mi use to play with micnad and if a nuh batty sex and nastiness him nuh interested. no man mi couldnt beleive it. them bad. so i dont know who want them u just got to get a freak out wid them and spend a money. what kinda u want relationship. kmft

  11. Met the best thing whey ever happen to Deedee is that she lego afta nasty Ricky. it nuh matter if she a whore or not cause at the end of the day anything she is Ricky tery and micnad a 50 times worst. who say them a nuh whore. afta mi and mi friend neva pay nutten big to micnad and ricky fi get the full combo clothes Met and shoes and u get freak out and two moment hype if u inna them things deh. yow Deedee u just get caught inna a bad sutuation. btw a who breed terry cause mi sure sey december mi see her wid the foreigner and now she claim belly fi local man. god nah sleep.

    1. We all know sey something not right with Ricky and Michael relationship dem just nastyyyyyyyyy. I just wanna know wah caus ethe breakup cah mi strongly believe that them woulda be foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr lol.
      Terry is breeding you don’t say. She keep using the term bout bredda and dem nuh ramp fi jump dung har hole stupid girls before dem give her a buss.

  12. Is a bad boy terry breed fab she cyan go no Weh the man have her onder lock dwn, all she do get inna ppl business Ricky n micnad nuh stop f**k out hat ass n mouth.and fi the Ricky bouth him n micnad nuh stop f**k . mi here seh a Ricky tek the f**kk …Deedee just get caught in a bad situation and never knw who dem really is user wah gal fi mind dem,Ricky not even have a bank book as him Mek the money him go party, him mother nuh live no weh a roadside she deh,dougiplatinum a f**k Ricky cause him bring clothes fi him wear go RIP d Runway in January all a dem a batty man

  13. but everybody know say ricky a dogshit u know the sad part them have kids and a live suh. micnad liv wid family pickey and woman suh i waan know how him find time fi a wallaw inna batty suh. them beard full a shit. no sah pussy fi suck but bwoy them bad them yah hot bwoi yah suck everything. deedee fi glad seh she neva buy the car she only promise it. mi nuh think she spend nuh hole heap a money cause nasty ricky nuh have not a thing.

  14. Micnad a dog shit nuh of them nuh betta Saturday night him out with him Babymother , Sunday him deh a wet Sunday with him new gal.everyweh him deh with she. Look like him an Ricky a date the two friend them lol mi sorry if them cause if micnad Babymother left him all the hype gone cause this gal weh him have up nuh have no money fi mentain him lifestyle. Poor mother deh home wild him f**k dun Di place.

  15. U nuh see me nice clean friend with her hair shop left him and have her nice man that a micnad. Him mouth suh nasty fi a so call hot man. One thing wid me a bwoy mouth have fi clean.them need fi stop cause all them yah new gal them can’t even do nothing fi them. Mi have some picture fi send micnad woman and post met. Mi think him baby mother need fi see them.

  16. Mi a wonder if micnad ago left him Babymother cause a she have Di money.just like how Ricky left DeeDee fi this gal nuh foreign them want to go

  17. claudia nuh nice and clean nutten, bcuz she get the same using like the rest of bitches, micnad use claudia like a shit rag. micnad just stop use claudia now and she a pose wid a new man and fe hide behind shame. claudia aka rennie hair get di biggest flap bcuz she did up inna micnad and think she was going somewhere wid him and di man drop har like hot bread. dem o’s get shit pon.

  18. Low Di gal..Di gal get what she want out of micnad.on like some Di rest of gal dem she have ambition cause she have something fi show out of micnad.

  19. Low Di gal.Di gal have har man look how long Di gal left him,micnad nuh respect nobody but himself. Di gal have ambition she get things out of him an like some gal weh just there for the hype.

  20. Low Di gal.Di gal have har man look how long Di gal left him,micnad nuh respect nobody but himself. Di gal have ambition she get things out of him an like some gal weh just there for the hype. By the way what you call use? Anonymous* cause micnad love da gal deh. Him have har every weh me see him. So stop chat like Di man never want Di gal

  21. Mek Terrysetting she gwaan cuz Mario dope boy nu want she at all so so f**k she a get n nutn more.. so gwaan Nyman out micnad n Ricky woman dem Cuz u man na give u nutn

  22. wait deh now. use is what claudia get, man only carry claudia go pare dance gi har liquor and nutten else. a full time now claudia stop tell lie and hype up har dunce self bout micnad gi har hair store, what happen to di man wey f**k har out from antigua? a dah man deh gi di claudia a start. claudia nuh ambitious nutten she just lucky fe smaddy tell har fe start di hair shop wid di money wey di man f**k har and gi har from antigua. di man only carry claudia go a DANCE. di man just stop USE CLAUDIA new pussy to him thing. fe di last 100 times claudia nuh lef micnad, micnad stop USE HAR. met mi have claudia file and details o so badly. mi deh a wet sundays last week and hear micnad sey him nuh do call service so him nuh know why claudia a call him suh.

  23. met mi tired fe talk bout di bwoy dem wey nuh have nutten and hype. a aubri and claudia a par now? aubri a di no clothes one wey live inna kevin no limit basement. what a bwoy fe carry news! aubri and claudia need fe stop walk wid micnad and ricky name now. claudia get f**k and di run har outta him thing so she start wid aubri now fe di info and micnad. claudia fool nuh f**k she swear think micnad did ago lef him babymadda fe har,it bad when gal a f**k man so long and nuh transition nuh mek, claudia shudda come front page long time inna micnad life or di man babymadda she even know sey she a di sweet heart. claudia obeah run out now a dats why she and kevin no limit a nuh fren til todeh date bcuz she brag bout obeahing micnad. good pussy speaks fe itself, mi a battyman and mi did a f**k a top politician and di wife find out bout mi bcuz di man want mi closer when night come so him kick out di wife. claudia neeva get a sleep ova wid yet, bare daylight f**k til and has di man f**k so him not even put on him pants good him dash out.

  24. No man think this was a ricky thing…how it turn out into a claudia thing…this sounds like a disgruntled babymother (nadine) or the fren kendra weh ricky nuh want Kendra u trick ricky and come when u tek u pill fi ricky breed u…thinking u wudda get him fi ureslf but pity u neva know say ur money done…how long u a promise the boy say u ago help him and u still married…u say u have money and when u come Ja u affi kotch a ppl yaad and we all know u caan go ricky yaad….but nadine she need fi go chop off fi har body too big man wid har elephant body and dog face

  25. OH bwoy mi luv dah site yah it mek ppl call up other ppl name,and imagine bare things. yes its about ricky and micnad but enu too 1 sided. dis sounds like dunce claudia and har dunce fren dem and i repeat dunce!!!!. mi nuh bizniz wey enu want talk bout kendra and nadine bcuz mi nuh know dem mi know mi know micnad and ricky bcuz mi get trick too so i learn from mi mistake so should claudia too. mi a talk truth til mi dead. inna enu earlier post dem enu sey nadine have brain so mi nuh think she wudda come pon dis site enu nuh sey much bout kendra so mi nuh know if she have brain too. but enu need fe talk truth. mi support enu when enu talk di things dem bout ricky and micnad eno bcuz dem nasty fe true and im about talk truth but when enu want bring down others fe mek enu frenz look good mi nah support that. di truth hurts.

  26. Lawd whooooeee the man only want him baby madda. A dat him talk every day a the only woman picture go pon what’s app and instagram. Dat why me stop f**k him. Cause how mi fi a f**k bwoy and him A big up him woman. Look here met the man woman deh a farin and a inna my bed him sleep dat deh summer while Claudia a call dun him phone. The man just bad and can’t change but him nuh want nuh a we.

  27. Mi a woman to and it nuh tek nothing fi admit the nigga lie and tek people fi fool. Mi neva did a go do six years pon side. Him woulda want that fi me to but be cuz mi know mi beta then that mi cut. As a new gal come inna the picture Claudia get kicked to the curb. A six years worth a misery. How u fi deh pon the side and a have problems. as I say me a woman too and Nadine a nice pretty proper woman. She have the body whey me buy. Mi nah player a hate cause me tek Michael a nuh fi her fault a the man. Mi glad seh Claudia find a man she deserve that everybody wants happy

  28. bigman thing dem 2 yute deh nasty fe true. di f**k inna ass a jus 1 a di many things dem do, all spit pon inna f**king dem play, bwoy a sey me muss mek him spit inna mi mouth. dis worst dan 50ty shades a gray. di man mek mi shame a mi self affa mi and him lef. a wah so dem gal yah like bout dem suh fe tan wid dem so long and dem nuh gi money met. mi shame a dem. mi know sey di gal dem a road get pare shit pon so mi a wonda if him do dem things deh a him yaad. bcuxz yuh know how dutty man stay wey dem do a street dem nuh do a yaad thats why some a dem come out. mi hate di gal terry fe true man she a f**k har so call brother dem.

  29. den a 6 years micnad a piss pon claudia fah? claudia is a urinal? how dem gal yah dweet man a johncrow so is some gal. nuh man nuh suppose to a f**k mi so long and a last year mi get bedroom set, mi see claudia put it up pon ig mi follaw har mi did shame when mi see it.

  30. met new mix up coming from good source. di same man from antigua wey talk bout inna di mixup wey claudia did a hide from jon public a di same man wey dee dee sell f**k inna di club a antigua and him look like him did drink bcuz him did jus a spill him guts and a sey how him jus a come from jamaica wey him go f**k claudia and a gi dee dee di ole story not knowing that dee dee hear bout claudia. IS DIS JERRY SPRINGER OR WHAT? met di mixup getting nicer, claudia mi ago expose eno wid enu dutty life and mi jus a warm up. a peter king saga this yuh know mi have yuh file, every wey yuh deh mi da deh wid mi fast self. a long time mi want expose all a enu wid enu dutty like. micnad, ricky and u. dee sell pussy fe true met. enu life miserable and dutty bout man want enu. one night mi deh a one dance eno and claudia walk in michael and tru di gal know mi did a f**k him suppose yuih see how she a gwan like a fe man and a everybody man. mi can go far wid dis eno but mi ago hold some reserve jus tru mi a man made woman too

  31. Now that sound like you player hating the girl for her bedroom set Atlest she have a bedroom set. Plus her little business me see advertising on know her from she selling her hair under a step a clock tower. Regardly she always trying so what. Ricky & micnad a nastiness how him woman suppose to feel knowing har man doing all them nastiness to bitches a road

  32. gal a f**k from eye deh har knee and u a come talk bout just come bed? shame on u. not degrading rural areas but a backa cow enu born and cum from? claudia shudda have a furniture store! wid dem deh amount a fu**ing she put down inna har lifetime fe young green gal. having a business is good not disputing that but she muss stop it and learn to be humble and stop lie and go hide har face like him woman. all a dem must go have a vigil and jus bawl like a dead him dead wid dem deh nastiness deh. mi say it already mi a talk di truth til mi dead. mi nuh bizniz wid him woman bcuz she mus know how she a handle it and what she ago tell har pickney bout him lifestyle but enu a gwan like di gal put him fe go do these things a we go inna di gal life so she is di victim and we are the agressers. it look like when emu f**k so hard enu affi wait til a decade til enu can show some material things outta it and den when enu get old enu still have dem and when enu dead a collection funeral enu get. wey mi notice wid enu country gal emu f**k a bag a man over many years fe 1 bed, fridge, stove and those things 10 man f**k enu fe di 1 item. get real.

  33. met a true the gal a talk whey sey she a f**k micnad and him stop and a ansa him babymother. look here 4 bloodclaat am mi a f*k michael and the babymother call and f**k stop phone a ansa. yow micnad a dog but anybody whey seh him baby madda nuh sweet jealoues. a coulndt the gal whey used to work a the club inna new kigston say so cause she nuh have nothing pan the man baby mother. that why me tell u seh me just freak out and leave cause when mi look pon hom woman how she sexy and sweet mi know him a player. unnu fi stop and address dutty michael and nasty ricky. anonymous need fi leave the so call so girl alone some people have to be fool cause mi nuh know how man fi live wid woman and u a claim him. but a nasty ricky and dutty micnad day dis.

  34. look here all man mi hear a call up ricky name. thats why me a wonder if anonymous so called man use to f**k him

  35. Sophia u a say micheal baby mother sweet bitch u need glasses lol she fava old retired cow on a farm wid a har tuff dog face…listen Claudia nuh cute Nadine nuh cute but Claudia looks better than nadine…so what if the girl f**k 10 man fi 1 item some gyal a f**k and nah get nothing at all….but bcaz nadine waan money from micheal other gyal weh come from antigua she carry her in the house wid she and micheal now..u want see the 3 of them out and about a paar ….nadine is a nobody jus like claudia…all a them give micheal gyal fi f**k but so what….but that a bedroom saga and if nadine fi talk truth she know say micheal and claudia did still a f**k but wah she ago do…unnu a defend the nadine she but she can leave why sit down with a man and take all that bullshit….she and Claudia have face off and Micheal still neva lef Claudia….we all have choices in life…but guess what this aint about Claudia its about new gyal weh nadine affi worry bout bcaz all when she chaw iron micheal still ago f**k been f**k been suck gyal a rd…so what is mistress nadine going to do?

  36. Claudia u and yuh frenz too unfair. yuh nuh suppose to f**k 10 man fe 1 item yuh must nyam out man and mek promises wid yuh pussy. yuh too kind wid pussy Bcuz all di man from Antigua shouldn’t f**k yuh. enu nuh sew sey Michael and him baby madda a freak Bcuz she tek in sharine and know sey she and Michael dida or still a f**k and comfortable wid it. bedroom saga as yuh sey.she must get use to Michael f**k pon now so dis new gal ain’t no treat a suh dem get dem kicks. 4 some 5 sone any some dem play it. but claudia a laugh yuh fren dem a laugh affa yuh 10 man f**k yuh fe 1 item a back road style dat all tho yuh nuh betta yuh might as well jus go round deh go stand up. A Jerry springer met come out a dem bizniz. is one big happy family everybody a f**k each other man and woman is just that Michael and nadine a di star inna it Bcuz dem chose who fe get f**k and who must come outta di game. dem throw out claudia and put in Di new gal now so if yuh nah play and accept di rules your our and claudia u are more batty f**k and shit pon fe yuh.

  37. All di gal with di hair shop did a do a suk Michael hood lol…she all breed fi Michael and she of to dash weh dat….now she all a call down di man fone …she need to back off …di gal did tie di man …a port land evil gal….she aways have her bag a man dem she sell pussy privately all fish fuk her in her mouth

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