0 thoughts on “NOTICE

  1. Dis yah story yah Sweet mi nah, Metty it coming like a Jamaican “young & restless” better I’m gonna give it its own name…hmmm. “House wives of Flippa empire”

  2. i’m patiently waiting on it nothing on tv nuh sweet like dis met need fi go work with bravo lol mi like it

  3. Di part mi VERY interested inna ah when di 2 babymada/matey ah live inna 1 house!!!! So Flippa do it like Sister wives? 1 get Sun – Wed afternoon & di next one get Wed night till Saturday night???

    How dat go?

    1. BCP, ah do mi waa here bout too, I’m tooo jealous for that sharing shit. Two ooman can’t not rule one yard. There is bound to be conflict!

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