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I got more female haters than males. Awkward! Lol!! These bitches be hating me like seh I’m the absent father in their bastard children’s life. Welfare needs to give these bitched a timeline to be on social assistance. They be using it as a career. Don’t y’all wanna get out of government housing? Sad and pitiful, cus it’s y’all making most of the problems around.

P.s. Ah nuh me Mek yuh pickney den Fadda-less, and ah Neva me Mek yuh get catch tief bullybeef out of fresco to feed yuh hungry belly unwanted pickney dem. Whappen to some jungle monkey?? — with MovieStar Jason and 4 others.

Who stole the bullybeef? Call names mikey call names!!!


  1. and there goes a man who traces like a sissy ass battyman and when called out of character cries victim “I’M NOT GAY” yeah yeah yeahhhh tell it to the birds so they can fly with it you fagg@t a$$ :nohope


    1. @Zervah dat bitch of a man is a real bitch ass GAY GAY GAY BATTYMAN.
      Mikey the only ting whey a mention is yuh ridgeless battyhole. Yuh is a battyman especially fi guh on social media a cuss woman. Real Man nuh duh dem things dere. Guh and buy you enima and tampon and leave tracing to us GIRLS

  2. morning metty servah tbt jmg metters

    dainter den him yu cyaa find :hoax2 shakehand2 @servah battyman stamp pan him but him nuh gay dwrclllllllllll

  3. Good morninggggggg everyone :peluk :peluk

    But see ya no libaty really come thru carelessness cause BATTY MAN mikey every time u get fuxx u tun round a look inna di man dem face a look fi see if u see u fadda this rawsssssssseee fish full a scale brite bad

  4. .dutty battyman mikey .crawny no bloodclatttt :dp nasty and stink like over riverton dump ,johncrow stop call up the woman pickney name inna u dutty cesspit mouth ,,,,and yes woman have a right fi hate u old crowbait cause u walk and try fi tekk every bloodclatt man :bola u nasty old germs you

  5. Good morning Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk ..young man, if I were your mother I’d be ashamed of you talking about females in such a disrespectful manner. As a single mother we sometimes go thru hard times and since some of you worthless deadbeat sperm donors choose to abandon your fatherless children, that is when Uncle Sam steps in and offers aid and assistance in helping to provide food and shelter for our fatherless children. I would much rather go collect welfare from the system while seeking to better myself than to beg a buck from a disrespectful lowse like ah yuh. Cudos tuh fe yuh muma weh nay haffe depend pa welfare fe raise yuh, and mi glad seh yuh daddy stick roun fe show yuh how fe tie yuh shoe laces and yuh mumma een deh deh fe talk tuh yuh bout de birds and di bees ah school yuh bout yuh period ah boys ah tampons ah dem ting deh but know dis….nuff bastard pickney from single parent homes turn out much better than you have and ever will..yuh cunttt! :fuck: Ey bwoy, yuh eva get a chop wid a bully beef tin yet? :siul

    1. Yeppie u n Obs nuh easy eh nuh, a weh Met get unuh from man??!! Lol DWL Lawd Oh, Mi inna stitches, mumma d last part a yuh comment a kill mi!

  6. Im not defending Mikey but lets play devils advocate, should he not say anything when claffybird chicks come at him.,..is it his fault half of the chicks in Toronto their baby fathers are not in their nor their childrens life??? and just from the comments here he is right, is mainly chicks who come at him..but for what really..cah him like man and not dem…LMAO…Is he really suppose to sit an tek diss up like him a nuh smaddy too…not because him a batty man him still have feelings too…LOL

  7. Ah dem typa battyman ya fe get big stone backa dem head **( and before the gay parade runeen pa mi lemme state this…I have no prejudice against homosexuals cause I know a few and I’m cool wid’em, seen…but when dem ready fe get spicy ah start trace people inna dis manner, that shyt right there is totally unacceptable, because a man should always behave like a man and should NEVER think to disrespect a child..a fatherless child at that.

    1. yeppie morning u know when people a cuss u really cannot tek dem serious..dem seh mikey father own him at 19 so him neva have no father needa :travel

      1. Metttyyy yah kill mi in yah. Mi a drink one cup tea fi try ease the gas and nearly scorch up mi tongue to baxside

        Metty yuh a di baddest…a whe dem get yuh from

  8. All of the battyman dem pon IG have dem attache case, weekend bag and pose like models with collages. Straight fish who want smaddy gut out him rass and feed him to the sharks.

  9. Mikey let them talk, talk is cheep people will always try and put you down even when they don’t know you. You just keep doing you and what make you happy, God will deal with the rest. Black people always heating on each other. if this person never trouble Mikey first he would never have nothing to say about them or them pickney Mikey big up yourself this morning and every morning me they pan yo side with this one CHASE them everytime them try and come after you.

    1. u waan smaddy box u wid a phonics book! I cannot laugh :hammer :hammer :cool

      go sort out yourself b4 u worry bout mikey :bola

  10. Real talk …. what I really find funny as hell , is the fact Mikey have the nerve to cuss people about welfare and fatherless child , I’ve known Ladd ( Mikey papa) since back in the day from Chalkfarm , Mikey your mumma and your puppa were both on the system a it feed your stinking rass for years !!! so don’t try mek people believe you were born with a gold spoon in your mouth , in fact Ladd not even mind you the way him mind other people kids with his little monthly dollars LOL …. and given the fact that all him friends weh him grow with from Downsview ( High School ) had chat seh Ladd son a battyboy from early out , Mikey you fi shut you rass idiot boy … before I school you !!

  11. MI SEH MIKEY HAVE A SELECTOR BREDDA NAME CHIPPY…ALL HIM DO A CUSS BATTYMAN AND PLAY BUN BATTY MAN SONG…THATS HIS SPECIALITY!!! ah gwan like him nuh know seh him bredda a di biggest pass roun donkey battyman in toronto dancehall

  12. @ It’s That Simple I can see you didn’t have your father in your life growing up, if you did one you would not be disrespecting any female.And for you saying females in Toronto kids don’t have their fathers in their lives is lame,so you are saying it is a single mothers fault why she is raising her child by herself? These loser fathers don’t want to work they want a woman to take of them so they can dress up and go party to show off on people they don’t like.It was two people that had the child but men only think with the head in their pants then run away from their responsibility, . I don’t know why people make Mikey think he is important You and your fagalolo crew is played the f–k out,what movie was Jason in why he call himself movie star jason? Let me guess Queer as folk the TV show…Lol..Mikey say he have more female haters than men haters a man arguing with an other woman makes him a B-tch..

    1. you said it so good i applaud you,,,well said @sicilian,,that was a great movie tho with great actors dont’ brite yourself but he was in it,dwfll..,this fool did some cameo in a show call kink in my hair like 50 yrs ago i think and still this fool is talking about moviestar,,oh yea he was in some gay porn magazine also so maybe that’s where he got his stripes.


      1. I completely agree with @sicillian and@ y!!!
        I have no idea what movie he was in.
        inquiring mind would lie to know who stole th bully beef. I mean makes sense to just call their name since you done already put di wulla dem bizness pan fb…

    2. some females need to be disrespected and need to do better thats the bottom line..You people sit here day in and day out and diss up wutliss woman everyday how dem life stay and dem steal people identity and dont live no where go..so its okay for unno to do it but if someone attacks Mikey and he answers dem back its soo wrong for him.. FOH..you all are a bunch of hypocrites, look how much people pickney get directly diss on this site…its clear Mikey is not talking to the general public but addressing who ever it is that teif di tin a bullybeef..
      its obvious his comments hurt nuff people cah a fi dem life is what he said or worse..
      and let me clear it up for you I grew up with my father and step father in my life, when we first came to Canada we lived in goverment housing but my mother and step father worked their ass of to move us out of there..some people dont want to leave and live in dem run down places for years and dem pickney come do the same thing, they feel welfare is a career..you a gwan like what he said is not true…Not every female that is a mother is a good mother or puts her children first, nuff a dese chicks up here use di welfare and baby bonus to mine man and di man dont want dem, they go breed for man that dont want them and have next woman then want to get bex cah the man it not there…the responsibility goes both ways…why females think its okay for them to trace and cuss man but the man should not answer them back, just like those who feel they can put dem hands on a man and when f**k box reach dem back dem a bawl…stop being a hypocrite and look at this from all views not just your simple minds!!!!!!

  13. When will they learn???????? When you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones!!!

    How where YOU a (practically) FATHERLESS bastard child weh Mumma did deh pon di system & NOW true yuh batty get you 2 shilling, now you ah cuss people pickney??? If yuh ah cuss, cuss di gyal dem weh ah cuss you!!! Stink & bright & out ah order!!!

  14. Need i say anything more,,ALL COVERED!,,,A bitch suppose to act like him and this is how we should treat a bitch,,spread him out like butter..lol

  15. F.Y.I…..mikey mention plzzzzzzz u a battyboy from long long time my yute be real with urself u and Youngmike from ft.laud Fl a sex from long long time….do not let me start my yute…..a 2013 be real with urself young mike a hide it how long now nigga plzzzzzzzz….

  16. Met why yuh step up pon Mikey corn !!! Mikey question???? Ah fi wu fault say u batty a bun yuh??? Why u don’t cuss bossy dolly ah she Mek her man Fvck u enuh ANUH Neva jmg YUH STINK LIKE!!! Real Niggas don’t do cyber war with bitches at that.

  17. DOLLY MAN :bingung MAN WENT IN mickey batty :ngakak what a rasss @FP I think u have some dangerous secret for both DOLLY & SWEETS .BUT ESPEcialy dolly hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. @tawkchuet me swear u have me in stitches…dwflllll…cant stop reading

    the one at 9;36 am beat me baddddddddd fukkkkkk

  19. Well mikey states the fact…most of these low-lives just sit on the system and lay down in the housing, and stay home all day om the internet and make trouble with people…and send fake profile to people. These f**kers dont’t even know that both system the welfare and the housing is a stepping stone; to help you elevate and evolve…..some of us use the
    system to our advantage and
    disadvantage..some have things to show,

    some has nothing, but a bag a pickney. And the cycle come repeat itself, till dem own pockney

  20. I mean till dem own pickney start breed pon dem an a collect welfare and str888 party and jamaica….with nothing behind it……just like de worthless boy dem sperm donor …..,some of these ghetto low life bitches broke dem bad and mine dem wid the welf cheque…niggas to be working or hustling. And mikey neva hide he was born in the ghetto or lived in housing, he put picks of him as a child in his housing and labled it too. So u all are dumb reading between the lines, u all know that most ppl in housing and on welfare don’t do jack and they can do better, but they don’t want to move from that spot easy money cheap rent. At least him mom and dad made it out…..so je can talk…his parents did better.

  21. But Mikey’s mom has 7 kids with how many men and he was raised in government housing.its sad when people pretend like they are better than other people . What a disgusting comment shame on him he must look down at his own mother then

  22. MIKEY MENTION use to live inna 400 wid him 7 bastard brother and sister! mi usually nuh tek on ppl problem but mi haffi talk today mikey FISH mention a kick u get kick outta housing true u madda did deh wid a bwoy weh use to same age as u!! and him name neva deh pon di lease! dem run in true him use to leave gun and shit at the house! WHICH BIGBIG MAN WEH HAVE DEM GOOD GOOD JOB LIKE U SAY STILL LIVE WID DEM MUMMA??? U AGUH BUNNUP INNA DAT CLOSET WEH U A HIDE INNA!!! THIS IS 2013 AND U LIVE IN A GAY FRIENDLY CITY!!…… COME OUT THE F**KING CLOSET MAN U WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER!!!GAWD!!!u a chat boutppl pitney when dem use to dun ur mawda a 400 say di pitney dem a play inna park and dont have on no draws! u fi memba weh u a come from but God always mek unnuh ppl reach almost to di top and den him aguh remind weh u did come from! gwan continue fi botha di ppl dem u gwan!! TORONTO PPL NEED FI BEAT OUT DIS BLOODCLOT FISH! NO AS A MATTER OF FACT DROWN HIM! MAN LIKE U CYAH STAY INNA POOL TOO LONG CAUSE U WILL SINK!!

  23. Mikey come from 400 his mom hav 7 pickney wid how much man and deh a f**k some dread man who was around di same age ah Mikey. Him brodda a big drug dealer always in a jail. Big job which part ah Canadian tire him did ah work. Someone jus put one cock in a him mout pece and shut him up

  24. I love you Mention! Stay Bless.I feel you.Please do not make anything or anyone upset you. You are someone that is IMPORTANT why they cant stop talking. I know they cant do nothing but Hate. Bout Gay? They need to get a life. if you know he is not talking about YOU Why you worried? I miss U,you still look so handsome! Happy NEW YEARS!!! let them talk. watch your friends!

  25. I called my FAMILY. we LOVE Mention do u mind? she is #57 so chill we never knew about this page Happy New Years…2015 stay safe

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