0 thoughts on “NOTICE! POSIS

  1. scamina yuh sen dis enn because? mi notice yuh n twinny hav up di same pose..a wah bout it? how yuh get di collah fi tan up an di blouse a starch inna it?

    1. sticks and wire they all making the Trini dressmaker Pat make a FOOL out of them. But then again, she only giving them what they want while making her coins

  2. Is she married to the famous vampire Count Draculaaaaaaaaaaa
    Mi think a him alone have dem collar deh
    Di one Obs bad u see man lolzzzzzzz bout starch hahahahaha

  3. Yo u look Like people them Weh star inna Star Trek. This b is boring all she wears is tights and love to critique others a dare u miss so call hottttty hottttty that u cannot wear a short short r crop top like twinny, not saying I agree with most of your dressing twinny but at least we all know u all do up oonu bodies, but at least we all know ur body twinny not choppy choppy like Freddy kooca a spotty spotty like 101 damnation puppies. But this alien her body is choppy spotty soffie everything u can think of when it comes to worse body it goes to this ALIEN. I don’t like u alien u behave like u were born with perfect shape loves to throw shades at other ladies in parties bitch go bag u tuff face one look u have just like Dora explorer not even a makeover can change ur appearance.

  4. Mi knoe a wha happen….di clown call in sick and das why di ‘Leaning tower of Pisa’ a fill in fi im. No clown neva needed though…cah Dansa hold dah title deh fi life…:kr

  5. U know yardy for life too pretty a long time fren oonu too bad oonu Mek mi drop a floor woieeeeeei baddy! Met put up email plz!

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