PROSECUTION witness Sergeant Patrick Linton was last Friday accused of fabricating evidence in the Vybz Kartel murder trial. He was tackled on a number of issues, including inconsistencies in his statements and his failure to verify information from a BlackBerry cellphone with its maker Research in Motion (RIM).

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer; Andre ‘Mad Suss’ St John; Shane Williams; Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell; and Kahira Jones have been on trial in the Home Circuit Court for the alleged August 16, 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams over the disappearance of two illegal guns.

On Friday, Linton was told by attorney Michael Lorne, who is representing Campbell, that the information he got from a BlackBerry phone in the matter was made up. However, this was denied by the former Police Cybercrimes Unit boss.

But Lorne continued, suggesting that messages discussing arrangements for an accused in the matter to go to Cuba and other places were made up by Linton and his colleagues, to which the sergeant responded, “No, My Lord.”

At another point, Lorne asked Linton if he had gone to RIM to verify information he got from the phone, but Linton said that RIM wouldn’t have given out the information due to privacy issues. However, Lorne pointed out that the information could have been had with a warrant, and when asked if he was familiar with the company’s privacy policy Linton said ‘no’.

Lorne then suggested that Linton did not seek to verify the information with RIM (which is now known as BlackBerry) because he knew that “some of the information” he provided to the court wasn’t found on the phone given to him. But Linton said that all the information was “extracted” from the phone.

The attorney suggested that the messages with the name ‘Shawn’ in them were also made up and designed to implicate the accused man, but Linton denied the suggestions. Linton said, however, that the ‘Shawn’ name isn’t mentioned anywhere in his digital forensic report of November 2011.

On another point, Linton said he didn’t record on his list of items the SD card off which he lifted the information.

Also on Friday, the jurors reacted in apparent surprise when Lorne brought out that Linton had said in a statement that he had used a particular machine, that was not designed for law enforcement purposes, to lift the information from the SD card. But Linton said he had made a mistake when he said he used that machine and that he had corrected it in his further statement.

“At least 10 times, Mr Linton, you made a mistake in your report?” Lorne asked.

“Yes, counsel,” Linton replied.

But Lorne suggested that Linton sought to change his statement regarding the machine because some of the data he said he took from the phone could not have been lifted using the machine he said he used in the first statement. However, Linton said that the machine named in the further statement was the one he used. (Reporters have been asked not to name the machine used in the matter.)

Meanwhile, Linton was questioned at length by attorney Tamika Harris, who is representing St John, as to whether he could say for certain that markings he saw on the arms of a person on a video were really tattoos and not body paint. Harris’ probing of the issue was meant to show that a person cannot really be identified by tattoos.

The trial continues tomorrow with Linton’s cross-examination by Harris.


  1. This is nonsense. I don’t know why this idiot keeps insisting that information should have been verified by RIM. Why do you need to verify it when it is ALREADY in the phone idiot? The fact that the messages and other things were stored IN THE PHONE, why should it need verification? Wah do da ediat lawyer yah? Him have sense? All dem a do a waste time. I hope the jurors see through dem nonsense.

  2. Think KARTEL gonna walk …

    I just feel suh ..

    That’s the point my 2cents .. Anyone can Mek up text messages
    By him going to RIM that would be AUTHENTIC .. There wouldn’t be
    Any doubts because it’s coming from the original source the main source!
    Him just saying he saw it is his word & word a win! Just like KARTEL can say he
    Didn’t do it doesn’t mean it’s true .. I think there’s a possibility he may walk jurors surprised… Judge a ask questions to Linton cuz his answes don’t add up with his report.
    Good fi him never tell to much lie it catch up

    1. So people at RIM do not tell lies ?. If the defense accuse the people of Digicel of telling lies, why would they not accuse the people of RIM if they provided evidence against the accused ?. Would you expect the court to get a representative of RIM to come and testify given that it is outside of our Jurisdiction.

  3. Reasonable doubt. smh. Do better Jamaica. Why didnt he just go to RIM with a search warrant. An he lied 10 different times.

    1. Does Jamaica have Jurisdiction with RIM. I wonder why Amanda Knox ( google her) living free in the USA, when she is a convicted murderer. Courts only have certain jurisdiction to enforce laws.

  4. Met this is off topic but this is sooooo sad Toya, Joe bogdanovich woman I saw her on tv yesterday her mom took her to Church she sick bad, partially blind doctors dnt c anything wrong with her dem a say a duppy dem set pon her my God wah mek ppl wicked suh

  5. Your2cent maybe you should keep your your2cent to yourself and learn to read. You want to ban me again met I can give you a good one in due time. Think you are going to put information in a report to make it sound good and destroy this man character at (the law’s) expense. Kartel it’s a good thing you have money to pay the lawyers or you would be locked away along time ago. Don’t worry met at the end of the day “VOICE OF THE JAMAICAN GHETTO” ago mad each and everyone of you. Logging off so you don’t have to dignify with a response.

  6. If this evil ever get the chance to walk on jamaica soil,I’ll quote some mighty words of Reneto Adams “Jamaica will pay dearly”

  7. personally i beleive kartel himself neva kill di yute, but mi feel seh him have sumtin fi do wid it n dem prosecution witness yah ago mek him wlk wid all these inconsistancies….

  8. Met goodnight….I think what happen is that they were indeed voice notes left on these cell and SMS what I think is going on is in an attempt to drive a home run they added a few lines are 2 of in an attempt to help the jurors and public see clear what was taken place…however if that is what’s done then it’s a risky call and I don’t know whose call it is but it can cost them the case. If kartel walk then mi jus affi do like mavado say hope n pray lol

  9. If these Murders escape justice me still nah waiver in my integrity…interesting how some people wavier each time the news report changes. Onu integrity shaky…

    Met, big up Mumma keep reporting.

    1. same way… …because mi nuh si nutten different from weh recorded earlier di bwoy a criminial and dem want him fi go pon di road…..dem not even sure if him can safe cause him look like him kill a lot of ppl and claim seh a nuh him

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