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Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter and regarded as the fastest person ever timed. I’m not sure if I should say congratulations about the recent race he won. For those who are truly awake realize that the Elites and the spiritual realm are controlling this world. And if you aim to be high rank famous or be the best at a sport, you would have to take an oath with the Satanic Elites. You would have to sell your soul to Satan. Now the individual’s soul is not literally gone, selling your soul just means you’ll have less control of yourself while demonic spirits, money and the Elites will have more control over you. Usain Bolt sold his soul in order reach this far by joining the Freemasonry Brotherhood. Now notice the freemasonry ring he’s wearing and the Illuminati hand symbols he flashes. Freemasonry is the largest international secret society in the world, with more than 10 million members. 40% of Masons are low levels so they’re not aware that Satan controls the system. But soon they’ll know. And it’s obvious that Usain Bolt is aware at this point. Even though they know something, the Mason has already taken an oath not to spit out any secrets to Non Masons from the start. Since most of you reading this are Non Masons, expect Masons to lie to you in person as they are commanded to. Now I’ll be citing sources from their own book proving that they worship Lucifer and practice Occultism in order to advance in life.
▶️”The Masonic order is not a mere social organization, but is composed of ALL those who have banded themselves together to learn and apply the principles of MYSTICISM and the OCCULT rites”◀️- Lost Keys of Freemasonry’ pg. 19, Manly P Hall 33°
▶️“When the mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft. The seething ENERGIES of LUCIFER ARE IN HIS HANDS , and before he may step onward and upwards, he must prove his ability to properly APPLY this energy.”◀️-‘Lost Keys of Freemasonry’ pg. 48, Manly P Hall 33°
Although Bolt is a hard working talented athlete, spirits are giving him the extra power to win his races. Please pray for Mr. Bolt. #2016Olylmpics #usainbolt

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  1. I once had 2 coworkers, my goodness when you hear them talk about illuminati & masonry. It was like listening to mad people reasoning. Can’t manage them.

  2. Met, Nike just gave Bolt a lifetime endorsement. $30 million a year for the rest of his life!

    Writer, badmind ago kill you!

  3. Why the dutty boy never cum up wid this from couple months r years ago?as the man start nyman up the races them a Olympic unuh cum wid this,Lowe the bloodclaat boy.

  4. Unf*****g believable..Really now the man can’t just master the art of running? Hey sender if u know how to get me in let me know bcuz I would love to have millions of $$$$..if everytime someone get successful is Satan we should not try to work for nothing n just join the secret society…fcuking foolishness

  5. These educated fools. God has no power? I would not even read it. Where Usain is from that’s where they took Congolese slaves these people are genetically fast and undeniable strong. Stop watching videos on YouTube and go read up on Africa.

    1. Me sista these aren’t educated people. A dem hood winked Jesus Embracers! Christianity and bush people don’t do well.

      Me have bolt issues, but me ago want YOU bible beaters fi go short straw out unu pastor and unu generations! Jamaica to de universe and back.

      Met! We need we flag emoji up here. tonks

  6. i consider this to be rubish as soon as someone in the world gets succesfull it has something to do with selling them soul unno too f**k up

  7. Meck dem stay deh wid dem foolishness. I have a sister who believe in all a dis Illuminati and masonry fckry, and mi tell her meck sure she leave her children fi think for themselves and not to program them with the B’s.

    Like Cindy said, these ppl are very exhausting to listen to, they take the fun out of every conversation.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better – they take the fun out of every conversation. You just need to barely mention a new song by an artiste you like & they become all riled up telling you not to like the artiste/song because of all the foolishness they believe. I can’t tell you how many times my ankles almost get twisted from hastily exiting the canteen just to avoid hearing their rantings.

      1. Yep, and what I find mighty disturbing is the attack on black success. These ppl are sick, they happily accuse ppl of things they have no solid proof of. Meck you famous and a close family member dies at the height of your fame. You member how they did J-Hud?

        To me the attack is on black success, why all of a sudden black ppl are being burned at the stake for their fame and fortune? Who is sowing these seeds? Because these attacks on the subconscious of the young is to not aim high in life because wealth and power are synonymous with evil. Seems like someone is threatened by something, and deeply invested in keeping black ppl at a certain level. If King Musa was alive today they would say the same. Cause black ppl success and wealth causing fear in someone or a group of ppl, and the conspiracy theorists themselves do not know who they are serving.

  8. Honestly I don’t really want to think he did, in regards to his up bringing. But he keeps making the sign, a long with a very close friend of mine you runs too. N I keep wondering why, n saying to my self I don’t like it. But watch him doing the eye thing, cause he do it a lot. Maybe he’s just following the rappers or something. But him do it…sorry to say

  9. As one of the b.s.ers I can understand where he is coming from but there is enough evidence to say otherwise, afterall Bolt didnt just “happen” he was promising from him a junior so the analysis off. However on the other side of things he will most def be invited whether he accepts or not up to him. People need to understand that not all are welcome they only seek the best and some are just workers/pawns/puppets often times clueless to the thing. i.e. the owner of the company may be a luciferian with said agenda but the receptionist, etc. NO have a r@ss clue as to wah a gwaan. For those who think its a big joke think again 90% of conspiracy theories have been proven to be true (most times many moons after the fact). Yours truly grandpop was apart of the Scotish Rite so mi av likkle fi work offa. And then these ppl do actual state them intentions in books and at high society banquets. But my advice is keep the skeptic mindset and do your research I bet you mi last dollar your going to hit a point where you say hold up supn really off yasso. THen again u av some fanatics weh fling everthing pon illuminati which is also a psychological weapon in that it murky the waters to the point people no longer waah hear anything bout it bcuz “everything” a crap.

  10. I would like to know what Usain influence would be. He doesn’t sing he will be retiring soon and Jamaicans are not fanatics. It’s similar to how people keep saying Vybz Kartel is big but fail to understand pop corn mavado and the others are bigger than he will ever be right now. No one uses their logic or critical thinking they just follow the leader.

  11. Don’t think he sold his soul. But one thing I know if he wants to remain on have to join the free masons they look out for their own but there’s rules to it. And levels.him can f**k as much pusci him want but he can’t marry till they tell him to and it’s got to be to one of there own

  12. @Real there lies the meat of the matter. What would they want of him. Only time will tell but if after him retire you see him get seat a UN as ambassador ray ray tay tay kip you eye pon him. Bcuz a desso the thing deh when dem deh man deh qoute Alice A. Bailey and Helena Blavatsky as inpiration the world inna r@ss trouble. But the article above reek a f*ckery.

  13. So the sigh with the three fingers pointing up that nba players make when they score a three pointer.a guess bolt scored a three pointer People open your eyes all those sighs have a meaning beleave it or not.dont be easily led.

  14. Rhatid so a neva the Renta yam mek Bolt a gwaan so?Absolutely no truth to Bolt signing with nike,he is still with puma,google it.While I Don’t believe Bolt is into masonry plz don’t be naive n think he wasn’t or won’t be approached.

    I know a couple high school classmates doing really well financial n they were saying how joining the lodge thing is a great opp to mek money n move up Inna society. I mek sure tell them the likkle facts I know bout masonry is that u have to do all kind a wierd perverted sh#t for ur initiation. I reminded them of David Cameron rapid rise n fall from grace.See them buss him secret how him sex a DeaD pig heaD n the next ting u know,him no longer pm.

  15. I kno of a real rich man who have a lot of businesses in Albert Town Trelawny name Ken Grant he was i the masonry ting… And sometimes a night time he would be butt naked in the streets an people use to seh he have go do that on a regular basis that’s part a di f**y they do.

    1. Absolutely foolishness! The man case mental. I had a aunty who use to strip naked on a particular day in the evening, and she did MADDA FAN SHAD! :hammer

      People are ignorant of Mason culture simply because THEY AREN’T MASONS!

      IF the ancestors a walk wid Bolt so the hell what?! Black Jesus followers are SLEEPERS!

  16. All said about the Illu mi nati and free masons is true..As for bolt he was born a runner, him winning races has nothing to do with such forces he has a gift for running….
    Now that said I did see him make a bathomet hand gesture while he was going on track I did not like that, I don’t know if he just enjoys making hand signs or if he knew what he was doing?
    Therefore cannot judge but time will tell. ..

  17. Mi a go se dis Ken grant was suffering from dementia …. Usain tek 14 years Fi Mek 60 million US dollars and just under 6 months he was at 30 million. :::: and u want to tell me he is given wealth ??? The so call lodge a Jamaica a foolishness some rank and file love call the word … Just stop fancy up the ting and call it obeah I would feel more comfortable …, Unu know Weh him gran parents do Fi get blessing ? Stop curse the man … God alone can give such a great blessing

    1. Masonry is not what they think that is why. Usain could be a Mason but the lodge a nuh fi wealth , all of that is a fallacy.

      1. Yes dem have it mixed up like some greatness de back a it and ty have some ediat man Weh did a look Oman and run out a lyrics and a use dem so call involvement Fi ketch Oman … Di DJ a Di next one him read a bag a book and instead a elevate him mind him Wah elevated uptown …. Man inna certain group yu Neva so Dem wife or Oman in a certain clothes so mi de ya Fi tell Unu Usain is definitely not a part of it

        1. Yes because dem think everything whey write ina book is true. At one point mi did believe all di tings mi see online but I know a grand master and he dont even wear ring and him a grand master

          1. Met, not contradicting you but I also know some and tjey do wear the ring. It is part of the identification, but like all things not everyone have outward displays. Either way I don’t know if Bolt is into it or as someone else suggested he might just like making hand signs. Nonetheless if the pictures are true he he better be careful because playing with fire can cause him to get burn. That’s all, oooo

          2. No real mason dont wear a ring, maybe dem tell u dem is but they dont wear rings. Those that gather as masons are mostly intellects or people in power. People claim it is a secret organization so what would they need outward display for? It wouldnt serve its purpose , the ring.

  18. Not at all Met bcuz if a did so mi shudda have gold spoon, knife and fork inna fi mi mouth. Some might say the Ja. Lodge a joke but dont be fooled. Just the same way ppl think Ja rich a joke rich compared to the world but most nuh av a clue wat a pirates estate look like. Unnu fi memba say backra pickney dem still reside or upkeep him legacy ya n mi mean literally backra. Dem politician ya can tell you bout Ja true white founding and black following fathers. Everybody know major decisions are made over scotch n tobacco by a few ppl not in any parliment or courthouse.

  19. Again foolishness Bolt is a kartel fallower a wonna be baller who wants to be friends with top people in the world..remember wen he was in London in a club n some other top person was there n he spend over ten thousand of pounds don’t remember how much..I work with a little old Mexican n him wear a mason ring him join it to? If hand signal signify some kind a society we all r if we have kids bcuz I can tell the amount a hand signal me mek me play with my kid is countless

  20. @Real dementia nope not at all he was one of the richest man in Trelawny ran all his businesses by himself with help from his wife and 2 kids and I’m sure no Dementia was there lol. But that’s what I was told everybody used to fraid a him people would Rob every business places in Trelawny and nobody would touch his.

    1. Who ago Rob mad man businesses? De man wealth could come from inheritance, insurance or hard work. Outsiders never know truth. And de man mental regardless a de name it wan to have or de obeah just sxent him so.

      1. Pickney stop! Lolol…me paternal breed, via me granny carry mad people. 5 outright mad people in a the district were me grand aunts (pretty Brownings) and a once highly intelligent cousin, and two others where one of them no romp fi chop. One was me bodyguard…yu really link to me some how :ngakak :ngakak

        1. Yu know se yu right cause a mi and yu one know se a mad ken mad…. My girl browning ? A mi Fi tell yu se mi and yu a family …

          1. Lolol Real..

            Met,me maternal granny stifle her offsprings generation by selling off property and pass dung things fi go join that God damn bedward. Then had de nerve fi return back home when de wretch nu tek off like bud!Me great grand should a did beat har back out a de yard :cool

  21. Yes everyting dem believe…. usain bolt come from trelawny most Congolese went there and the Giants from Togo they were super strong and agile it inna Di blood .. At least wen him did Wah plAy crickett di man honest wid him and tell him Fi run ….u si how soon him start go bald ??? Go Mek a connection man born Fi do dis

    1. But real the lodge was started by educated/gifted people of color. Mi nuh know where the satanic part came in but there are many organizations so maybe di satan one is a different one. Di ting whey dem call baphomet is not part of the masonry/lodge

      1. The connection is to accept who u are we all have gift if we use it we would all have success and monetary gain …..

  22. The ring is what Met ?? Because Mi used to kno some bad man from my area an people used to seh Dem wear guard ring because no police could catch them…Dem used to she the rings would burn their fingers when.police deh near some they would kno to move from that area.

      1. Met dem used to se two a mi family memba in a lodge . And they didn’t even know what is was …. Because one have a ring and them used to do banking late a night …. A foolishness …mi know Wah yute Weh Usain start par wid and Usain seh him Neva know those kind of business exist in Jamaica and he went to the guy house and met his family members and said he had to step his game up cause him only know Kingston night life

          1. One more ting, people think whatever google put is gospel. Most people whey write book and online a mek dem mek it up.

    1. Guard ring a different thing and is mostly given by obeah man/woman or spiritualist. It is usually an indian head that dem claim spirit ina and will guard but it has the energy of what the bible calls a fowler/ monitoring spirit.

    1. Den di whole a we nuh have spirit roun we/ ancestors. Christian or no christian they are there and not going anywhere.

      1. Met my problem is when he wants to leave or decided he no longer likes it, they always leave under disgrace .

    1. And God would not give us a spirit unless it was to relate to something/another being/..The U.S long jumper look like she a chanel something right there pan di track so mek dem talk bout Usain and spirit

  23. Met that deh lodge weh u a talk get tek ova longtime. Yes its an Egyptian/African thing but like many other things captured and corrupted. Just the same many blacks nuh know bout Imhotep and those who do, hear the water down version. But in all things a nuh everything we ancestors dabble wid we fi pick up. Can imagine 200 years from now when we all dirt, man a pree back now n tek up coke/crack n a say a wah mi ancestors use to do.

  24. Well just as she says if we were following our ancestors we would not have been drug addicts. Crack was made to separate us from our heritage. But as you can see it comes out in different ways.

  25. As soon as somebody come up dem sell dem soul and in illuminati. Like who really believes this. Soon hear seh me innamason ohh wait im not famous so I dont count kmt.

  26. The usa long jumper chick Bernice literally doing rituals…cant place it…voodoo,Santeria,obeah or she a call pon several orishas.whoever r whatever forces ansa har saw it fit to give her silver.unno see her eyes??rhatid!!bolt nuh inna any damn trance at no point!!!

      1. Who she a send out summons for then?u most likely correct cuz she would need a medium to get thru to Ogun n Elegua.even if Bernice a Chango/Shango pickney he wouldn’t just come so unless the proper chants 7times are done correctly.All im saying within her eyes she seem to be having a outer body experience n wasn’t she fidgeting with a chain beads!wassup with all that!?

        1. Dont know where u get this info from but wherever u read it the person wrote nothing that was/is true. Orisha a nuh spirit fi chanel they come when dem want. People do all kinda spiritual things only she know who she calling

  27. But Met right bout the ring bcuz mi neva see any among those I know. But @F**ka Dem it not so but soon n not just abt come up but the level. Most ppl come up to a level once u decide to go higher a desso the prob start. Usain is now a global superstar. Once u go global, dem ago come knocking either fi u join or to be manipulated if u nuh with it u av three options, disgrace, titled crazy or death or even all three. The powers that be afraid of any global influence that is not under them control, why? Because of the French Rev. n other instance of the mass overthrowing the elite. The elites swear blind the mass will never be able fi overthrow dem again hence the population control. Sports have just as great influence on ppl as music. Think of Rome an the gladiators, football during Nazi occupation, this very olympics is like we figat its origins. By right we as blacks shudnt even deh deh but hey a modern times heh. But all dem thing ya done outlined inna sociology.

  28. Ok tonks Met,emailing u the source now…as uve reiterated…some ppl jus write them opinion r belief n not necessarily facts.

  29. First line of the article and mi draw brake. Writer mi nuh surprised at yuh reasoning. Dem still inna shock ova di man God-given talent suh mi nuh surprise ova dis, and dere will be more tuh come. Studying di grung provision weh Usain grow pon neva lead dem tuh nuh where, suh ah dis ah di next best. Bye Felisha :bola

  30. Heavy-duty let me ask u a question the chiney man a Jamaica a mason n illuminati?? Black people cut out the fcukrey too much supercritical beliefs n them know seh a su wi tan su dem lef wi du dat n tek over the country.. Met i respect u cuz i see that ur doing good work wen I get rich n join the society I will employ u as my editor n chief bcuz all Newspaper mi a gu own

  31. Wicked, wicked, wicked!!!! If you think free-masonry isn’t in Jamaica you guys are living in the matrix. Check out PoopCaans “Unruly” hand signal and you will know that free masonry has a presence out here (research what that hand sign means, there’s a ton of videos on YouTube that explain its meaning) Kartel and his portmore empire I feel was into it heavy and his prison sentence was a punishment handed out to him from the free-Mason’s for breaking some rule they ascribed to. Usain Bolt is an international track star why wouldn’t they incorporate his influence into their ranks… The devil is just as real as GOD, recognize both exist and you will be ahead of the game. Say no to the devil.

  32. Masons are all over the world . It is an origination that only accepts men. If you have heard of a woman who said she is a mason it will not be a true mason.
    They also do wears Masonic rings at time, where the symbols will dictate the degree of mason they are, eg. If they are high up the hierarchy.

    In my opinion them being a secret society, one of the reason why they cannot be easily penetrated I’s because they have damaging information on each member, hence why they they have to go through an iniatitation which is secret, no one knows what they do in this process. I think that they are encourage to do extremely devious deeds to convince the society that they can be trusted. In other words, I think it is based on blackmail at the highest level.

    There is nothing religious about them. Most are successful because they are in every section of society therefore through cronyism there is always someone to assist member if the needs arise. Members who hold high position in our society will want to stay there and because of this they will do anything for their secret to be kept secret. Please note , this Is only my opinion, and it came from observation and readings.
    Why is it you think that so many people die at the hands of our police officers and nothing is done, example the officer is not convicted of a crime? I think it is because of information that they know about those who works in the justice system which could be damaging, therefore they just have to go along with it, who chose the jury panel in these instances? How were they selected?

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