0 thoughts on “NUH KNOW NO CUP

  1. Wid all a dese drink a bottle or more a nite people, we soon see an abundance of liver failure etc. How d hell can someone drink an entire bottle of Henessey? Dat de liquor fi barely sip raw (unchased), it strang like wha.
    Well good fi dem, dem mussi have dem doctor bill puddung

  2. It nuh look like pure henn doah. Mi glad she cover up, but mi vex bout ar outfit doah…she mussi a go straight a church a mawnin…jus add a cardigan

      1. Lol I swear yuh no easy none atall!! Me me spit up me good good Jamba juice pon dese white folk computa.

      2. Yuh ppl nuh easy none atall!!!!!! Mek me spit up me good good Jamba juice on dese white folks computa. ..

  3. rebel stush u mus stop wear those big ugly christmas tree ornaments. they are NOT fashion statements

  4. Har liver and kidneys will deal wid har if she keep it up. Black ppl ain’t made for no heavy drinking, is dat dem nuh realize.

  5. a wandah wah she tink going to happen wen she drink wid all dem deh house decoration she got on (curtain and all).

  6. I wish women would realize that some things just shouldn’t be done in public this looks so trashy

  7. low stush she a drink har sorrows away,because di man whea she live wid just a walk and grind down atlanta and go breed him babymother again and their is nothing she can do about it,plus she CANNOT dress to save her life thats a lot of stuff to deal wid,in har mary poppins skirt or more like laura ingles.STUSH please return back di skirt to laura ingles, a baay all when peaches have ten pitny yuh still caan look betta dan har peaches have all right fi call yuh granny but now she caan add on ghetto pon di granny bout you a drink out a bokkle yuh nuh drink out a glass flippa is a man it did not look that bad when he did it.

  8. and a hope im breed peaches again and again and again. stush too nuff and love behave like ole hooligan. she and har fren dem love behave like wild orangutan on the loose. mi seh when mi si di piece a hair spoil mi start get hungry fe wedding cake. sitten fava ole dirty wata fountain. why she neva jus pour the liquor from har head top suh everybody jus ketch di liquor from deh suh?…real bloodclaaat C.L.A.F.F.Y!!

  9. the baby madda nuh betta why she a breed up fi manwey dont even want har naty rass fo live with.. Peaches and the entire vibes crew 6 generations from granny to great grand pikney to cousin all friends of freinds live in the same house. Mi know unnu short but that nuh mean unnu take up less space. fi pack up like sardine.. Peaches yuh life sad bad. Really yuh just drop belly and inna dance the last pikney a barely 3 and now a newborn,,, I guesss yuh nuh have nuh worries cause smaddy must de home inna that overpopulated house. Unnu must have one bag a bunk bed fi all a unnu fit in there. Where the crib de inna the garage.. My god people unnu need fi stop

    1. but guess what? it even worse fe a man live wid him ooman and left fe guh breed another ooman..much less the same ooman TWICE!!! it’s obvious the man still have some kind of love for her while cake top head is loving the bottle and partying way too much. he doesn’t even party with 3 layer cake head. how sad is that? lol. peaches a hotta gal fe stush weh fava shit pon stick.

  10. uunooo low stush a fi har man alone walk an breed dem pickney mumma peaches ave low self esteem mi nuh waan nuh man weh dawg mi like sshit all in fronta er madda peaches u life sadddd bad bakkle to d head yaah stush u naah beg nuh gal nutten

  11. Met Atlanta people dem lub send in di heap a idiot party picha dem but di juicy tory dem nuh send in beca, D.E.A,and G.B.I go a 3 layer cake hair house aka stush rebel and bring in dfacs and tek all a di pitny and har man and all wanted man whea wanted fi murda but she deh pon di run yah now

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