0 thoughts on “WHO ROCKED IT?

    1. me too…mi doe like kakroach boots nope…it may nice to some people but nahhhhhhhhh Im not digging it

      1. :ngakak A same suh mi a try pronounce har name an a badwud mi ought fi cuss, till mi dus give up and a seh to mi self dis as cheap dem did call har cockroach, lol!!!!!

  1. Apple rocked it best….in har knock off of Ri-Ri’s Tom Ford Boots, that were specially made for di dancehall Iconess

    1. I think u eat sleep n drink Apple see if u can get har # from Quena that way u can ride har clit virtually n physically ahhhhh boy

        1. Quena cause mi figure since u in the Bronx u could easy easy get the # fi the person n u mentioned that u met an acquaintance of Apple no so 🙂

          1. @Chuetty mi like yuh sometimes, why you wanna be wicked to me and sen’ me make the people dem torture me…….I look like a Spaniard, speak with a Spaniard accent inna real life…….mi muss’ go ask fi numba????
            But you don’t hear me though!

          2. Quena u hab a spanish accent to but mi rawssssseeeeeee :bingung :bingung :bingung
            Then Quena u nah born n breed inna di great U S of A

          3. @Chuetty…..Jhue makin’ me craasy! Your confusing apples for oranges. Bronx for San Juan! In any event, Rosie Perez was born in Bushwick Brooklyn…..how does she sound. I grew up in a Spanish Household, now that I have been around Jamaicans I mimic you all’s writing in patois but at home I can’t sound like you, my Husband laughs when I try to say what I’ve learned here. Bet your children that were born in the US of A can still speak with the Patois accent!

          4. @Metty weh yuh mean which people mumz……yuh didn’t hear Kerry ann pulled out who-so-evers wig and the big transvestite looking one weh ah breed beat out whats it not daylights and Laawd help me if Sally ever grab on to me! Dem is R “the people” you want them BX girls gang me! :mewek

      1. Hellooo plz ma’am, its a joke directed at Happle wearing di Tom Ford Boots tht was known to b limited edition yet she was “famous” enuf 2 own a pair. Whe u sense a humour gone today? Since u r s’body mi always admire when u write mi naah go address u bout riding Happle long dung germsy clit.
        Have a good day ma’am

          1. No Miss, u missed d sarcasm in my comment, ….knock-off, specially made, Iconess…….
            Anyhoo its all love

  2. I think it’s purely coincidence, Rhi Rhi went safe and chose white top with black bottoms……her boots are the statement piece had Kakroach copied that, then it would have warranted the “hoopla”. By the Kakroach them boots are thick girl boots, you didn’t bring them off properly in shorts…..the sh*ts gathering around your knees, next time try them with a Black fitted jeans and white top!

  3. They are both looking stunning, but I like Kakaruche (a so she name tho ?) boots more, Im not a fan of RiRi’s boots, but RiRi cant do nuh wrong for me. So wait deh, she deh wid RiRi 1 time man, now she a thief d gal style??? Hey RiRi some gal envy u, n wish dem did a u, so them a copy everything yuh do, dun to d same man yuh deh wid dem want him to…….. HEY RIRI A SUH MI KNOW SEH YUH GREAT WHEN YUH MATE A TRY IMITATE!!!!! Raaaaeeeee!!!!!!!!

  4. It be like dat sometimes mami ( in my best hispanic accent ) :ngakak …imitation and hate ration are the best form of flattery…

  5. :ngakak No sahhhh @Sweet @Chuety @One drop unu is the greatest :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :malu :ngakak :ngakak :malu

  6. The both of them look equally as pretty in the shoes… its nothing to run home about plus I rather the one that karuche (or however it spell) is in. Riri’s boots look too baggy…..
    no bias opinion for me……. even mi mumma can do wrong so I wouldn’t say riri cannot…
    neither girls are ugly or any betta (besides cash which nuh mean shit) because both p*ssy was taking the same cocccck on and off an a tek buss ass fi it.
    Evening Met, how are you? Hey Metters and all others.

      1. Damn Met! can you send some a dat my way? sheesh…. im suffering in merica, not one good fruit

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