0 thoughts on “OBAMA AND DI GAS FAULT

  1. Wah surprise mi more than wah dis eediat write up top is dat u hab 50 or more a him..si di likes. Dear God,these slows!!

  2. Unnuh calm down, the person who wrote the comment was just being sarcastic. He’s jus poking fun at the fact that Americans blame Obama for every single thing.

  3. that damn idiot is not making no joke.. he would add the part bout in reality a obamaou killed them.. di man need to find you and kill you too for being a f**king dumn ass, it don’t matter if the gas was sky high or cheap .. he would still find a way to do what he had to do… him know di man damn pocket.. mi just get ignorant when mi see stupid shit. when dem a mix up mi president… him shoulda glad it cheap.. go deh now him nuh have a damn car ,, so him wouldn’t understand how people happy

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