1. Short, to the point and using the correct forum.

    Dupes nah tek no check or gully bottom. Him stay up a top road :alay

  2. I recently watched an episode of Maddow and she laid out Trump’s dealings with Russia. He is in DEEPLY. Putin owns that a$$. America will be renamed the United States of Russia. *sigh*. I cannot wait for the day when I see Trump, Ivanka, her husband and all of Trump’s associates walking away in handcuffs. Until then, Russia will continue to collect on the millions that they paid Trump. What a ting!!!!

  3. If trump deep in the bOttom of putin clutch because him broke him could not get no loans in America to borrow cuz of him numerous bankruptcy so him turn to them and I think China too I want to see them through out him old wrinkly ass out the white House with him bug fat dunce self not articulate him nuh classified to even clean Obama shoes

    1. He has always said that he has never filed for personal bankruptcy. It was always his companies that went under but to how him lie only God knows whats really up.

  4. LOW LOW how low this man a go, never heard such lies from school days, this desperate overgrown HORSEHEAD OF A child, EVERYTHING HE SAID SOMEONE TELL HIM

    1. Bwaay if di republicans dem nuh si seh dem ina deep shit..dem in deep shit and drowning. The man is deranged. I imagine he does the same to his wife and children..U wakeup in a good mood and see him flood u phone wid all kinds of shegries. It must be sad to be around him

      1. Poor Melina wake up in good moods till she remember she married donald!


        Me feel compassion fi har now a days :ngakak

        1. Yes because she gonna find out the same time as the rest of the world all the evils that ar huzzy been up to. In the mean time mek she continue reading to the lil school chil’ren!

  5. Melania don’t even have a American high school diploma much less bout she have coat draped over her shoulder a try read she need some lessons in herself lettuce pray for her she to take a L fi married donald

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