15 thoughts on “SCREAM OUT LMAO

    1. All the sadomasochist, convict him a suggest. Me nah lef me Jamaican bad breed fi no other.

      Those “mother land” rats don’t care fi we much. Me comfortable with me ethnicity and history. Plus we fairing well compare to many African nations.

      We likkle but we tallawah! A no every whey unu fi go hunt.

      1. Lawd gawd PP sometimes mi affi force myself nuh type exactly what mi wah say cause it can be very inflammatory…. but you said it hook, line and sinker! Like the other day when the Trini person ran in, I had was to delete some stuff real quick cause certain people round the globe can just mek yuh get real iggy!:marah

  1. Not a rasssssss Alaine di people dem a ask whyyyyyy? All weh a gwan still dem seh a publicity stunt but how long dem plan fi keep dis up???
    Di bwoy a Christian dem seh and him a tell lie bout marriage, :tkp
    mi gone enuh!!!

  2. I guess them feel how we feel wen one of our own tek up a white girl or a girl from another country. But dem too brite dem nuh control di man an we nuh control Alaine

  3. Jamaica is in fact one of the richest nations on earth. Perhaps you fail to see it because the many years of Politicians,immigrants and expatriates exploitation of our resources has severely impacted the fulfilling of our true potential.

    If you were to measure real richness beyond priceless worth then use culture, heritage n the people. tell me who then on Earth would be richer than a Yardie??don’t dare mention the Europeans,Americans n Asians with their rich history of raping Mother Africa and exploiting all n sundry for materialistic bs illusions of wealth!

    #Disclaimer if you cry looney tooney.

    Yes I had one drink..not one too many. ..but just one deggey deggey Wray&nephew wop with ting special.

  4. Let me just say to that the africanbest iddiboo smaddie…bad advice because u spoke ignorantly n so never know that Alaine in all likelihood already pass through all yuh mentioned n goodly wanna spread her anatomy. .err I mean wings so a wha??

    Point being if she’s a hohoho at least a fi we hohoho so we reserve all classings not u!Go SYM straight n lef Yardie bizness n crotches alone n go look water fi bathe first then you can drink it cuz water so scarce a Africa u nuffi waste it.If I never rate the Nigerian chick OM pon pinkwall so much I woulda send yuh up unda yuh …mum …is the word but SYM agen n again!

  5. Africans like to marry and take care of their families. Unlike most Jamaicans all dem want to to do is breed up every gyal with no foundation. Most African men are educated and real business minded. Theres a difference though. I like men from Ghana more.

  6. This is the best thing for Alaine at her age. She seems to be a big star in Africa and she never really made it in Jamaica ten years later so she should be living there and trying to make some money. Shane Brown tried and failed like every other producer or manager who slept with her along the way and moved on. Good luck to her.

  7. uno move uno dutty bloodclat. in which life can uno style Jamaican. mother f**ker uno sell black pple into salavery and still a suffer than Jamaican..Alaine can tek any man Jamaican, American, and yes African. now uno go crush some yam and yaham with gravy.. lowe mi Jamaican only Jamaican can com fi Jamaican like that abey

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