My girls rarely agree on anything, but all of us are losing our previously enthusiastic admiration for KD Knight. We religiously follow accounts of the ATL Pension Scheme drama in the courts in both newspapers and there is agreement that if the reports are true, KD is looking worse by the day. Why is it necessary to treat witnesses as if they are not real persons with feelings? It’s too boorish and uncouth. You know who won’t be getting any St Valentine’s kisses from us today, don’t you?

Romeo with no Juliet

And speaking of St Valentine’s, Mr Romeo from the big media house most certainly will not be sending any flowers there today, after being found out last year Valentine’s Day that he was also sending flowers to another media house!

Unparliamentary conduct

Are we the lonely ones who are disgusted at the way the Parliament conducts its business? The lick-dung, tear-dung, tenement-yard tracing over overseas travels made us all look bad as a country. I started feeling that if I had the fare, I would travel myself — to anywhere but here. Could Mr Holness and Mr Bartlett please grow up?

Whistle-blower regrets

People are pointing fingers at the suspected whistle-blower in the ministry and word is that he is regretting what he thought was his national duty by giving out the information. Now he is frantically job-seeking.

Pinnacle debacle

The PM is getting kudos for moving Lisa Hanna away from the Pinnacle debacle because she has close personal ties with one of the significant parties in the dispute. Sensible move, and I’m sure she understands the conflict of interest concerns.

Question of the week

Has Mr Edmund Bartlett been given the wrong portfolio of foreign affairs ministry?


  1. Met check the Gleaner social section each Tuesday and Thursday for even more juicy SUSS

    Pree @‎

    1. Yu know yu can submit to her especially if you are the above mentioned…or yu a avoid another JSC docket #? lolol

  2. I have been hearing bout Ed Bartlet, KD Knight and them from I was a child and I am now 40 yrs old. It’s time for these dunce ass pieces of sh*t to leave politics and give some other people a chance, they don’t think they have scraped enough and corrupted the little island nation enough to give the politics thing a rest now? SMDH

  3. Blurrsneet METTTT!!!!!……..yu legit now to claat. A di great Chester uppa tap?
    Mr Francis, nuh figet fi drap in two suss inna Met indox. Info flows two ways. Welcome.

  4. Mr. Holness has every r ight to qustion the pm travel trip , because after all its the tax payer money 162 million is no joke, some of those minister take oversea trip for pleasure. and has you seen the behaviour of our pm in gordon house its a disgrace how she behave

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