KINGSTON, Jamaica — Presiding judge in the Vybz Kartel murder trial Justice Lennox Campbell Friday morning ordered the prosecution to obtain a statement from a handwriting expert who had examined a letter from the prosecution’s main witness.

Campbell made the order after Tom Tavares Finson told the court that lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor had failed to provide a report from the expert.

Tavares Finson complained that the expert had examined a letter for half hour, but a report was never presented.

Taylor then admitted that the process was abandoned, and the prosecution did not bother to use the expert.

He said that he told Tavares-Finson that he could instead use the handwriting expert

But Tavares-Finson responded that he was never given the contact for the expert

It was revealed in the Vybz Kartel murder trial this morning that the prosecution used a handwriting expert to examine two documents the defense is claiming were written by the State’s main witness in the case.

It was also revealed that the examination of the documents was abandoned after 30 minutes.

Supreme Court judge Justice Lennox Campbell has instructed the prosecution to get a statement from a handwriting expert it used to examine two documents.

When the trial resumed his morning defense lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson said that it came to his intelligence that the prosecution had a handwriting expert to look at the signature of the main witness contained on a statement to the police and a letter allegedly sent to the Public Defender.

It has been alleged that the prosecution’s main witness, had written to the Public Defender claiming he had been forced to give a statement to the police.

In court today, Tavares-Finson said his intelligence told him that a William Smiley looked at the documents.

He added that he had previously asked the prosecution for a handwriting expert but the Crown had failed to do so.

He said up to now a report has not been provided to the defense as a means of disclosure.

However, lead prosecutor, Jeremy Taylor told the court that he had discussions with the defense and informed them that there was no report.

He said he gave Tavares-Finson the name of the expert before they went on the Christmas break.

Taylor also said the prosecution did not pursue the examination and that he had told the defense.

However, Kartel’s lawyer insisted that the prosecution did tell the court that the expert had examined the documents for about half an hour and abandoned it.

Tavares-Finson said he wants a statement from the expert as to what he did with the documents and why he abandoned his examination.

Justice Campbell questioned Tavares-Finson if he was told before the holiday that the expert had done an examination.

The lawyer responded that he was told that the expert did not do a report but had asked the judge to instruct that the prosecution present a report.

Justice Campbell then instructed the prosecutor to obtain a statement.

Meanwhile, the prosecution is continuing its cross-examination of the defense witness and handwriting expert, retired superintendent of police, Karl Major.

The ex-policeman said he examined the documents in contention and it was his opinion that the signature on the police witness statement and the letter to the public defender were written by the same person.

The witness has denied writing the letter.

The Crown is alleging that Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer; entertainer Shawn Campbell, popularly known as Shawn Storm; André St John; Shane Williams; and Kahira Jones, murdered Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams on August 16, 2011.

All the defendants have given unsworn testimony declaring their innocence.


    1. Same suh!!! Ah bare confusion ah gwan… Mi naw lie… Jamaican justice system full up ah bare f*kry…. Just call di verdict.

  1. All dem a talk and create confusion(PURPOSELY), dem know dutty shirley-anne-palmer is guilty as sin and he should rot in the deepest part a hell and on his way down, catch a fire ina pair of gasoline drawz!!!..

  2. So why did the prosecution instruct the expert to abandon the examinationr? Isn’t this what they want to prove he didn’t write the letter.

    1. If DPP have the starr witness hand writing on their documents…me would abandon the expert because it’s clear that MONEY will be wasted on what is pretty much a straw man tactic.

      1. How is it not relevant … it was clearly abandoned because it would mess them up cuz he did write the damn letter and a tell lie .. ALL OF THEM ARE LIARS and if kartel get convicted wee should also

      2. absolutely. John Public need to know that at the end of the day every penny spent by the prosecution has to be accounted for, so nu Nhame a food “expert” neva did ago get hours upon hours of the peoples money fi what was clearly a distraction PLANTED by one of the current or previous defense attorneys *wink, wink*

        1. Phantom P I do not know why they are always picking on ghetto youth ……………………….just had to say………….yes mi know everyting dem haffi document …and dem neva badda do dat because a money and dem nuh willin g

          1. Real, this case should be the starting point to where this ‘ghetto youth’ syndrome get mash up. Being poor and uneducated isn’t a crime. Being poor, uneducated, and a CRIMINAL is a phenomenon in my opinion.

            We youths (many of de demon fans) have to notice the cycle. ALL who come and call them self “dads” “dan” “bigman” “boss” are MEN from their communities who were just as poor as them self. Circumstances give them an opportunity to rise above poverty and what them do?

            Them turn around and play Head Master in charge of said poor community/lane/street and start to lay down laws and punishment to those they once shared a meal with when they too were hungry, half naked, barefoot and without hope.

            Kartel, tessa, dudues and every and anything whey creep like dem IS JAMAICA POOR MAN PROBLEM! Eradicate de propaganda dem feed and then the Politicians will have no strong man to apply their vices to the people of poor communities.

            Onu need fi shed de branding of ghetto because No body nu lock onu up inna one area but onu self!

  3. probably the prosecution abandoned the examiner because they believed that they had overwhelming evidence to prove their case eg; de uugh much pint five million, quafrillion voice notes and videos!!!..

  4. This dosent seem as though it is the defence fault. The judge instructed the prosecution to have the ltr examined by an expert and they decide to abandon within 30 mins. Hmmm it seems as though they did not like what they were hearing. If otherise they wouldnt have objected with the ltr being admitted into evidence.


  6. So your saying they abandoned the examination because they had too much evidence and they didn’t need anymore? ????? Is that what you’re really trying to say????

    1. The argument that the police abandoned the examination be the they had too much evidence already might be true , but it doesn’t make sense to me. I would think it be in the best interest of the prosecution to have as much evidence as possible to present a iron clad case to the court and jury. they would want to leave NO DOUBT in the evidence that they are presenting, a while back i said the prosecution and police need to be independently investigated in the handling in the case. no trial is ever perfect , none . but it come in like these officers and prosecutors are purposefully trying to blow this case. from missing evidence , evidence that has been used by unauthorized person or persons . to the lack of common sense in the handling of certain things . the prosecution and police are doing finsons job by raising reasonable doubt through their actions. thankfully they are certain aspects that cant be denied by battyman finson . but these prosecution move real sloppy

      1. When yu see or hear sey the POLICE did a look or use hand writing expert? You are arguing multiple points and they are all erroneous! Even yu independent opinion flaw.

      2. The IRONY! … The original letter missing and then examination by the handwriting expert abandoned cuz they had too much evidence ?? LMFAOOO TELL IT TO AN IDIOT! With a case like this that they cant even prove up to today 02/14/2014 yuh really a tell me bout dem did have have too much evidence lmfaooooooooooo dem not even have enough evidence. aH HOW DIS A ONE LETTER YA FULL OF SO MUCH COMPLICATIONS … they deliberately threw away the original document and only have the photocopied one becauseeeeeeee they knew they could create confusion there. The prosecution that is both ah dem a use SIKES im literally over it …

        AH JOKE DIS! :hoax2

  7. Some a unno a read but a try go round di ting,first the original get lost so the defence a use a phot copy.Now the defence own handwriting expert sey you can maupilate a photo copy any which way you want.So words or signature can be remove and what ever dem want insert dem insert.What would be surprising if we come to find out the original and the photo copy nu match.

    1. Wah me wah know is if the original was lost, where did the defense get the copy? I may be missing some bit of info on that but somebody please enlighten me if anything

  8. Thank you very much @wicked I have never heard this in all my days.” They had too much evidence” how the hell can the prosecution have too much evidence

  9. Well if they abandoned it after 30mins, either dem couldn’t come to a conclusion or it wasn’t in the prosecution’s favor. The fact that the prosecutor had actually told Finson he could use the expert makes me think that it is not the latter because if the prosecutor realized it wasn’t in his favor already, why would he tell Finson he could use the same expert? The belief that the prosecution didn’t pursue it because they had other evidence would seem very stupid to me. Leave no stones unturned. I don’t believe that is their reason anyhow. It doesn’t rest well with me that all they can compare are the signatures. It is easy to forge L. Chow. I always think that persons who sign their signatures like that are the ones who are not very bright and from observation (not just this but in general and day to day), it would appear that what I’m thinking may have some merit to it. Anyhow, why not compare the entire documents? It’s easy for a person can forge one signature, especially one so basic but it would be hard for a person to write an entire page and maintain the same patterns throughout the entire document. The signature alone is insufficient proof in my view. If Chow wrote that letter, I think he did it because he (or his family) was threatened by Kartel and his goons. I don’t think he would have taken it upon himself to seek out who he should write to or to write to anyone and I may be wrong but I say this because I realize that most of the persons around Kartel are not very bright. Not only that, but I don’t think, even if he was under pressure from the police, that he would write a letter. He would probably resist and speak out some other way but I don’t think he would write a letter on his own like that.

  10. I am sorry, but this case is really a big joke. Both the prosecution and defence are quite sloppy with their work. I hope the CCJ is not a reflection of the standard in Jamaican justice, as it is a Caribbean entity. No disrespect meant to my country, but the law in our country seems to be wishy washy.

  11. The main reason Dudus did want to go to the US is because him know him going to live longer in a US prison….and the same go for Kartel if him go to prison him will live longer than if him free… all who a say to free world boss don’t mean him no good….The police going to get him out no matter what is few friends want to think…..I mean they are going to kill him …….some day you all will say i told you so.

  12. The lawyer is a joker …come with a no case submission ,it don’t work ,then start back the case where it start last year with this letter, i guess him don’t realize say the judge want finish by next week.

  13. I think its the defense job to get there expert to prove that his Client is not guilty .what kind of lawyer would wait for the government to give you contact info ? spend your client money an prove wah u want to prove .Jamaica justice system to slack . kartel god nuh want you free dats why everything so confusing

  14. Is it me, or the general standard of picking sense out of nonsense seems to elude those who claim that they are NOT Kartel fans, but on closer analysis seem to only see what they can see?
    I won’t even go into why this one is on the DEFENCE. However it is very interesting the tangents that are arrived at by a certain set of people. Please read with understanding, especially if you are a “ghetto yute”. Massa , if he is not on your side (meaning if you do not have access to funds) can easily use “tactics” to make you not believe what you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears.
    If is only ONE certifiable handwriting “expert” in Jamaica and it is a female, why are certain element so quick to see the “veracity” in what this expert (MALE) is saying? At least admit to the trickeration of Kartel and Co defence whilst wanting his freedom.
    Be a bit braver and honest, Kartel fans. Because from what unbiased people can see, Kartel and co are so guilty, they even gone so far to place each other at the scene, yet claim innocence. They said it with their own mouths. Funny how y’all quite about that.
    Furthermore. Why would it be of importance for a prosecution to doubt the veracity of evidence that goes into proving their case? it is for the defence to disprove motive and intention as to the conclusion that the prosecution has based its circumstantial evidence on. Prosecution cannot be the prosecution and defence at the same time!

    1. No is not you honey is dem..Which expert a go say u cannot manipulate a photocopy? Unless he isnt an expert…The issue here is this:- the fans don’t care if he is a murderer , to them , listening to his music is worth more than someone’s life.This is their pathetic reality

  15. @My2cents, u on the money!!! All di confusion di defense a try create, the clarity of the overwhelming evidence is real clear to me and others alike..But shirley and him cake-soap crew including finson betta brace..GOD NAH SLEEP.

  16. Met how can you manipulate a photocopy? If you copy a ltr and see that you have made an error can you edit the photocopy can you change the letter p into b without it showing?Well you can do It on an orioriginal without it showing.

      1. piece a cake with the edge of a clean sheet of printer paper and the new white out tape, and scotch tape…lol

        1. same suh and a big big up so people mi did haffi submit tuh..u tink mi a look pan dem?
          although I just didnt want dem bother me about still using my old address but I had forgotten to change it before so mi neva feel no way applying mi paper and scotch tape :ngakak

          1. Yu know the scotch tape nu onlge lift fingaprint…lol it does letters if applied and touched just right along with some alignment skills. Stress mek you learn things…lololollllll

            Expert is ediot and chow nah write 30 pieces of nothing. Doubt him ole school book have 30 pages a written class work..kmt and lmao Dem need fi go check de first lawya oman *wink*

        2. if u waa use di signature only u use a blank paper and block it to whey it stop etcedderaw raw ….das what the lady did on tv and nearly mek di man pay di 1000 whey she did a lie to di judge say him sign agreement bout :ngakak

          1. A thing is the perfect measurement of a rectangle that would give that area away. They also look to see stops and lifts which are points left by the pen. I love these things…

      1. Yuh can scan in u document in a computer cover the area u waa move when di document come u adjust whey u waa adjust and copy agen…any document can be takes a professional to find out how it was altered or what etc..

        1. mi go a di Jamaican consulate and man mek ova birth certificate and di only reason why dem find out seh it neva right a because a di whole heap a spelling error …plus di man use di birth certificate and get visa a when him a redo him passport him find

  17. You may have done it, but im sure an expert would be able to point it out straight away. Quicker than the original.

    1. if there is no original how will they know it is altered? my point here is him saying a copy cannot be altered, it can. Mi see case pan tv whey ooman put on man signiture pan document and it was a copy!! when the handwriting expert studied the document he said the signature was perfect as if the person lifted it from a document and copied it on .then copy and copy as I said before….so for the expert not to have studied the document is a grave error..this is why the original is needed. please note that unlike some of the fans we are not saying the document was fake because we dont know…but he cannot say what he said as a nuh mek sense to me as an amateur

  18. Met this man has been doing his job for 30 yrs so im sure he knows what he is talking about. Im sure he could care less whether kartel was acquitted or convicted.

    1. If he knew he would not say that a copy cannot be altered and he could not by looking at copies of the document say that the handwriting belonged to the guy by way of his signiture…he would also need to have spent more time and…… do a computer analysis of the copied documents then submit a report..Again I am not disputing the letter , only highlighting that what he said is incorrect

      1. The computer analysis to match if the signatures were written at different times then submit a report…on each aspect of the u understand?

        1. Jus like how unno run up bout tampered this and that..As an expert nuh matter how long u cannot walk into a court if u fi testify and se di signature belongs to a person…and the signature may belong but we are not consistent with our writing/penmanship…also he had to have documented why he came to his conclusion..him ina di business 30 years but no certificate or schooling for it…and i take it that with all the new software and photoshop etc he would have needed to attend workshops fi keep him up to date pan technology ..some people deh pan some job fi years and still get kicked off because experience lacking…technology up to date so u haffi keep up wid di times

  19. Do you lack empathy?
    Do you think your crime is your business?
    Do you think its OK to beat and rape women?
    Are you a killer ?
    Do you run to rural Jamaica when you have commit murder?
    Is the police always on your tail?
    Is the Law your enemy ?
    Well we have a product for you. Get your “I am a GHETTO YOUTH pass today. Located in a hole near you.


    1. Den soon find a way fi se him neva deh deh :ngakak
      notice none of them didnt say he wouldnt do what he has been accused of and they claim to empathize and know him so well..

  20. @Met, me notice that very well.. Not ONE A DEM NUH SAY NO SAH SHIRLEY WOULDNT COMMIT SUCH ATROCITY!! But yet, dem sole focus is fi cry fowl bout tampering of evidence and police and try set up shirley and all manna a bull-raasclaate shit. But not ONE HAS COME TO DEFEND HIS CHARACTER OF THE OH SO MIGHTY AND GOOD ADIJAH SHIRLEY-ANNE PALMER..They would rather know that this demon walks free because of a technicality, than face the truth about what he has done both in the past and current. DEM KNOW HIM GUILTY BUT DEM NUH CARE, ALL IN THE NAME OF HIS DIRTY, NASTY, DEGRADING MUSIC..SET A BUMBOHOLE DEMM..

      1. a fool dem fool … a help wi a help him wen wi seh dem fi lock him up …..but dem want him touch road and him safer a prison

        1. If tattoo, bleach, name and music dem mek him prison proof, bullet proof, fire proof and pick ax proof… dem sey he’s a god but it’s A :hoax

          Demon we sey :ngakak

          1. closer thing dem have to a celebrity….is a thought …a di one dem a Jamaica weh used to stand up a court house………..dem mek u know how bad di country really gone when u look pon dem ………………dem support inna minus and dem tan up deh bout dem a support kartel …a weak

  21. Uhhh …. I’m just gonna wait on the verdict.

    My 2 cents you saw the letter & the signature??? lol
    People pretending as if they are there physically …
    Lol too much ppl a lawyer & know how it work & KNOWWWW that
    Jamaica nuh guh offa books! WE ALL KNO KARTEL IS GUILTY AS CHARGED!
    But would it hurt to put unu emotions aside & admit it’s all utter RUBBISH & the work
    Is SLOPPY on both sides??? Unu too emotional .. Some ppl act like dem can’t go on wid dem life if dem Eva hear KARTEL walk free … No one was this emotional about the X6 killer in fact forgot at least a week later.

    Both Lawyers ah do bandulu tings it obvious

    1. a long time mi wah dem lock up kartel …from him do di rape song…..and mi still wah dem lock him up now ..mi very emotional bout it…..and yet mi si di letter…….

          1. dat same one dat mi have been pushing from day one ….when mi did deh a Jamaica a do a program every likkle yute weh a listen to kartel …by di time imi fi go back half a dem get murder …or gone a jail…mi neva si a crosses like him before fi him song dem come wid sitten different ……

          2. dwln……….NO mama nu me…Real ‘was there” nu mi! lol. I can tell god sey ME NEVER listen to dat bwoi music. I heard me sister and cousin use those words, me ask a who fah song dat and dem call him name. Right de so me know me neva want hear him him a tall a tall.

            Me is no prude cause fling up, dash out, twist, tun, scream, moan groan and bedroom whore de pon prude isn’t the dislike factor fi dis dude…Is the outright corruption of we music culture and the social impact pon we youth that drives me dislike fi him.

    2. U really wah me ansa u ediat gyal? Me did haffi see signature? Ediat gyal if u did a follow all the reports and nah use you selective reading and thinking, you would see where dem say him signature is just signed as L. Chow. So ediat gyal, next time u plan fi address me, come to me wid something sensible. See me step down to yuh level ediat gyal? Is this low enough for you to understand ediat gyal? Bout emotional. A you emotional because instead of looking at the facts presented, you minions are thinking with your emotions, that’s why unuh cyah pick sense from nonsense. You are a real lying ediat gyal bout people neva get emotional about x6 killer. I have personally asked Met maybe since the start of the year or late last year if she hear anything. If we don’t hear anything, we won’t have anything to comment on. This is an ongoing case that is brought to light because it’s in the media everyday so yes, people ago talk bout it ediat gyal. gtfoh

    3. And out of all that I said in my comment, the only thing you could pick out is if me see signature. Ediat gyal if you did have sense you would ask the same question as me, why not compare the whole document and not just a signature because if it is a copy, it is easy to manipulate it and change whatever they want to change. I have done that shit over and over where me mek mistake on something or whatever and me just use a strip of paper and tek out what me want to tek out or scan the document and change it on the computer. gtfoh wid yuh selective reading and thinking. Kartel’s minions are really some dunce bomboholes

  22. @ Ow well said the observer say the hand writing expert Mr.Major say about anything can be done to an original.This doesn’t mean photo copy cannot be altered too.used unno head people.

    1. True. But he is to show HOW. Not just say….I know that some Jamaicans in Jamaica are too easily impressed by “title”, but for this “professional to come in the nation’s courthouse after reviewing the letter for a mere thirty minutes is slackness of the highest order.
      By breaking it down, step by step in such a way that any layperson can understand (especially the jury and judge) the “professional” was meant to show/prove his conclusion about the letter. Explanation means that anybody, neutral/hater/lover of Kartel could say “oh, suh it nae did guh suh”.
      The way the “professional” conducted himself and gave scant explanation as to how he reached his conclusion is arrogance in the extreme. That Finson just expects people with sense to just say “yeah, a professional dis….him must right” shows that they know that they are playing to an audience that consists of , shall we say……duncebats who are intimidated by “name”.
      Not this black woman! That’s like me putting a child in a school and recognising that the teacher doesn’t know how to impart his/her/knowledge. Just because I do not have a degree, does that mean that I am meant to stay quiet and impressed by the word “teacher”?

  23. I refuse to argue with a gaza fan or the “cakesoap crew” as someone put it up top; because it seems fi dem muma land pon shit like fly and dem emerge out of it like maggot, dem disgusting!
    Out of Bounty, Beenie, Movada fans, they are the most backward ass set of people I ever met, them justify anything criminal….. this is why I don’t like anyone weh talk bout “a gaza mi seh” because not one of dem act decent, look decent, or pass the age of 21 and if they do and still seh ‘gaza mi seh,’ dem a usually ding bats.

  24. How is that a rape song lmfaoooooooo
    “Yuh tek mi things & yuh tek mi money to .. Suh tek buddy to hm tek buddy to…
    4 backshat dat ah if didn’t watnat” sounds like a song about gold diggers lmfao ppl say anything these daysssss just cuz dem hate sum1 what jayz & Rick Ross said “Fk with me you know I got it, sex bitch I hope she bout it” then in UENO Ross goes “PUT MOLLY ALL IN HER CHAMPAGNE I TOOK HER HOME N ENJOYED THAT SHE AINT EVEN KNO” come on more serious things than kartel 2002 song ah eff up di yutes

  25. Suppose the main witness did write a letter? But in fear , but the fact still remain there a case of murder . Remember this witness fear these guys Kartel etc. No acquitted straight prison . Guilty

  26. @ ohwell read properly the expert did not have the letters for 30 mins. That was the handwriting expert which the prosecution went to and abandoned within 30 mins.

    1. Okay. But why is it of importance when the handwriting expert wasn’t the Jamaica’s only one. Or am I reading that wrong?

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