A threat by the youth and culture ministry to take action against lobby group Jamaicans for Justice over the controversial sex education manual that was introduced in a number of children’s homes has set off fresh outrage among Jamaica Observer online readers. On Tuesday Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna said the programme may have breached the Child Care and Protection Act. Additionally, she reiterated that the CDA was not informed about the programme, and that a probe has since confirmed that a number of the homes received a monetary contribution from the JFJ for use of their premises for the training. Yesterday, incensed Observer readers said those charged with managing the homes should be fired. Here are some edited comments:
…An apology should not necessarily mean immunity from prosecution. Time for arrests.
jeh kan
From this report the children seem to have gotten accurate information. I don’t see anything here which appears to be age- inappropriate; these are answers to questions a 10-year-old will ask.
@jeh kan: “I was taught that anal sex is not healthy for the body, but if one wants to have anal sex it is his rights and no one should try to hurt that individual.” Is this appropriate for a 10-year-old child? “These are answers to questions a 10-year-old will ask” — that’s falsehood! It is people like you why this world is filled with deviant behaviours. You should be ashamed of yourself. Then again, you people have no shame.
@jeh kan: You may want to get a new pair of reading glasses. If majority of the 135 children were under 16 years old and they specifically listed the ages of some, do you think the 11-year-old was the youngest of the batch? At this stage in life, children should be taught scientific information about the body, not sexual choices. Furthermore, it’s the parents rights to impart additional information to a child, if they so choose. These kids were already in a vulnerable situation without parents. Why didn’t they try to introduce it in the regular school curriculum? ‘Cause they know it would have been shut down from day 1! Why didn’t they go thru proper channels? They took advantage of the already disadvantaged! I bet if money wasn’t offered, these homes wouldn’t have been so ready to accept any new material. Jamaicans love “back-door” deals (pun intended) and go-round-the-system mentality too much.
Whey JFJ get that kind of money? . .and now the vulnerable groups people find out that the children were told anal sex is not good. I have to see if they fire Gomes like how they ordered Bain firing for stating facts. Speaking of which, now we know the facts — anal sex is not healthy etc so when people choose to exercise “their right” to do it, why should my tax dollar pay to mend their broken parts?
Those kids sound like they were well rehearsed on what to say to the CDA.
Was it also taught that anal sex was against the law? (The term buggery occurred in one section of curriculum and anal sex in another. There was NO suggestion that the two were interchangeable. That could be confusing for a preteen). If no, then it’s safe to say these groups were promoting not only an unhealthy lifestyle but also lawbreaking. I suggest the minister bar those involved from EVER working with children again.
Any thing for money. Fire them all I say.
Sad to think the most vulnerable were sold out for less than US $100!
This is just sick. I do believe that sexual education is a good idea but not for the age group of children that were targeted and the material is utterly distasteful!
I hope that the CDA will review the manual for child care homes and include that no MOU’s nor approval can be granted to any outside source without approval from the CDA. That was the lapse in procedure that created the fiasco. A review need to be done in all government departments for all operating procedure because they seem to be operating on antiquated systems when times have changed and no adjustments have been made to reflect
the changes.
I hope the Government proceed legally against the JFJ for this clear breach of the Child Care and Protection Act and I hope the Government also moves with alacrity to wash the brainwashing that was done to these poor impressionable minds about homosexuality. I hope this doesn’t rest with only mouth talk from the Government. Hope the JFJ feels what it is like when the shoe is on the other foot.
The JFJ surely overstepped their bound. All children have guardians and those guardians, whether nuclear, State or otherwise, should have the final say in what the children under their care experience. Children need not be exposed to the perversion of the adult mind, however interpreted.
Oh, our apologies children, forget what JFJ sex ed told you, the truth is the doctors take babies from your mother’s belly, but we don’t know or can’t tell you how they come by …until you’re old enough, maybe when you’re over 16 or 18 years because you’re too young to have sex anyway! Smh. Give me a break! Only uneducated, ignorant people think like this. This is the 21st century when the kids, especially 12 years and over, are by nature getting more curious about their sexual organs, and seeking information from friends, Internet, etc, about sexuality. So, meanwhile you guys trying to keep them in the 18th century, they’re actively sourcing information, so why not empower them with facts and reality?. Oh, sorry, I forget, this is the mentality of 3rd world countries [like] ours.
Calabash Man
The JFJ has lost all of its credibility, I will never believe in any thing they say or do again. Change your name to Jamaicans For Homosexuality JFH. Pack your bags and go!


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