A picture worth nuff nuff words! Octane celebrate his earthstrong and then wifey in a real life post a picture on instagram “Happy Birthday to my best friend and my husband. May this be the beginning of your greatest year to date. Nuh betta nuh deh.” The page made private now but screen grabba is we friend!!!

Now it comes back to Sasha Bling/ bling blang/ bling blank! Somebody school dis gal please! I don’t know what catch up in her head – mussi be mud from country cause like why you carry on with this man who nah have no respect (put some respeck on it) for yuh nor him wife nor who eva more him with cause yes, we all know him name dutty ah road.

Bling insta page is another story. This gal like pintrest, she a post bout dreams, goals, independence but wait ah so director money big – really haffi think bout the vehicle, apartment and flyings. Gal like you give oman bad name – flip pon you back for climb gal do you thing.

Me nah jealous ova yuh but one thing concern meh – ah wah deh a*s you ah talk about empower women especially black women when your antics and living ah carry it back ward. Unno help me understand dis gal…but Marcus mussi right cause she loyal no frigg.

I guess this birthday Octane have him cake and eat it too! Bax cova


  1. No to rass me never kn him married n didnt know say a to she eitherno sasha bling need fi go sid dun dem yah celebrity yah secretive sah him never talk say him married yet n his wife is a media personality n popular as well so y hide it gosh me couldn’t live those life my husband nah up front wid me

  2. Senda u meck sure put it out deh seh u nuh jealous but it damn well sounds just like that . A wah Octane fu** u an duck u. And f.y.I women / Men been fu**ing with married Woman/Men from day one suh she not giving women noooo bad name. Stop Gwaan like u BRAND NEW an u neva FU**CK ppl man yet.

  3. All I know is gonorrhoea a kill any woman weh lie dung wid Octane. Him a walk wid a matic pon him shoulder deh. From long time too.

  4. Sasha Bling a f**k Octane yes she and Knajuma inna competition Sasha Bling can’t stand Knajuma she went as far as blocking her from all of Octane social media pages. Yet Octane not owning none a dem

  5. Kiprich married to who??? dwrlll. so the rest a them who did a beat up dem chest bout “wife” must be on suicide watch yah now!

  6. Why octane nuh stop shot ppl gal ppl gal pickney .. a same so him shot me friend some time ago and blame her say a she shot him wid him dutty liad self… and the girl did love him till she fool … smh

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