14 thoughts on “ODE TO SWEETS

  1. Yes yes. I ain’t surprised. Lol. Mi gyal always a burn up eno. Is a wonder she nuh deh ina ER wid a high high fever. Lol. Woieee. Dem cannot stop yuh mi gyal. #SWEETSCHEERLEADERFROMDEMTIMEDEH.

  2. She need fi stop beach it nuh look good at all. Face hand and foot have 3 different shade..and the foot part look photoshop..den she filter up the face boy or boy

  3. Cheap & Clean Robbas tek notes!!!!!! When u have sex appeal and full of confidence u sell the clothes.
    Me seh she and Correy ah tek on IG wit straight Piecessss! And good views. I’m here for it 🙂

  4. Give Caesar what’s due to Caesar sweets and dolly wear clothes well very well regardless of bleaching or living with mom they do put themselves together ! Robert just look crawny then mek me hate Gucci cause them just whore it out style does not mean only brand you should be able to put on cloth and make it look good ! That Robert can’t do then her attitude is nasty

    Met you Need to do a segment on real and fake and why they should not waste there money with the real I have a pattern designer for Marc bower industrial , I was sent to china and murrant to do a 6 month training and do you know that in China most of the bags shoes are actually made in those factory and then it’s sent to Italy to place tags so that it says made in Italy but the bags are constructed in China and the material that is left actually stolen from the company the workers use to create the identical purse . But the material are actually Gucci Dior etc . Now it’s not known to the public but th factory in china has the contract because the labor is cheaper I was in shock , so my thing now is why spend 5k on a bag made in the same factory same material for $5k versus $400

    I’m typing from my phone so I know grammar punctuating are missing …. sorry just think wise people these millionaires are not wearing the 5k bag trust me .

  5. I love everything about this look, even the white man in the back a pree, lol. the only thing I don’t like is the bleaching. See ladies, you don’t have to wear name brand to look good, sex appeal tun up.

  6. I love everything about this look. Sweets and Bossy Dolly knows how to put themselves together very well. Robbss need to take notes from these girls you don’t have to be Gucci down to the socks. you can mix and match your things them with expensive an inexpensive clothes. My three favorites best dress females in DH are Sweets ,Dolly and Peaces daughter Dana them gyal know how to put themselves to together straight up :2thumbup

  7. The problem with Robert is she’s not a leader she’s a follower. She picks up other people style and tries to imitate it but it doesn’t work. Maybe she should just look into getting a stylist. She hates on Sweets because she cannot imitate their look. She’s too rough and tough. Sweets has always been into fashion.

  8. Sweets n her sister really know how to put their pieces together. Just seem like they spend a lot of valuable time focusing on what to wear instead of enjoying themselves Corey the same. It takes ALOT for them to look that good ..I mean the bleaching the scamming the weaving the alleged pussy n batty selling, the make up. Seriously their shit takes time and effort

  9. Bleaching,filter n lighting before y’all r dick riding u kno how much time she have to take this pic for it to look this good? Furthermore its not wats on ur back but in ur head and and bag money in deh?

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