8 thoughts on “OH BOY

  1. does it crossed anyone’s mind that 1. the person could be puerto rican 2. her husband could be puerto rican 3. she could be sending the shout-out from puerto rico and thus uses the puerto rican flag to symbolize where she is sending the shout from and 4. since puerto rico is a territory of the USA the puerto rican flag can “in theory” be used as a symbol of the US!,,,,,, I’m telling y’all STOP WATCHING CUSTARD-APPLE REFURBISHED BATTY AND GO ENROLL IN SOME US HISTORY OR US CIVICS CLASS! ,,,,,, y’all so stupid didn’t even see that the spelling on her bag said “BERKINGS” :ngakak

  2. Maybe she saying PR love America,,, Or she trying to go viral like Spice. Ppl fi google what dem nuh know.

  3. Poor Janice, every day she get a little madda than the day before, RamJam she is not repping for no Puerto Rico, unless she have a Puerto Rican man, then I know she will do something like this, otherwise, this one mad woman, unless you are miss Turner in the flesh, then you can tell me what is the meaning of the flag, lol Janice just dash up sumting red, white and blue and never know seh a nuh Mericka flag, cause a she dat, mad like shad. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :batabig

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