A Queens man found out in the worst way possible that his cousin had been killed — by receiving a text of a gory photo of her splayed out on the street.

Tanesha Ford, 26, a Far Rockaway mom studying to be a medical assistant, was reported missing to the NYPD Tuesday morning by her worried mother, with whom she lived, sources told The Post.

Investigators discovered that Ford secretly took a JetBlue flight to Jamaica on Saturday afternoon — landing in Montego Bay at around 4 p.m., police said.

By night’s end, Ford had been gunned down in Portmore, on the opposite end of the island.
Late Tuesday night, Ford’s cousin, Richard Moxin, 32, received the gruesome text from a distant Jamaican relative who had obtained the crime photo from police.

“I was home in Astoria. I was just like, ‘Holy sh-t!’ ” Moxin, who immediately recognized Ford in the photo, said Wednesday.

“We were going through so much looking for her. I thought maybe she was in an accident, was at the hospital and we’d find her. But no,” said Moxin, who showed the image to Ford’s mother, sisters and other relatives.

“I wanted to see it,” said Ford’s older sister Romaine Ford, 30. “I was like, ‘it’s not her,’ so I wanted to see it. As soon as I saw the shoes I didn’t look at anything else. I knew it was her. I went crazy.”

Jamaican authorities said Ford was shot three times in the stomach and once in the head. The motive was not immediately known.

Ford, who has a 4-year-old son named Alexander, was last seen by a co-worker Saturday morning at her job at a Williamsburg nursing home.

Her sister Shanae Ford, 20, communicated with her Saturday via the WhatsApp Messenger and asked her if she was working Sunday. Ford texted back “yes,” which was after she had landed in Jamaica.

Her family had no idea why Ford went to Jamaica. She was last there for her grandmother’s funeral in 2015.

“I’m in pain. Heartbroken. I miss her so much, ” said Tanesha’s mother, Faye Ford, 48.

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  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…….

    A whole lot missing from this story here cause this is a grown woman we talking about why hide that you’re making an international flight and saying your going to work,mi nah pick fi a soul but for her to receive so much shot was she delivering something to someone and something went bad cause if it’s a vacation why she was she hiding that she making a trip,plus who has her four year old,so many questions …my condolences to family this is truly sad indeed

    1. My exact questions simpli!!! Cuz most of them doing something on the side for a lil extra cash! My condolences..

  2. Met sometime mi just affi sit back and read up stories and comprehend Enuh because this just seem too fishy too many missing pieces and everybody lost..How in the world she just jump up guh Jamaica Suh?? Was it to visit someone?? Was it a scamming thing?? Was she involved with any drug mule business or was it just a quick vacation gone bad? But them three shots deh sound like it was something Weh guh bad especially the head one..This deeper than mi ya mi need closure like the family

  3. The reporter did a shitty job reporting on not much.
    How did the relative in Jamaica get the pic if nobody knew she was there? Perhaps it was just being passed around on Whatsapp and randomly got to the relative who recognized her. Report that.
    Are police investigating surveillance videos from the airport? Call the station. There are things they are prepared to share to help the investigation. What about her cellphone or did her social media page reveal anything?
    Everyone has a friend that knows something. Who last spoke to her before she left? How was the ticket bought? Did someone buy her the ticket?
    These are not difficult to investigate as a journalist.

    RIP young lady!
    Note: someone should always be aware of your whereabouts and encounters. Find one sibling or cousin you can trust and be accountable to each other.

      1. She was born is great bay st Elizabeth and moved to queens nyc ! Her baby father lives here in the us and he has there son.

  4. She met a man some time ago in Jamaica and they began dating and she ended up pregnant. After she had the baby the man told her he’s married and the baby isn’t his. Going to visit the man was a regular thing and he too travelled to the states to meet her. After DNA, it was determined that the baby is his. The married man told his wife about the child and the wife wanted to meet the mate. When the mate arrived in Jamaica the man and his wife picked her up, a short time later the car was ambushed and everyone separated. It is said that the wife had the mate kidnapped and killed while the husbands whereabouts is unknown. That’s what people are saying, so I don’t know.

    1. Not that you would know but this open up yet age more questions.

      1. Wouldn’t someone in the family know she had a babyfather in Jamaica,if not a family member a friend.

      2.The family stated the only time they know of her being in Jamaica was 2015 for a family member funeral.

      3.Which husband a tek him wife fi guh get mate, even iif him lie seh she a cousin wouldn’t the wife find out an wouldn’t wanna be in her mate present.

      4.Why would she lie about here where about if she stay making these trips back and fourth.

      5. Is this the four year old the outcome of the cheating you’re talking about

    2. Asshole stop spreading rumors when you have no idea about shit. You are a fake story teller. Sounds like you covering for the people or person who did this horrible act. I put you under the blood of god to deal with you! She loved her baby dearly and nevr had no baby for no married man and he doesnt even live in Jamaica. If you dont know facts stop spreading lies and talk shit! Until they catch who did this!

  5. I do not know. That’s I was told. Maybe the family didn’t know about the man just like how they didn’t know about the trip. Also, a man who loves his child will tell the wife, and a wicked bitch would meet the mate to kill her or have her killed. The girl was obviously doing things under secrecy so they gotta figure it out

  6. The family sitting there bout the only time she went to Jamaica was 2015. Did they have a GPS on her? How come she ended up dead in Jamaica and the fanily thought she was working? She was doing something wrong that’s why she was hiding it. They probably gang raped her and all. Those shots were personal shots from the killer

    1. Don’t add to the horrors of the girl death. She died and the news reported what was given as facts. Rape was NEVER mentioned…don’t add to the people dem misery and defile the woman any further.

      P.S. if you want to report something of value call 100 man Police station.

  7. I heard that she did this regularly. And the man is prominent . Her mother must be devastated she is looking for her in NY and she is in Jamaica. That was a contract killing for sure and she walked into it . Terrible RIP

  8. Please stop posting bullshit fuking story bout mi cousin no such story bout she meeting married man and have baby for married man and what not we do not know the full story as yet but don’t talk what u not 100% sure of maybe you are talking about someone else but don’t spread no mixup story

  9. see someone come stay agen just like de news ONE SON who is in the states with his father,so what child fi man nd DNA run story…suh i really b-lev dat story bout wife pick up nd kidnap

  10. Beautiful girl who should have been able to live out her God ordained years. Ladies, while we all deserve a private life, we should not be travelling out of the country or even the state without notifying a loved one. It does not mean you are a chid to let a loved one know where you are, it just shows you are responsible. I cannot imagine the shock this family is still going through. Let us always remember those who care about us when we are making certain decisions.

    1. You can talk until you blue in the face, young people, especially young girls think they are know it all. Why parent don’t tell their kids that the parent need to know their whereabouts? I know Jamaican parents who lost there 19-year old daughter and 15-years later, no closure as to how she died (this is in the States btw). If you can’t hear you will feel. Can you imagine the fear that overcame her when she realize she has come to the end of the road and was about to die….and wish she had listen to her parents?

      1. So sad. Nobody wants to meet a violent death, and in a perfect world we all get to die from natural causes. But when we know this world we live in we take caution. This family will never get over this. I only pray that as time passes the pain become so distant that it is barely felt.

        I only hope some young lady read the story you posted above and make a wise decision.

  11. Anon 11:55, since you are 100% sure about your cousin, did the man breed her again or is it a new man? They shot her three times in the belly, why? Was she carrying a new baby for the same man or a baby for a different man? Jamaica may be violent, but no one is gonna just take her to Kingston and kill her for no reason. Don’t come over here and talk bout people posting bull shit story if you don’t know what happened to her. Brite!

  12. 3 shots to the stomach and a death tap is personal.

    Anon, I hope you not talking crap being that the girl can’t tell her own truth and causing contention in the little boy life with the only person him know as father.

    Her passport will answer to how frequently she traveled…

  13. Lord, I hope she didn’t give the man in the US JACKET. Something isn’t right. I wonder if the man the US found out that the child wasn’t his and what she was doing with the married man, created a fake account and lured her to death?

  14. The cousin weh them send the pic to know something and him nah talk. Maybe him send her down fi deal wid the scamming money and dem neva get the right amount so dem kill her.

  15. Bitch you on here defending your sneaky cousin like she was innocent. Tell us what the police said then because people are saying she was F**KING A MARRIED MAN. Put the ” rumors to an end by exposing the FACTS

    1. But do you have to be so harsh with your words? With all due respect they are still mourning. O God man, no need fi go so hard.

    2. You need to calm the f**k down since you want to talk like that …… You coming with hear say. Sound like you set it up due to how you a bad up youself like you know for sure. You the wife bitch? Just stfu and let the police do their job and stop come pon yah and gwan like you a come with facts. Dutty bitch!

  16. Mind yuh business, ah nuh type yuh fi type, come beat me dutty bloodclaatt parasite. Man soon murder your entire family. Guh Labbajuice yuh stinking sour mumma rancid pussy till yuh dead, BITCH.

  17. Mind yuh business, bitch don’t even try to come for me. Guh bury yuh bloodclaaat dead pussy. Ah mi meck di wife line up har bloodclaaat wid 3 in har belly and 1 in har head fi di four+ years she did ah tek har man? Guh siddung before dem can’t find yuh stinking rass.

    1. Child go have a seat somewhere ….. Internet badness. You despicable no run along with you bad self. So scare omg what am i going to do lmfao sound ridiculous.stop beat you your keyboard.

  18. Really now cant you see that these ppl are mouning the lost of a love one, why are you taking this so personal, are you involved in it or know something that no one does, chill out let the family be yo, whatever it was that she was doing in ja is none you or anyones business, the fact is the gorl is dead. Have dome redpect and stop acting like an asshole

  19. Listen dutty bloodclaat big hole bitch leave my cousin alone we just lose her and all unuh wa do is bash her none a wi don’t know the full story as yet but seem like u a defend di person who a talk bout she go tek married man and what not why u nuh fuking carry it to the Fukin police instead of carry mixup fuking story ova ya bitch if u just lost someone close to u u woulda like see ppl chat fawt on social media Bout dem go climb up pon one ladder and go chuck right back down inna u madda bitch fuking disgusting

  20. This seems to be a hit, and I’m no cop or detective but the first person I’d suspect is her main man. Maybe he knew she had an affair going on with someone in JA. Maybe him go in her phone or fb or summ’n and know bout her secret affair and jus wait till she fly out to the man n mek a man slap her way outta anger. If she kept the trip to Jamaica a secret, there must have been a reason for that. Is either she in some illegal activity or she came to visit a side man that she couldn’t tell anyone about. More than likely though, she told someone, maybe a friend or summ’n so babylon fi just start question ppl close to her.

  21. It brings tears to my eyes to see all these ugly comments and disgusting assumptions being made. This young girl just lost her life and have family who are beside themselves with grief and disbelief. We all may have our thoughts and theories but no matter what she did or didn’t do, no one deserves what happened to her. She has a son and these things on the Internet never go away once you put it out there. So people,PLEASE stop being so unkind. It is so sad to see people talk about a victim of such a horrible crime this way. May her soul RIP

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