21 thoughts on “OH LORT

  1. Wow a how her foot big so a where she get that old dress from gawn a church fendi you too old for dancehall now leave it to your husband now

  2. Fendi Fen u outdated now, everybody know u walk and walk ur husband and treat d man like him a nobody. Den Fendi u couldnt pick up a better man than u husband?, unuh see is a begger u pick up. Dutty suck pussy Jason Ravas wek likky likky and sit dung wait pon woman fie mine him. Fendi me hear say u fly dung fie Jason cookout and d money u put in u nuh get it back all now a pure styling u get u good eeh old lady. U need fie stop walk and mind young boy cocky now and put u money to good use u nuh see u a get OLD

  3. Which one a di wife? 2 tan bad di hawd way… anyways unnu fi tap tek ppl husband di salt from di wife tears ago salt yuh up

  4. Har foot big like captains bakery bread gyaan yaah dirty old lady, me favour old dead in a coffin

  5. Dah bloodclaat dirty wife yah nuh have nuh tears weh ago salt up nobody so wtf u talking about. If she did want har husband she would a f**g keep him. Finders keepers, loosers weepers a dat she bloodclaat pick. Dis wife cant trick nobody but who nuh know har….wutliss asf. U dont have a job, u live off welfare and u a bloodclaat citizen. Pediofier u nuh see a your son u married to, you kill d craddle…u too wicked

  6. No big foot is not a crime but the way how u find faults about people you should be flawless look on you big body and ugly face cant wait to see you back in Jamaica

  7. Now u dun out bronbless stop gwaan like u can hold a man Nevada soon f**k u out n leave like the others, nothing bout u nuh clean nasty sadamite ur bby daddy hate u nuh bloodclath. You f**k f**k f**k out Linstead n sp Twn police station n its vicinity nasty gyal…. How old are you bitch? U n fendi fen right fi a tek the same nasty man because young gyal like u big n stay bad n look like unnu a same age. How old are u? Because ppl ago frighten fi know ur age. Talk bout ur obeah man story because you ago deh from your eeye deh a knee. Bronbless weh ur husband deh? a suh u ago continue tek ppl man? What happen to the man you always talk bout wen u were at the nail salon? You couldn’t tek him from fi him oman becuz she would give you what u looking for. Duppy know who fi frighten bitch! Go kill yourself

  8. Bornbless fuss hate har bloodclaat baby daddy, me fren nuh have time time fie Social media Kerry ann and u sound bloodclaat hurt and hungry. And by the way it look like u use to f**k bornbless?? Me can bet u and win and left change say bornbless use to feed up or help up one way or d other. The story bloodclaat lame girl why u a clock bornbless pussy tho? PUSSY did mek fie fuk so stay deh a watch out bornbless good good.

    Did bornbless tell u she want Navada????

    She suppose to f**k out a har good hol

  9. Me sister bornbless nuh affi go kill harself dutty bitch she have har life a live. Bornbless a good bloodclaat gal. As unuh and ppl start a cuss unuh a talk bout dem f**k f**k….bitch pussy mek fie f**k and dive dung in a so talk summn else weh d world no know FOH motha f**g haters. Nuff a unuh a hide and a f**k ppl man but bcuz unuh nuh good unuh cant keep nuh man not even fie a minute. The point is every body f**k ppl man and me know bornbless naah trouble Fendi Fen so dis shouldnt reach yasso. Fendi Fen and har husband should a work out dem differences putting it out on Social Media naah go help d situation bcuz a dis dutty ppl want see fie dip dem stinking mouth in a and find fault. Me know fie sure bornbless nuh member har baby fada so how him reach in a dis, him not even recognise in a bornbless bloodclaat book……kbct look like u nuh know say bornbless DGAF about what ppl say or do

  10. What’s all this for yow every body just a talk and don’t know one thing about non of the women dem life’s all mi have to say its not a good look

  11. Nasty Navada a your fault if u never did a chat your wife with all these nasty hoes this wouldn’t be happening you is a **g man Paula you look old no blooclatttt don’t know what they see on you….
    You should be happy the lady send if you a faring because big pussy Avery wouldn’t send fi your nastyness a Fendi clean you up and make u look like somebody and now you have these hoes dissing the lady you fi get a fat shatt fat boy…. And has fi you done out Avery you no Bornbless because if u did confident wid your self you would have stayed black you hippopotamus looking big nose bitch you feel like you can talk about the lady kids and get weh with it remember you claim say you a breed and want that Bastet turn cross way you and kill you dutty bloodclattt him soon left you and want to run back to his wife and if any one a uno feel like uno can touch Fendi and you nasty Navada when bigpussy Avery put you out lets see if a no the project you ago want to run back to you f**ng man Paula

  12. Bornbless STOP change yuh name and send in comment like its someone else,looking at ur pic yuh big and stay bad noh BLOODCLOTH,yuh baby father must hate yuh fi give him dah DEH ugly pickney stop f**k wid di woman caz a bay old man f**k yuh go look a body and soul caz tan bad and yuh Navada fava retard gwey go clean yuh pussy so yuh can have cute baby

  13. Look pon fi man Weh dem a war ova to him look like him cum outta him MUMA pussy side way…….yuh can’t tell bornbless seh a noh gold she find caz a only mad ugly old man f**k har fendi yuh soon see whaa ago waan caz dah big stay bad gal DEH soon fix him she look olda Dan yuh and hat body disgusting she is one evil mix up bitch who an keep fren

  14. Uno a talk about the woman foot her foot match her size she is tall uno never go school …don’t know y Fendi even did help Nevada him deh America 3years now and him don’t even can buy a bed all him do a drink and suck gyal pussy him can’t even suck pussy good Navado you look old when you tell age say you a 29 and did you did ago be 30 in a March me couldn’t believe you look like 59 see me no bother call you from you tell me your age smh Why your side bitch know so much about your wife you chat women fi true cause you did a tell me say Bornbless a beg you fi deh with har wooiiiieeeee…

  15. So how u know say Navado cant suck pussy? It obvious him suck u pussy already. So u one a him hoes to….woooooeeeeeiiiii me body anyways it nuh look good bcuz everybody a buy out d ppl dem argument unuh must stop it and leave the ppl dem alone whoever a send in d ppl dem pics

  16. Haterz will always be f**g haters unuh fren the 3 side and then unuh a critize unuh nuh have nuttn fi do eeh. Me sure Fendi Fendi and bornbless a bloodclaat Citizen a s whole a unuh weh a comment better hurry up go kill unuh rass self b4 Obama come out a power fie ship bk unuh rass a JA. Unuh lap unuh frock tail and a keep up wid carelessness unuh idle baaaaad. Come on left d ppl dem mek dem live dem life. Unuh hear police a lock up gyal fi tek or f**k ppl man. D whole a unuh waah shub in a one barrel and light a fire to include the sender and all who a comment. Better bloodclat tings in life fi do man dan dis

  17. Bornbless curse from birth fendi she look older than you by far and her body disgusting man has to have brave heart to f**k that her son ugly and crawny bad do don’t listen to nothing she saying she seeking attention look how Navada look baddddf she claimed she tek yuh husband so why she come posting things like is someone else doing it she need fi go buy good clothes fi she and har ugly child she a fight with herself over this big knock knee fat tiny cocky boy Bornbless citizen or noh citizen AIDS soon kill yuh,him ugly and yuh ugly and member your womb don’t produce cuties so go prepare for the birth of the new monkey Navada is evil and I hope he do you worst you not winning because that’s a dirty ugly fat nerd you fighting over you making it look like is a nice decent man you and him look bad noh rass you net tell him you f**k gal and hairdresser Cavel f**k you and say your ole stink and how you suck her pussy the best go sit your ugly stay bad self down you look like a clown Bornbless yuh rass

  18. Avery why yuh put up Navada mother on pink wall we know is you and telling Navada is yuh Fren dweet yuh wicked eeh no dah yuh big fool and dyupiy mi sorry fi Navada is ah mad f**k him pick up

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