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  1. These ppl. Everybody dey wid uncle. Stacy, Nyoka and the list goes on. The man a sponsor all his hoes..

  2. Bitch when u see everybody a blast u pon pinkwall u run gone tek that picture….poor thing
    We ain’t stupid and that size is a little bigger than the one u had on at ur party….
    Gurl u stay bad from every weh u go but at ur party u stay worse left,right and center

    U can’t trick we u borrow the slipper and gurl go do ur feet…kmrt

  3. Stacey weh u feel like u can fool we…lol Tom fools day gone
    U say weh borrow ago….dwrcl
    Fix urself, stop borrow people slipper fi ketch a hype,ur hair is a hot mess,ur cheap ass dress u need to sleep into, ur favorite bag need to rest now.

    U go tek pic aftr dem blast u to convince us that it’s ur slipper but it didn’t work
    Now u gone buy the slipper…dwrcl DIE BITCH DIE

  4. Toe dem stay bad fi true inna di pic…. Mi know all when she watch movies she nuh buy popcorn she just cut dem off har toe and bring it

  5. Wtf but u gurl this red slipper fit u way more better than the one u had on for ur party… tru u gone pon blast u run go tek pic send out of u trying it on and u definitely gonna buy it now then bring back the one u borrow. Weh you write say *weh borrow ago bitch*
    Dwrcl no sah why u mek it worst pon urself u look way more stupid.
    We kno & see ur toes way completely dropping out of the slipper weh u wear at ur party u had to curl them up so they don’t drop off hahahahahahaha
    Can’t trick we bitch….this need more people to laugh

  6. Y’all jamaican bitches is crazy and haven’t a wonderful sense of humour. Y’all only making those designers richer each time y’all purchase thier shoes. And 98% of the designers wouldn’t even say hello to y’all. I’m sure 10 from y’all would regret not saving instead of buy a shoes that will no longer have the used to wear. Start saving and quit making those designers richer.

    1. I agree. Having one or two nice designer pieces is lovely but many of them don’t have a bed and couldn’t bury themselves. Many of these designers are racist, they don’t even want black girls modelling their stuff on the catwalk. Just ask Naomi Campbell, she outed many of them years ago. Stop mek people rich and set up a shoe or nail business and mek your own money.

  7. Stacy u a buy shoe. You own a house? Where ur Big Daughter stacy?. How you mada a live in Jamaica? Stacy u wotless…we know say u broke..because u wait until the dance keep..so you can buy shoe..weh make u Neva buy a shoe and better outfit fi the dance? Huh ? Stacey…u buy the shoe now..no more money nuh lef. U couldn’t buy a bag too. That black bag tired like you hole. U did a say u permanent Ina damion life. But him dash u wey. Stacy everyday him talk say him don’t trust you. U a sleep Ina di boy bed and a rob up him ting.yes bitch we know..that’s why him left u. Mi affi laugh..boy u a try hard..fi keep up. Well do you boo. Even prostitute dem walk out Ina bloodclaat red bottom …nowadays that nuh frighten nobody. Put up di house papers bitch. Put up the car..but u nuh have none dwl. U haffi catch ride with people..lmaoooooooooo u a bad bitch tho. Food stamp bitch. Stacy we know u story longtime.

  8. Isn’t she the one them say did suck off lava cocky in a one basement weh day…Dirty bitch!!!!!!

  9. I know this chick..she lives in Parkchester. Its true she uses food stamp. And her daughter goes to school with my daughter.she’s always late and her daughter has to go to tutoring because she can’t help her with her homework. Smh…that bitch is sad. Smhhhh

  10. Y’all don’t see the box on the right with one foot of shoes? Damn! She forgot to hide the box while trying on the shoes in the store. The bottom of the shoe in the box is new. Mi shame fi har.

  11. Y’all don’t see the box on the right with one foot of shoe? Damn! She forgot to hide the box while trying on the shoes in the store. The bottom of the shoe in the box is new. Mi shame fi har.

  12. wait it look like an in the zoo , a which animal foot that ???? Ewwwww girl toe dem black and dirty like the mad man dung a riverton dump :ngakak :ngakak hot gal no carry dutty foot especially when . U call yourself a Barbie lmaooo I just see they have the pic of her foot on FB lmaoooo it funny bad @ Stacy it’s obvious u just buy that shoes after the party girl please :ngakak :ngakak next time don’t barrow anybody shoes wear what u can … Afford :ngakak :ngakak #duttyfoot#ewwww#nasty#fungus#innautoe#green#toenails :ngakak :ngakak

  13. Big hole stacy yuh tasheen sheriffa diane borrow each other clothes apple stop gi unuh har what left shoes clothes and bag suh all a unuh pop dung now woah cah badda which designer bitch please yuh mean fake brand stacy nuh own nothing real inna life woss none a yuh crew memba dem yuh party flap like tina & travis life dwrl woah uncle nuh stop f**k out nyoka hole competition dum bitchs uncle broke like dog inna him few piece a clothes and shoes dem in repeat constantly stacy yuh neva see say di dress lean oh sorry figet say yuh whole body lean dwl all yuh so call fren dem say it say yuh stay bad girl very bad what would unuh do without aliexpress don’t know cah ur plug dem dead life mash up no sahh stacy guh look a life yuh fren dem nuh stop chat yuh like dog

  14. Is nothing if uncle repeat his clothes & shoes bcuz it belong to him plus him pay a lot for him stuff.
    But uncle from u f**k stacey u salt bad…smh u name tarnish

    Stacey u a clean off everybody weh u like cock ur a hot mess
    U need a lot a fixing wtf was that u into for ur party,u always stay bad when u go parties but u wear bigger f**y for party, by now u suppose to bring back the borrow slipper poor ting.

    mi no wrong u baby father fi jus tek weh himself and don’t persue u fr u f** uncle.

    Mi need fi kno weh Uncle & Rico a fight fah di other day….somebody tell me the scoop

  15. F***t u really borrow the girl shoes and u kno fi a fact that it can’t fit u and now u gone buy the same one so nobody gonna find out
    Gurl please ur foot look more relax on this slipper than the one u borrow with ur toe squenge up for ur party.
    We don’t born big Stacey and u we all kno u borrow the slipper theirs nothing u say or show can change our mind BITCH

  16. This girl did stay real bad at her party and them gwaan like them hot and them F**k so much man none a them couldn’t sponsor u my girl Smfh!!!

  17. can someone please post a pic of Stacy after seeing those feet. I want to know what she looks like please and thanks!

  18. I thought uncle had his woman. Why so mSny women in DH a sleep with his short ass. All Nyoka a real man clown.

  19. Stacey mi need mi bloodclaat pics fr mafiamedia.net,my friend tell me the pictures up and the next morning when i went to look there is no picture.
    You mek mafiamedia.net take them down back bcuz the people them a style you all ova the internet.
    Mi neva tell u fi come out like a trash
    We need the rest a pictures

    Stacey u stay bad no bloodclaat

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