So the shower invitations are in….ms. Paula Dean stay robbing the cradle. This woman born in the 1960’s and her so call baby daddy born in the same year of her children…….I guess she loves the 90’s babies!….November 30 th nuh good again. I will be there before the shower even start with Mi umbrella.

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  1. Well ar eggs are not dead there alive and well nuff gal a dime fi wear a breeding shoes dash suh much and now ntn…….all de best nd safe delivery side note Douglas a de wah?
    Tracey Championship there is hope mumz see a 1960 wan yah a push it :cool
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. This need more people Andrew only with Paula dean because she can give shelter,food,clothes and car to drive round with other females free of cost poor this old lady bout she gone breed

  3. Nothing negative about having a baby but old fi guh tek a seat and leave that to young because har baby daddy still a walk an a hunt young green pussy. Him sey from him deh wid Paula dean she Neva have “”cum” yet. Him want all that from a young girl. Not even the breast job nuh turn him on

  4. Nothing negative about the baby shower, just a likkle observation. Senda why yuh submit di draft of di invitation or is ah 1960 style she ah use? As tuh di big big LGBT umbrella, is di guest dem she trying to make comfortable :bingung

  5. Mawning met! This girl Paula is gonna be 45 god bless her baby and safe delivery cause the baby innocent. This woman Paula is one of the wickedest most mixup liar and informer in NYC. She has been deporting men for yrs just to remain in Uncle Sam country.. She used to be back and forth yrs ago on Cali and caught a case where she turned evidence against some guy she dealt with and from then on she continued.. She love to take care of young guys and she don’t even take care if her own kids.. She neglects them until di lickle teenage son start thief from her cause she give har man them more than him. He even got his rosedale friends them to rob his own house. Her daughter in in and out of a institution for troubles kids because she’s confused about her gender so she comes home only one or two weekends per month. Paula needs to pay more attention to them instead of worshipping Sue Gail and garden ppl that she rep all di time. She say Angela striker is her second mother but is the thieving clothes and the store credit them Angela love not Paula. This woman lie lie lieeeee and love talk bout her white house she live in. Paula go fix ur false teeth it don’t look good. Remember to remain humble cause the last apartment you had the landlord made by run wey cause she threatened to call police and show them the barrels and barrels of thiefin clothes inhad in her apartment and you kept trying to bribe her with clothes. Please stop giving the stingers crew your rental car because every night is a different dancehall girl in it while you home rubbing belly. Your best friends talk behind your back that you should have never hot pregnant fit that little boy that just came up from Jamaica and invade your house with his friends and family. You’re pregnant and have to be in stores shoplifting daily to support him and your lifestyle shame on you!!

  6. @shame on u girl u never said it any better Paula Dean life want sort out this big old lady sick me stomach u u broke the woman code a cougar like u make man no want give woman money again u take up this young green boy a mind him sick me stomach woman

  7. Mouth murderer Paula dean….Andrew nuh want you for nothing. He wants the young pretty , sexy girl. Andrew said he was f**king you back way and the false teeth fell out. Paula you’re a woman’s scorn.

  8. Ppl live dem life as how dem want live it,luk how long Paula deh wid Andrew y unu jus a write up diss???unu life sad nuh bloodclaaattt Lowe ppl Mek dem live dem life how dem want live it & most a unu weh a bloodclaattt chat bout the Oman & har baby daddy a hate unu a bloodclattt hate,but wii all knw a who post diss…shitty mouth tru u nuh get invite to the ppl dem shower u a do diss Gweh man & guh clean out the shyt inna u mouth,u nuh c a bare fraut a fly outta u mouth..u a tlk bout the Oman a mind young boi like seh u nah mind young boi to Gweh man badmind get the best a u..Atleast the Oman a bring har good bouncing baby boi how much u bloodclaattt dash weh eeee u nuh c u cnt walk pass cemetery cas u bloodclaaattt baby duppy dem wudda run out pan u ugly nastiness NICOLE everybody Knw a u bloodclattt post it u a worry bout Paula n har young man wah bout u cocky watch gyal every weh u bloodclaatt man guh u a watch him mii nuh bloodclatttt knw a weh him c pan u,u cnt hold a bloodclattt man enuh jus try nuh Mek dat young boi lef u cas u wudda sad.com u likkle hill shapeted daffodil retarded bitch a gwan like u a sumbody wen u is nttn but a peice of shyt cas u theif bloodclaattt clothes to n sell fi a living…u feel seh yuh man nah run dung young gyal to lmaooooo woiiiiii onli if u knw,u pussy shyt up NICOLE

  9. Hehe a Bun it bun dem how dem nuh get nuh invitation. Paula Dean big up yuh self. Yuh old and yuh look good and me know andrew want yuh fi a fact. Yuh done know seh ya wife from long Time and even if a night time him a f**k a young gyal a you him a come home to every night ina your bed. A grudge dem grudge yuh tru yuh man a Gi Yuh Good Treatment and Loving Yuh Vex. Old Tuff Face Nicole A Bun it bun yuh Tru Yuh de family a we nuh ina yuh . You Nd yuh muma and yuh sista dem live bad unu life sad up dutty germs . Germs anuh my fault mek yuh hafii a beg yuh man fi f**k yuh a night time But yave things fi seh bout ada people when yuh life wa sort out. Guh pay more attention to yuh pickney weh yuh have dan de young man weh yuh a mine. Andrew and Paula Big Up Unu self unu baby shower nuh good again cause we ago tun it bloodclaat ova And Any Gyal step a foot ago get shook. Guh suck Yuh Mada Dutty Gyal.
    Nicole memba seh a ground ya sleep pon yuh need a bedbottom Germs. Every time me see yuh You start irritate me. All you kevon yuh mek this Barrel old shape woman a bring yuh dung Wah happen to the young gyal weh me hear ya f**k dung the road gwan bak to she nuh and stop waste yuh time Wid This Fat Bitch. Har Ole come in like Back Market. Yuh keep big big bus ride wa day and a u afii end up suit out kevon. Weh de man deh weh yuh use to deh wid weh use to slap slap yuh up wid de lass weh him deh? A true yuh pussy Miserable Mek him run lef yuh .. Sort out yuh life before u start run off yuh dutty mouth cocky termite Move from ya suh and guh Goggle more balls. STINGA FAMILY BIG UP UNU SELF A UNU LARGE FI SEE SEH UNU JUST COME AND UNU A STAR UP NEW YORK AND A NUFF PEOPLE DEH YA LONG TIME AND START PREE UNU AREADY CAUSE UNU A INVADE THE PLACE. A JEALOUS DEM JEALOUS A UNU LIFE WELL SORT OUT. YA TALK BOUT PAULA DEAN AND U STILL A F**K DE STINGA MAN NICOLE GUH SIDDUNG WID YUH ROTTEN HOUSE. EVEN WA DAY KEVON F*K A YOUNG GYAL AND HIM SEH ME NAH lie DA PUSSY YA FEEL BETTA DAN DE OLE CROTCHES WEH ME A F**K But yav things fi seh bout PAULA DEAN AND PAULA HOLE STILL PROPPA. AND YA CHAT BOUT TANO STINGA AND HOW HIM BEAT UP HIM WOMAN DAT FI SHOW YOU SEH HIM A REAL STINGA AND NUH GYAL CYA WALK OVA HIM STINGA family AGAIN AGAIN BIG UP UNU RASS SELF Straightt Ntn nuh bleggae dung bout Dat A we seh november 30th loudd ! Badmind dont figet fi pick up de bottle dem when it done IM OUT BITCHES

  10. Mi ignorant fi Yuh bloodclaat mi can’t even done write. Ya talk bout Pickney And look how much yuh dash weh and now ya run down one fi try get ina de family. Bitch pay attention to destiny and Mj. De gyal dont even know weh shi just do gyal mi ago read out yuh file. Yuh see how yuh breast long dung like slippaz a vex yuh vex true the stinga dem na suck dem. Every day yuh walk up and dung wid big bag a gwan like u guh shopping when a thief yuh guh fi thief. Fi mind the young bwoy kevon and wen yuh dun yuh come chat bout weh yuh have etc. The time ya spend a thief clothes u shoulda a gi yuh kids them but instead ya gi man suh Yuh Nuh have ntn ova Paula Cause fi har life happy and your life sad like funeral Tunnel ole gyal. Big ole Nicole know weh ya walk yer Dat me a tell Yuh. Nicole Flatbush have yuh secret and me come fi deliver it bitch. Everything weh de young bwoy ina a u buy dat cause him na buy It. Weh me know fi fact bitch… yuh need fi come off a di stinga them name mon. Unu ever see har skin yet ? How har vein dem stand up ina har bloodclaat foot dem

  11. Oonu wicked enuh and love assume poor Nicky a mind har own business and not hating on nobody cause she don’t care about Paula life. Stings crew oonu family dem bitter and ev to be calling up Nicky name but god nah sleep. Paula talk her business too much and other ppl mix up and spread it so stop tell lie pon Nicky ok I a try mash up the girl life or turn ppl against her but it will never work cause real recognize real. A probably the person up here name spice writing this that put Paula on jmg and a try frame Nicky

  12. Nicky it look like say you piss of one of the stinga them family. Bad gyal spice just write that she is a family member and she’s here to back them so as u see is a woman that don’t like Nicky from the man dem crew write this. Lol! What Nicky did to you why u hurt? U sound vex cause Nicky not giving you none of her thieving clothes or you can’t get a night rest at her clean house you talking bout she on the floor on mattress so what? At least she on a bed what u have. Box spring can but anytime at least she have a house key and stop call ppl kids name up oonu have no heart a Badmind a get the best a oonu. Her kids are good so go pray and ask god to make yours be too. All the best to Paula and her baby cause kids are blessing but Spice your womb sound curse! You say u stinga family but you on here calling out everybody name like a snitch get a life and leave Nicky alone cause she humble and don’t f**k with ppl..

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