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  1. I don’t condone this song nor the acts of what she chatting but a so it goes some of these artist have to be so nasty to get attention. Them need to do better. On the other hand it’s what some of these young people want to hear, she did a “gospel” song once and it got zero attention. It’s a nice little song but some people love the freakiness. To each it’s own but lawd!

  2. Piss inna face?….look like DSkeng gyal lose har mind!
    Look like Potential nah drive up di koki unda yu proppaly, mek yu piss up di bed. yu waan two kick bout…cho.

  3. Hooooold on (ninja voice) suh a di kid weh naa nuh potential pamputae deh wid?? like mi need fi circle bou yah more often……an pan top a dat shi a sing bout har pissin fetish? loll smfh

  4. If dem woulda do a real big ooman song, bout women lives and di woman experience outside a di bedroom dem would go much further musically. 80s artistes used to put out conscious songs fi uplift women and women used to raved fi those songs, hungry fi dem really.
    There is no rule book dat say dancehall music have to be coarse and vulgar, so why everybody teck it up pon dem head fi put out slackniss and violent lyrics? Tiger was a dancehall artiste and where can you find any lewd or violent songs weh him put out? Same ting wid Shaggy and Sean Paul. Lack of creative energy and too much focus pon sitting on di next dick that comes along lead dem inna foolishness and stagnant career.

  5. Willieeee….di woman seh….di man waan nyam off har sweety,so him ketch pinkeye an she tell him to wash him face wid har peepee.roflmfao….pamputae yuh a guh.haad muma…remember yuh ave a son my girl,even though it don’t concert mi..johncrow belly seh splish fi splash……metty u bloggers a di bess…

    1. Mi did comment pan di topic? Mi waa comment eno but tell mi if u tink mi should cause mi waa dus seh one ting to pamputae..

  6. Pamputae from my experience as a little girl living in a big tennament yard..Yuh have some woman when dem PISS.. dem bore hole ina granite..meaning u have some dainty ladish peepie and u have some real buss bag PISS..Pamputae mi nuh think u have di ladylike one..so when u guh seh wash off face and dem tings deh…………it nuh fit your peepie criteria ..doe dweet

    1. Mek Pamputae gwaan weh she ah guh…cah nut’n nuh ladylike bout har. Fi har piss torrent and forceful more dan Niagra Falls. Everyting dem hear bout dem haffi sample….dis doe look good Pam Pam….wheel an come again.

  7. No “song” or words speaking wey a come from Pamputtae nuh shock mi. Maybe it’s because of the ghetto mentality, a rough edge that is 100% hers, and that I – don’t – give – a – damn – attitude that she has. So, oh my, no surprises here.

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