Met, me no know if a publicity stunt but sadiiki run in and correct dem…. Lol





  1. A weak that was a message, cah if the story never go so him would have corrected her and let her know what is up.
    I knew something was off when Sada kept quoting Alkaline’s songs under his photos and the world know Bolt nuh dig alkaline !!!!

  2. If Sadiki diss him bredda him would be the biggest fool.
    I buss my brother a farrin and set him straight.Man get rich and never one day say see som’n yah.Bolt did what 99% of brothers would not do..Member dat..Him buss him bredda big time,mek him live life

    1. How Sada woulda diss him bredda!? U nuh see a Usain diss himself when him tek up him bredda what left. Usain wife him bredda side chick. Suh a nuh like him never did kno Kasi and him bredda inna things…so wah u really a try seh!?

  3. If USAIN was my son and go take up my husband outside pikney f**k n left mi f**k him up. That a bloodclaat insult . Him mother take mi man And my son a suck him spermicide outta bitch pussy. I woulda f**k him up. Publicly to. The bitch could not set foot in my house. Yea mi salty and spiteful

  4. So Sadiki fi have loyalty to Bolt even tho Bolt go deh wid him ex? FOH a true BOlt have money unuh a pick up fi him cause thats a definite waste man move. Why ppl feel say the man cant have things widout Bolt? Bout turn him back on him like anyone gives a damn, the man have him business unuh gweh

  5. But what is sappy sappy body peach a do in a people business? Peach? the amount a man you tek in a dancehall you have all right to tell Kasi what to tell people, after all you and she is the same thing.

  6. There is no proof that sadiki and the girl used to deh and one a my parry deh wid a girl who me used to ge a one kill.Wha wrong wid dat ? Notten..
    Any man have a bredda weh treat him like how bolt treat this yute and dis him ,that bredda is lower than grung.
    Mariah Carey a billionaire and her sister a sell her body.Bolt bring this yute everywhere and treat him like a king.

  7. Wasn’t going to say anything but some of y’all too naive. Kindly swallow all this info and I hope it makes y’all sleep better. Usain has been a great brother to Sadiki Full F**g stop. Give him house, vehicle and business. They love each other but might not like each other at times which is normal. Sada use to f**k Kasi but that done and gone, if usain can see pass the f**k then good for him and Kasi. Sada is envious of his brother’s fame, wealth and choice to not sell out fully. Sadiki is a sellout act like him nah come from the bottom of the barrel and if it wasn’t for usain he would still probably be there. The only thing left for Sada to do is bleach his skin to be white. Don’t be fooled

    1. Envy? It doesnt show uno too wicked and deadly…so because smaddy gi u di world dem SUPPOSED TO SHIT ON YOU AS DEM PLEASE?

        1. A dat mek God did leggo punishment pan David fi di res a him life and turn him whole house against him..Si a man wid a ooman and envy di man and plot.

  8. Kasi told me that she used to date him so is that enough proof u fool for not believing at the end of the day nobody nah try convince u u fool just like them old idiot we know wat we know and we know it’s facts usain just a try keep it down cas him kno it’s embarrassing on his path he’s disgusting in my eyes

  9. Sadiki listen I know you are reading jmg! I know you are hurt and embarass not that the girl leftand slept with your brother, but the fact that your own brother took it upon himself to crush your ego. I know you are sadden at the fact that usain let a woman come between yall relationship as a brother. Maybe you are so hurt that, you can’t trust your brother anymore whether its with women or your life. It is obvious that uaisn care about how kasi feels than you his own flesh and blood that once was there for him throughout hard times. Only you know how you feel at this time.. I know you want to vent to the public saying I don’t care if Usain want to talk to me at this time I am gling to start throwing a little shade here and there, keep away from the media like how you are doing! The closet person to you now is your mother talk to her. Pray nothing beat prayer.. Prayer for them who mistreat you. And try to do things that will not let you focus on the hurtful things usian has made publicly done to you. Pay them no mind hold your head up even though you are wondering how u will ever trust your brother again. For the national humilation he cauae and the dividedness he bring in his own family. Kasi is on twitter venting about pettiness You know its going to reach usain and he is going to behave like the clown he already is. Usain might feel like he wont give you anything if you come out and talk about his dirty ways. But listen me it is better to have a good character than being rich with a dirty courrpted heart. Show usian that you are a better man than he will ever be. Focus on your business and build it up so that you do not have to beg bolt for anything build your business that one day in the future down thw road when all this hype is over usian will be begging you to employ him.. Don’t fall in the hype and the fame it will son die down. Keep your composure and keep your good character in the eys of your friends let them see a man of dignity and someone they can put their trust in. No matter what trails comes his way. Usian character is already played out in the media and no matter how ppl cheer him on they will never trust him.. Ever hope wherever you are your heart is at peace.

      1. Nah mi no none a dem personally me deh overseas is my spirit me go by. Whatever it tells me to do I do. Me doe know dem che k mi IP I swear

        1. No man di way yuh set it out mi did haffi run go pan di twittering go get a look. Whether or not di girl meant anything to his brother , you just dont do that ..Usain have so much him shudda neva want nothing his brother had or have. God bless him enough so when people a talk bout Sadiki envy, Usain own a show up more dan fi him own

          1. Met you are exactly right. For usain to do such a act. He envy hia brother and deep down he wish he looks like him and maybe has his personality.. She is venting on twittwr she has no charater a true di boy mussi go correct him name it bun har like she nuh wan the boy fi talk so she a say somthing now fi usain run in.. Everybody a farrin say kasi nasty

  10. Me go on her twitter to met and see she a vent bout ppl fi read with understanding.. And a talk bout pwttiness. Right now me a talk like it happen to mi.. Met if it was me I would have been hurt.. But me a try fi tell him say whatever you dish out inna the world it will come back to you tenfolds. Met if any one of my family member took upon themselves to sleep with my ex or any person I on e was with. I would have felt hurt. I feel kasi wrong I went to work and I ask all my managers and them say she has an agenda. Just like weh u did say. So me a tell him. Mek dem continue mek a fool of themselves. Usain no matter how jamaican ppl a gwaan bout a fi dem life deepdown dem don’t teust usain with not even them leftover food.

      1. Usian a behave like vybz kartel when it comes to loyalty and women. Thats the same behavior he uae to protray f*** his friends women.

  11. For people who don’t believe the story…there’s a reason something has started to look wrong in the relationship between Usain and Sadiki. The two a dem were close as hell to the point you wouldn’t see one without the other. Then all of a sudden it just stop.

    Unnuh forget the saying; if it nuh guh suh, it guh near suh!

  12. Usain: hey gal Yuh see how Yuh mek pinkwall put up Yuh xman an it get more comments Dan my pic.

    Kasi: him is not Betta Dan you. Your money nuff

    Usain: yow all when mi nuh want di man win him stil a win. Look how mi run an beat up Mi foot hawd star.

    Kasi: baby all Mi ago say is a your money a di tallest honey.

    Usain: man a track star Mi have medals, Mi have girls, Mi have money. Hey Yuh did call back di Rio doctor fi Mi teeth.

    Kasi: yea! Babes an you have nuff fame tuh. Yuh know how much likes an followers I got I’m so proud. An Yuh KNOW Mi ask Mi assistant fi call an it look like she don’t remember.

      1. Aunty Latty is the mosquito in a dem room a Bora Bora weh a buzz out dem.business in pink wall :ngakak pitch back on the wall tmrw wid more buzz

  13. All a onu weh a seh people must leave Usain an kasi alone must go teach them basic principles and decent morals. How a gal fi f**k two bredda and to onu dat look good onu a luuu. Dat mean onu wudnt mind if onu bredda and onu a cousin den. Mi a mother and mi sure know bolt mada noh waa kasi round are husband cuz kasi will f**k him to if the need arise. Onu guwey wid onu dutty livity and stop support nastiness. Bolt you not winning none tall and you bredda noh obligated to show you noh loyalty because you lacking in that department. Mi seh this before and mi ago seh it again, a we the public going to have the last laugh watch and see. Yuh mother Neva born noh fool, but you sure as hell acting like one. Kasi mi Caaa even seh you a gully rat or a swamp rat. Your just a pig/swine in my humble view.

    1. All the points we put dem seh we dont like Kasi, we want to bring her down and they would never give Kasi to their son/brother or family member if she did already sleep wid one a dem.

      1. Met Money will make dem sell dem soul. F**s like dem you don’t want around you dog cause true money dem will rape you dog and seh a pussy she Ave same way. Bolt how you feel in a uself fi know that Sadiki poop up kasi mouth. You noh fraid seh wen she a f**k you a sadiki she a fantasize pon.

  14. Wait so they put their business out there and then she gone pon twitter go vent say people fass ? Little girl (cause u acting like a child ). If u never put u business pon every social platform… twitter, snap, periscope, etc., nobody woulda know ur story.

    Bolt could have stopped this from the get go ,when the first story came out. No gal shouldnt have been able to style his first lady. Period. Dung to me ex husband naw mek nobody style me up.

    So if you have a issue, take it up with your man kasi

  15. The Change caption on the snap about she said Yes was changed and posted by Kasi for the attention. She saw the attention was dying down so she needed something to stir up some more excitement. She so damn delusional and just love how this is escalating same way how somebody post and sey dem nuh see no pics of them together all of a sudden dem post pic of them together. Met Kasi is a big fan of The pink and she taking pointers. Somebody need fi send her pointers on how to keep Usain inna fi har pumpum and not every other ooman own. Without all this drama their relationship is boring so they are both feeding off this. If the world don’t throw them a bone dem relationship a guh starve. I hope di drama mek di sex tun up but it don’t seem like it because they on vacation and still watching what people saying. Dem very boring. Unnu don’t stop chat dem because dem relationship nah guh guh nuh wey if dem don’t have the drama. Watch when it all dies down then another rumor a guh start. When it dead dem dead no spice for the relationship to proceed.

  16. Suh because Usain have more money dan Sadiki the man must shut up. Some a dem people yah mek mi really have to wonder wtf is this world coming tuh .Kasi is Nasty to tek both a dem ole slut!!

  17. Mi just go check pan mi sada….
    And him still a lead inna di race…
    Him have medals but him win fi be good looking yeah!
    Go sada!!! Mi boo Yuh stil still a win

  18. These people are slaves to them owna mind. So because your bredda have money and a give it to u him can f#$k yuh ex and then everything good again? Unuh nasty and disgraceful sah!! Pinkwall mek me know say some dutty sick ppl deh bout star.

  19. Just saw the video and its official they bored and has no chemistry together except freak and social media attention. Damn two bored fool.

  20. Met sadiki have trophies in his room too n it seems he plays cricket; yes me look pon everything lol.

    I was on his page a lurk n every pic me look pon mi just a whine n imagine how juice a run over him face n dem pretty lips deh.
    Mi wuda bruk mi 1.5 years a celibacy right noweew

  21. If they were smart, they would have stayed off social media at least until after their vacation. But apparently they are attention whores. Can’t see how you can be having so much fun and find time to be reading blogs and the many comments. Kmt duppy bat dem!

    1. My lord, Kasi is on social media nonstop. Now she’s on Jamaican Sleek’s instagram leaving salty comments. She’s taking her anger out on everyone except the person who caused it by making her look foolish.

  22. Kasi is young ,Usain is young and Sadiki is a pu..sy .

    How can you diss your brother who give you the dream life ? Talk about ungrateful.
    I believe that bwoy sadiki tell lies on the gyal front fe a hype.

  23. One mans trash is another man treasure . It is low of both of them to cross the line knowing she was with sadiki but clearly she meant nothing to sadiki for him to keep her as a side chick .. So why do sadiki care ? He never cared to make her number 1 so somebody else did. It is just unfortunate that the somebody is his brother

  24. The only people who had the uncaptioned snapchat pic was Kasi and Bolt, yuh cyaa Photoshop a new caption over a ole one Suh to keep the drama going one of them release it with a different caption bout she said yes damn Fawt dem unnu tink people fool. Mek dem nuh enjoy dem boring vacation guh climb tree and guh pick two coconut a wah dis man unnu dey a bora bora and all unnu do is lay dung inna di sun, swim inna pool and beach and drink juice pon beach? Unnu couldn’t do all a dat inna JA? Suh yuh mean fi tell mi sey bolt spend regular plane ticket regular class but how much 1000 dalla pon suite fi si dung pon phone pon di beach and dress up and pose fi Picta but unnu nah guh nuh wey? Woiiiieeeeee mi a dead lmaooooo Suh unnu couldn’t do dat a unnu yaad Jamaica have the same tings and bolt have pool a him yaad Unu Fool like wah lol

  25. It’s f**d up how a person can wrk so hard nd dedicate his time nd energy into something tht makes all of us proud as a Jamaican in the eyes of a global scale. Jus weeks ago I watch 1000s of Jamaicans cheer nd big up this yute who represented them to the fully of his ability. Now jus bcuz of his private life ppl shitting on usain as if he is a piece of shit. Whether hin a wife up him bro ex or him a f**k him cousin I dnt think he shud be classed nd disrespect the way he is now. If him did a f**k batty then we wud have an argument. But ppl jus like to wait on the opportunity to bury others wen they successful. Look at Floyd Mayweather how much woman him have nd he even was f**n 1 of his best friend woman nd cause the man to kill the girl nd himself. Give bolt the respect he deserves as an athlete nd Wat he has done nd not trash him for his private life. Shit ain’t tht serious. And FYI 60 mil is not really nd extraordinary any of $ for sum1 in tht league. Bolt barely made it in terms of $ so jus give di yute sum fresh air.

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