HMID..Giving you the background of where Rebecca’s killing is coming from. All facts, no speculation. B4 getting into it, I’ll just say this, persons are going to say “then y not tell the police”, sad to say, the police themselves know every single thing that’s going on however, nothing is being done to prevent the happenings because who’s palm isn’t being oiled, has friends from both sides. So in recent times, there has been alot going on in “Rockfort” specifically two parts of the community called “Top Oliver Road” & “Base One”. It is all a matter of who wants to control where. “Base One” is being led under the control of two big men, those two big men have their little boy boy who do the crimes for them. “Top Oliver Road” is being led by a little youth, not saying his exact age but he’s not older than 21. The Older men from “Base One” wants to take control of both “Base One” & “Top Oliver Road”. The youths from “Top Oliver Road” isn’t having it.
They aren’t having it because their fathers were the “top men” for that section b4 they migrated and others died. Because the youths from “Top Oliver Road” isn’t giving in, it started the war. Now just keep in mind that Rebecca is from “Top Oliver Road”. She is tomboyish. She and all the boys who in the thing, born and grow. All kids ranging between 18-21.

One pecific night, men from “Base One” went to “Top Oliver Road” kicked of two doors, and knocked on the door of the youth who leading “Top Oliver Road”. They were knocking and saying “Police! police! Come out”. The youth had already seen them entering his yard when the dogs started barking, so he knew it wasn’t police. Whichever way, they didn’t get anyone that night. The following night “Base One” men went to “Top Oliver Road” again.  This time, while screeching up, they glimpsed some of the youths from “Top Oliver Road” and started firing shots, no one got hurt however, a rental car was parked on the corner along with about 4 bikes. They set the rental car ablaze and stole the 4 motor bikes.

The very same night, the “Top Oliver Road” guys went back down to “Base One” and killed a man called “Archie” who had previously shot one of the youths from “Top Oliver Road”. Riffle shot to the head and body.

That same night Rebecca almost got shot because she was on the corner with the youths when the “Base One” men pounced on them, she missed it by an inch. That same night, they went to her house and kicked off her door, looking for her but only her mother and younger brother was inside, they didn’t harm them but they stole the brothers tablet. Two nights after That, because the “Top Oliver Road” youths them kill “Archie”, “Base One” men went back, kicked in the door of a little youth called “Blacks”, he was sleeping, they shot him in his head, wrapped him in his sheet and stuffed him under his bed. “Blacks” wasn’t from the community. His co-worker brought him there to rent a room and work. “Blacks” wasn’t in the community the Thursday when all the war start. His co-worker went looking for him the following day after not showing up to work and he discovered him…nothing has happened since that day apart from, every morning at around 4/5 you would hear 2 or 3 shots and that’s it.

One day last week, the men from “Base One” went to “Top Oliver Road” on the hill and stole one of the little youth dem goats. That little youth isn’t in anything but his brothers name has been calling. They stole the goat, killed the woman goat who was pregnant and threw her at the brothers door. Since the upsurge, all the youths from “Top Olivet Road” left the community. Rebecca tried to leave. She went to her fathers family, they turned her away because in reality, she isn’t committing crime or anything but she hangs with the “bad” boys and “she has no manners”, so the father’s family turned her away. She went to the mother’s family, they said the brother could stay but not her so both her and her brother went back to “Top Oliver Road”, she nor her brother doesn’t leave each other nowhere. Them having nowhere to go, she had to be back at “Top Oliver Road”. Her yard is an open yard so she doesn’t sleep there. She slept at her neighbours.

Sunday night she was laying on the neighbors verandah drinking a magnum when the “Base One” men came up again. This time the climbed over a wall to get to the verandah where she was, laying down and turned it on in her head. While persons tried to get a glimps of her lifeless body, a man from “Base One” was being murdered a few meters down the road. A road called “Pembrook Road”. All of this madness over who wants to control where. RUBBISH!!!! HMID

6 thoughts on “OLIVER ROAD KILLING

  1. M’y god man. Now her family have funeral to keep,how dem feel u turn to your own flesh and blood for help and they turn their backs smfh.

  2. 😢😢😢😢 wow,alot of ppl want to leave these places and have nowhere to go

  3. What a way to live and die. Can’t get a good night sleep and hiding from enemies. If I ever forget to give thanks for my life choices, remind me.

  4. Dem kill d big man over Rockfort wha day. Lot of tensions in di area. Much going on in mountain view right now. 5 or 6 men dead over the past month or so in Jarrett Lane too. Civilians shot and wounded too. Alot of foreign influence and money involved.

  5. Save up a few dollars over time. Take a few belongings and go and rent a place far away from the community. Don’t make excuses that you have no where to go. People leave there home and go to foreign and have no idea where they going. Leave the community, go start life over elsewhere.

  6. Wonder how har family dem feel now mi grandfather use to say it cheaper to feed a man Dan bury him sigh

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