Offence Murder / Arson
Victim Marcia Stewart o/c Joan 56 years old D.O.B 15/03/1965Shop keeper of Forty Acre Orange Bay, Portland 
Where committed Forty Acre, Orange Bay , Portland 
How committed 
Circumstances  are that on Tuesday June 28, 2021 about 2:45 residents heard the deceased screaming for help they looked and saw that her house was a blaze The police was alerted and on their arrival they saw a team of fire fighter conducting cooling down process. The body of the deceased was found lying out side the house on its right side with the lower half partially burnt with multiple chop wound to the fore head and in the region of the left eye and a stab wound to the left side. The scene was processed by Det cons k McKenize  of the Portland scene of crime and cooling down process was conducted by District Officer Lezlene  Kidd of the Anotto bay fire department and Act sup Mr Wade McDermott Port Antonio Fire Department The scene was visited by Inspr P. Robinson who is the Shift


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  3. We need justice for this woman. It’s time now to end the violence against women and girls

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