I have received verified information that Omar Collymore, the husband of Simone Collymore that is now being charged for her murder is using a mobile device. Collymore has told the judge presiding over his case that he is unable to retain a lawyer but has been communicating with his mobile device and is able to communicate with members of his family that may help with funding for his case.


  1. Cellphones in Jamaican jail/prisons is no surprise. The system is corrupt. Him better mek a call to God and repent for his dirty deeds.

  2. This ole wicked nuffi have not even a bed inna prison much less phone get tax payer money nuffi waist pan all him

  3. Met, so how how come we no hear a peep bout the mistresses. The one in Florida and the one in Ny who were both next up in line to be brides. also, where I’d Mr Necerson,. All now not a sight of him or is location.. Him money really tall

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