JC student stabbed and killed during robbery on bus

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A 14-year-old student of Jamaica College was this afternoon (app 4:10 pm) stabbed and killed during a robbery on a bus in close proximity to the school (Old Hope Road – St Andrew).

Early reports from the police are that after the JC student boarded the bus, a man tried to rob him of his watch and other valuables. The young JC student, Nicholas Christopher Francis, resisted his attacker and was stabbed several times. He was rushed to hospital by the driver of the bus where he was pronounced dead (app 5:17 pm).

Two people are being questioned by the police and the bus on which the murder took place is in the custody of the lawmen.


  1. Was this child wearing a Rolex?? oh my God eeeeh, wat could a pickney have that a grown wutliss adult of a man could possibly want that is worth to take a pickney life?? I rememeber Razor phone days smh vividly remember the young miss from the Queens for girls, who met the same fate! smh mi seh him must be stoned to death at Papine square!

  2. THIS, is one of the reason I agree with the Philippines president to kill every mumma rass who use or sell drugs, their crime rate went down by 45% in 3mths, Yes, drugs has nothing to do with this incident but if the Jamaican government no start something drastic this barbaric act is not going to stop, My heart pain me just now reading this, I have a 14yr old Son and this could have been him, I cannot imagined what the parents going through right now. Kill the dutty Jancrow who did this. OLD WICKED.

    1. @Anon mi rate the Philippines president suh till…Di only ppl me hear a bawl inna fi him country a di one dem weh related to the criminal dem! A suh u fi tek justice inna u hands.

      Di one dem out ya suh love play like dem fool, but mi see wid dem because a how di ppl dem gwaan, love come bawl pon TV but siddung deh wid criminal

  3. May this child rest in eternal peace. Before I get to the killer, I need to know, if the bus was empty? or you mean to tell me that Jamaica has gotten so bad that on a bus full of people there was no one to jump up and help this poor innocent child? what happen to the days when everyone would come together and beat a thief mek him beg fi mercy and then draw him go a station?

    As for this thief, may all the days of his life and the life of his offsprings for generations to come be met with severe hardship, misery and confusion. Death is too easy for him…

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