Any man Wey wah sex gal inna them Batty a fish! End of story!!! When yuh owna friend them use to dun yuh say yah batty man same sh*t Mek U and bill gates did stop talk shock fi see Unno tun bck big big Fren after him say yah fish n yuh class him to anybody that would listen smh
troyinfinity yuh wah buss up me cuzin batty like how the man them buss up yours n tru she tell u she nuh deh pon that yuh vex n nuh deal with her!!! Like she care nigga nuh tru she live a New York that nuh mean she freaky like most of them bright!!!

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  1. Bwoy god really a come Fi him world cause the day is here wen man is putting batty over pussy. A no him alone nuff men a f**k women in a dem batty hard an swear dem a no batty man

  2. If my man want batty an mi sey no and that becomes problem between us I don’t care because if that becomes a problem that means no real love is not there I’m not gonna please no man like dat I have to go back to GOD with something!!!

  3. Ah Shaka put up dis Apple sista.di gal vex tru troy find har out and kno seh she ah nobody n leff har..Shaka ah one of di clean up gal dem ah Kingston ah bare freak ness she deal wid n Everyman in ah dancehall freak har out Shaka troy leff yuh and yuh try disgrace di boy gal move up n go dig up yuh dead pupa and go suck him

  4. One more ting any freakiness troy know ah yuh Shaka introduce it to di man cause memba seh ah tub give him 3 some,suck him buddy n lick out him batty…mi kno dat cause yuh Shaka tell mi out ah yuh own stinking mouth..memba seh mi and yuh use to be fren enuh..hey I’m will talk some dangerous tings enuh…leff di bwoy and mek him live him life if yuh did want him yuh would ah clean up yuh life style and yuh nasty rotten pussy

  5. This is shaka mi nah hide duppy bat @the gal weh call her self the real ting. Now it look like u a look a f**k from troy. Fool fool country gal mek me teach yuh dis. 1man nah leff no woman as long as the woman will let him he will always come back. 2 Troy never tell me shaka weh leff yet so go drop a sleep an don’t wake up. 3country gal ur going to always b living in my shadow 4 if me did a do all those things y him would of leff ? 5 a freaky gal a run di place bitch but there’s levels to this shit. 6 nasty germsy bacteria pussy gal yuh hole deada dan mi fada bitch it just need fi get it’s burial . #FACT I would never put troy up on this shit a 4 year’s we deh, am not on some carless shit. Nor would I reply to it but bitch u draw me out I don’t care weh any body want to say after this am ray charles to this shit.

  6. One more ting mi shaka nah gi u a buss beg troy try off a yuh. Plus if it tek4 years fi find out somsomeone that mean ur really slow. Bitch no matter how yuh try wen ppl see troy dem see me. An a 3 man me name call pon in dance hall, Tony wen I was 18 living in new york an andy 23 still living in ny #FACT I didn’t know him thru dance hall oney 30 ja meet him on Spanish twn rd country gal u probably don’t know about that. But wen u say clean up Kingston get it right. Plus I f**k who I want cause mi nah barrow a gal pussy are being her a night rest.

  7. Shaka yuh guilty nuh bloodclaat, move and gwey memba seh ah sell yuh sell f**k enuh. Mi nuh kno ah who yuh call country gal but it look like yuh think yuh know ah who write dis but mek mi tell yuh dis ah kingston mi live discharge mouth gyal. Yuh fi memba seh mi n yuh was friend but mi leff out yuh company cuz yuh bad mind and grudge full. Shaka yuh nuh see every man weh yuh go Deh wid nuh stay wid yuh eeh. Yuh have ah bloodclaat fault ah bare freakiness yuh n yuh sista Apple deal wid. Memba seh yuh use to chat Apple wid mi enuh yuh waste bloodclaat gyal yuh need fi go find di real fadah fi yuh pickney them raffle hole gyal

  8. Yuh chat yuh sista Apple like dog but yuh want do every ting weh she do. Yuh run go do batty wah day and mi nuh kno ah weh yuh bloodclaat fava go back fi yuh refund old dog cause that nuh look good it look like seh yuh have pussyclaat down syndrome now go suck yuh mada nastiness answa back mek mi get fi post di text msg them weh yuh txt mi man seh yuh want suck him cocky germs

  9. Addressing the The real ting, if you and Shaka used to be friends and not friends any longer. Why come on this site and talk pure shit outta your mouth dutty gyal. It seems like your one of those friends that wanted and probably f**ked and ducked troy cause I know how you’ll dutty kingston bitch love jealous over what your friend man ah do fi dem. Sour pussy gyal Shaka good in jamaica never ever forget this dumb bitch. Shaka ain’t no typical jamaica gyal. Do real this you know is you send this in big pussy germs. You have the nerve to talk bout mi friend dead father when you is a walking dead duppy bitch… I hate you dumb jamaican bitches…

  10. Lol gal yuh a look knowings an a beg friend. Gal mi nuh know yuh mi nuh want fi know yuh as for my nice clean sis she is good. Bitch post the text dem gal. Yuh a fret pon my batty a shit mi wah sit it a yuh face gal lets not do this internet bad gal thing. Guess what ur still hiding lol dead gal u a worry about me my kids my sis u nuh see is a woman u a look. Only thing yuh fit to do is nyam mi after birth. The sad thing is no matter how bad u want to b me u will never b. See me in a real life bitch.

  11. Shaka yuh and yuh friend them ah idiot enuh every man weh f**k shame fi seh dem f**k yuh.yuh friend ah pick up fi yuh cause ah mussi she did help yuh gi di 3 some to Troy. Mi nah stop seh ah yuh put up dis yuh wicked gyal yuh go breed fi bare hype man weh nah do nutting fi yuh n yuh pickney dem so how yuh and them fi good eeh.wait till mi man cum Mi ah go tek di msg dem out ah him phone dog shit. Yuh nuh see nutting nah gwan fi yuh eeh not even party yuh cyan go again.yuh cum like bus every man yuh see yuh want dem jump on pon yuh. Yuh fi talk bout di infection weh yuh gi Andy wah day yah wen him f**k yuh nastiness.mi nah tell yuh again go dig up yuh dead pupa n go suck him weh nuh body nuh memba

  12. @the real thing u a one a dem weh troy a f**k albout gal u nuh know shaka n troy wen last u see shaka a rd wen troy nuh deh a jamaica? All you a chat Troy love di gal an dat hurt yuh. Bwoy y ppl hate the truth talk it man an it will set u free Troy n shaka do what u doing real ppl in the streets love see unu if unu leff a life. But some bad mind duty ppl weh a chat need fi stop cause unu gooda shame fi see dem again go sweep out ur house an gwan wait pon ur man lol gal yuh vex true dem never invite u ina dem 3some lol get up to the time. Shaka n troy big up yuh damn self.

  13. @ Shaka u say freaky gal run d place which i think u r completely wrong. I’m in my 30s & i’m not freaky & no man have ever leave me i’m d 1 leaving. U should have pride don’t u realize that don’t matter how freaky u get with a man he’s always out there with not freaky chicks.

  14. No sah this can’t be true. I know this man true my ex and he was looking me and know sah I was with he’s friend a dutty man a my ass him wah come mass up. Troy you a freak and a another thing why she sit down and make Troy sex her in her ass if she never want it. From him touch there me a put on my close and out the door. Oh boy I really don’t know what’s up with these young girl

  15. Well let me tell u guys this Troy is an ugly freak my friend use f**k him and say him freaky bad and wanted to f**k her in her ass yes Troy a nuh lie me a tell u freaky he wanted my friend to shit on him and troy u come quick Gweh Shaka u & Troy a dirty bungle u walk a Jamaica not even a car u have u take the bus bitch and Troy did put u out a di apartment a Jamaica Troy Bruk nuh blood cloth live wid him madda and don’t even drive a New York Shaka u hole shit up me fren run Troy cuz him Bruk and the only thing she did want him fah a because him freaky. Shaka u give Apple man to ur fren memba dat.. Go drink some bleach Gyal..

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