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Im texting in regards to this blog that has been sharing world wide. The pic u post this morning of the complainant, accuse n d ladies , d left of he photo is ME, we have reach out to a few just to share sides. It destroy ppl character when the half of the story haven’t been told.

There is no 2 girlfriends in d picture, the son did not beat his mom. I’m the girl on the left again I came to visit the daughter in law is my aunt. Shes a type of mom that doesn’t like peace she’s tormenting troublesome. neighbors don’t talk to her other close family members dont either because of how she behaves all the time. Last week, the mom n son were in hard reasoning abt money nothing too hard, then she started cursing her son,he ignored her,his girlfriend was standing beside him, she then lashed out refer to d girlfriend ina rude way, then d girlfriend reply as it touches her to know they don’t speak in years all bcaz of her ways n now she saying rude stuff just to b in an argument with her. They started cursing d son kept on telling his girlfriend to ignore her ,she stared cursing the girl on d left , for 2 days she curse ,no1 answer her it didn’t work for her so she kept picking around d son came out of his house to warm her to just chill n act her age, she cursed him out more cas she needs d drama. D warning got intense , he warn her not even a up face one, she went inside for a knife, imagine urself ur mom up in ur face with a knife ,,neighbors was watching they yell at her to cool she refused. The son was draped by his mom he then forced to take the knife from him she rastle a bit that’s where d hand marks came from, they fell in d fence and she obtained marks again on d hands, d son had a long nail one 1 finger, scared on face ..she went to police the same evening police came d day after , he went and apologize before police came but d process was already done. He stay in jail for a night . she told police her son punched all over n beat r up. A lot of eye witness were there, how I come in this idk. There aren’t any brutally beaten marks . its yard where different family member build their own apartment, its set up where no1 has to tell her excuse as her part is different. Its terrible and I just had to speak on it.


  1. That is why i commented hmmmmmmmmm cuz sumn just was odd! U hav sum women nuh waa leggo off dem sons dem must be the only woman! Shez delusional smh

    1. No parent wants to let go. You may allow them to live their life but just as how children are their parents’ number one, it should be the same for the children. The only thing that I noticed was that she said she did not want the girl living there, he is living with one and have another one coming there and she does not want that in her father’s house. Respect your mother’s wishes and go outside with that, thats all

    2. Some mothers have a right not to leggo dem sons to jezebels.

      Nasty living, low ambition women jack up in a people yard a play oman a yard.

      Senda, you so verse pon the man mother why you big pussc aunty in a har family yard? If she did have ambition she wouldnt movestronge yard fi tek phuck and have the mother a provoke her.

      If a my mother me bun dung the house u aunty sleep inna. Some of you crotches divide people family cause fi onu never strong.

      1. PP :maho a so dem outa order. When I spoke to her she said the man mother a cuss two days and him go to har go tell har fi stop the noise in the yard him waa comfortable and she come out wid knife and him ”rattle” thats the word she used..Him wrestle knife from her. She said the mother has her own house and gate on the property so she mus in her own yard cussing..y di son go there? He did not go there in peace so she come out with a knife because as she said in her post he told her he would kill her.

        1. She have alrights fi stay pon har property and cuss plus have knife. A see why him ass get locked up :d him go pon har turf go put hands pon har.

          Can imagine how the gal an har “visitors” stay in a de yard an provoke the oman because big crotches son allow it! Him need a new address

  2. Maybe it’s just me but I’m confused af by this attempt at explaining stuff.i swear I don’t know if the one on the left is who exactly sender although u sey is YOU n u mussi auntie daughter in law huh Lawwwwwwd mi confuse even more!!


  4. The son mek a bag a people vouching for him on facebook..fake pages and all. I believe the mother may be terrible and was cussing but he confronted her and that is when she went for the knife and a desso di bruise up come from. He is not as innocent as him want people fi believe..some confrontation happened which made the mother for the knife according to them.

  5. Terrible youth that fight off yuh madda bad blessing shall follow you
    If she tek out the titti and bawl u dead like a dog. Walk away thats yuh f**n mom. I wish the worst for the son and him gyal

  6. Met this is another case of de dutty living ghetto syndrome u tell me now this grown ass man wid two woman still a live a him mother yaad n sound like de mother still a live a fi her father yaad kmft jah know mi a warn de two dutty gal de him Gwine do dem worst if him can beat him mother like dat him good a murder one a dem him have no excuse he could have walk her out good god my yute is u mother dat a bulket yuh fi get memba! If u can get along wid u mom my yute find a gully go live in a, mi vex mi hurt dutty family! My yute ur crime will not go unpunished memba karma is waiting round de corner n a full time parents start let these big ppl find a place of their own a only ghetto ppl mek pickney bring in man n woman in a dem yaad rich ppl wid mansion don’t do dat kmft

  7. None a dem nuh innocent I could care less bout dem family war yah, weh dem carry it pan fb fah ??? Sort out unuh issues a unuh yard. Both sides a tegreg, this mother was too quick to post this and bawl for attention, if the story went that way trust me we would know. Too much diff side, how as a mother u have ur son a live wid 2 woman inna u house ?? Suh u mean fi seh he’s that hard to control that he turned in a monster right under her nose. Next ting dem have nuff neighbors how nobody nuh come out a bury the son and him 2 ooman dem yet ???

  8. Listen this lady not speaking the truth .every woman dey wid her some ,she want war them.i don’t know if she really want r son fi have woman. No woman good for r son. My fren was with r son. And my fren have to walk away fr son and they did love each other .i think the mother need a life.

    1. De oman a prevent unu from sticking around fi breed like rat in a de yard and have de pickney dem tun pestilence to har.

      yu fren wokliss if she did really intend fi tek up residence in a capture land, big yard family. Bout love…spare me.

      1. Regular thing in a dem yard yah. From the mother sustain injury me a side wid har cause son shouldn’t a move in no oman and de gal dem shouldn’t live there if family no gi permission.

        Dem fi Tek dem one night and weekend an go a dem yard.

        1. Same so PP..cause if him was any man at all him would not have one woman living with and a next one coming there to see him

          1. All some a dem gal yah strive fah is a one room and a cock!
            Me a go hard pon the woman dem cause dem set the standards and create nuff contention in a not a feminist at all.

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