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  1. :ngakak Yes Ms. Image “Ant no need to write an easy.” Cause mi sure di pen and paper ignorant fi yuh dunceness. Mi knoe is di poor teacher dem inna afta school help yuh likkle bwoy, cause yuh is ah hopeless cause.

  2. Tenesha image and most of her friends them dunce and blind like bat. This post she made for her mother is ridiculous. You going to tell me none of her friends don’t see this to correct it.? Tenesha you don’t re-read wat you write especially something for your mother? This bitch keep embarrassing her dumb self on social media from lie Sey she buy mansion when a rent she and her friend rent it and pay $1500 each a month time .from tecking Goldie husband Wey tattoo Goldie face on him and then f..k her rob her duck her and went back to Goldie. From wearing stocking 24hrs per day 7days a week fi hold up her p…y Wey a drop down. From wearing the most fake shoes, bag, belt, eye glasses and clothes.tenesha the #1 queen of wearing fake.tenesha you look so retarded with your fake body. Tenesha why u love to work obeah Suh?? Tenesha image please to release Rohan aka spangi diamond. Tenesha why u bury the man name inside of the dead fowl and have Rohan name into your freezer?? You already got him deported please to release the young man wicked gal.tenesha image go let the obeah man teach you to read and spell and leave Rohan alone. Tenesha you already give Rohan yuh jacket son him know your son don’t belong to him but him still accept him and you still a try fi either mad Rohan or kill him.tenesha image God is going to punish you for all the wicked deeds you have done .tenesha you have a child stop hold down other people children. You need to walk all over America with yellow tape wrap around you so people know to not come near your evil ass. Why you indulge in so much witchcraft for a young girl ? You need Jesus tenesha image. Black heart woman tenesha you see why your obeah fail you when you tried to have your under cover batty man brother nakia win him court case because God nuh like ugly. Yuh obeah fail because your brother nakia a big thief and man thief from him and him try to kill the man .

  3. :sorry Anytime I see this girl in a real life and knew how she was very gorgeous and her body was so neat before all the bleaching and surgeries I cannot help but to feel sorry for her, Now she look deformed. Who every told her she wasn’t pretty enough or her butt wasn’t big enough to let her enhance her body, You is a wicked. IF it was a Man who got in her psych and let her ruin her body shame on you. Ladies? Self love is the greatest confidence a woman can have. I know you are reading this blog Teneisha, It is not too late to enroll in the GED program, One of my friend came up from Jamaica 3yrs ago, Did her GED and just graduated with her associates degree and now moving on to her bachelors degree and she just turn 42. Please don’t let your Son be a street nigger like your self, don’t let him come and push drugs and badness Teneisha.

  4. @ Real chat, reading your longgggg ass essay on Teneisha makes me think that ur a bit infatuated with this lady, lmao. Teneisha graduated from HS, and her son is actually very intelligent. She can’t spell yes, but why does that bother you so much? Ya still get the message right, lol. Her mother doesn’t do social media so I’m pretty sure she expressed these words verbally to her. And Fake?! Lmao This is one girl I know for a fact go ina store wid har money. Whether its drugs money or legal, ah fi har moneyyy! Dwl ah dat ah beat yuh bad DOHHH @ real chat. Unno seh di girl ago lose di house after walking Duppy, I mean Silvery, I mean “goldie” man left har and that bitch is still swimming in her pool, looks like a Boss bitch to me. Come off ah di girl tight pussy mannn. & Nakia ah Battyman? Dwrcl ah di fus Battyman mi see f**k suh much gyal den and deh inna jail and gyal still ah mad ova him. When unno see seh God bless people unno love talk bout Obeah, wtf. Guh clean up your dirty dirty heart bitch and come off ah di gyal name. Har family looks lovely btw, Nakia just missing. Di whul ah Rohan Pitney dem favor, including Teneisha one, unno stay too bad, my god

  5. Lol idiot @ realchat guy suck yuh mother. Tenesha is a obeah worker and everybody a Bronx know that. It look like the obeah got you also that’s why u come here a talk up yuh shit up mouth. All a Bronx know Sey nakia f..k batty. Him f..k Shelly into her batty and buss, it up .nakia hood shit up .tenesha ain’t got no money she Bruck like dog. A rent teNisha, rent the big blue stone .wat rich bitch don’t own not even a old house fi themselves?? Yuh better guh wash off because tenesha spell catch you dummy.tenesha nuh graduate from no high school because these spellings is from Jamal beginners. Tanisha is the biggest fake clothes,booth ,bag ,eye glasses and belt buyers. Tenesha is mis fake are body is terrible she looks like a cartoon character and Wi,tired fI see her into these stockens day and night it’s ridiculous. lol.girl tenesha son is not for Rohan. Rohan know it also. All tenesha do is walk and thief people money and send them empty box of books .go get a life .tenesha is a whore no man nuh want her .tenesha yuh old want block and cement

  6. Not Micheal Jackson resurrection again. She look like she was raise from the dead 10 times,her voice sound like she has no class,. U really sound dunce, and last if u rolling with the devil like that n love call up god name, it time will come n it won’t be pretty. Bye girl

  7. Whether she Rent or own, money still ah come outta har pocket. Doh? OH. How unno know suh much bout di girl & Rohan must love har or har pussy good fi him ah own up baby weh annuh fi him & him well ah know , Abayyyyy. Unno just vex cah di girl ah live har life. She’s legal, she can travel, she have passport, she tek care ah har son, she nuh deppon nobody floor & she nah borrow nobody tings, and she always put together whether ah tights she have on or clothes. Come off the nice girl name with your shitty mouth bitch. Bad blessing follow people who do obeah, does she seem stressed or worried or under investigation or in some kind of trouble? Nakia do weh him do & ah do him time, him nuh lock up fi robbery bitch so stfu. di man still look tick up and evaaaaa clean inna him prison clothes and have him gyal dem, ah nuff gyal love batty f**k so if ah dat him ah do, again! Why does it bother you? Dwl!!! Kill yourself or is ah batty f**k yuh ah look too?

  8. Otayyyy ms image so hear u loud an clear now Gwaan defend u so call rent to own house yaw an u battyman weh deh inna prison weh both a teck f**k an gi back f**k how proud of u.

  9. Tanisha hole don’t good that’s a lie, big big lie.. Good hole and Tanisha name nuffi deh in ah da same sentence unnuh too bad man gwey.. Kmft!!! Tanisha cannot hold ah man fi more than 30 days… Shi work bare obeah fi true.. Shi love the obeah work bad bad… This is so sad!!

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