Gal left Canada with her man for Christmas and else she land a Jamaica she go sleep with her baby father take loads of picture and videos and then send go give her baby father woman a England what a gal wicked and after she try mash up her baby father life her pure man don’t even know say she f**k on him hope him know now

16 thoughts on “ONE WOMAN CYAH SUH BRITE

  1. What the what ???? Suh shi go a Jamaica wid.har man an left di man go f**k di baby daddy them video it an teck pitcha send back a Canada to di man now woman ??? Puppa jesus if u nuh busy …. :travel

    1. Wait WHAT???? :nerd
      KAYANN went to Jamaica with her new man, as she reach ah Jamaica she go sleep with her Baby Father,take whole heep ah pictyah and video of dem ah do di tings…..then sent all the pictures and video to her Baby Father’s new woman in ENGLAND.


  2. The Love and Hip Hop influence. Drama and mixup. Sometimes, it better fi the man to stay right there with dem crosses bitches. A decent man would want a decent responsible woman.

    1. A the man a crosses, maybe the woman a tell har and she in denial so you affi send dem profile. Blame the men dem tun eomen into crosses . quick to blame other women when unno pick up crosses hood smh

  3. Love of your life but him caan do right by you and marry you? Some of unno have no clue what love is and in all unno various lifetimes will never know. Lady, what is displayed here is not love and will never be.

  4. @DWRL just to let you know. Men are givers. We woman are receivers. If a “man” comes to you with “garbage”, would you take it and keep it in your house? Just a reminder that “garbage” stays stinking.

    You know the man is married. You still take him up. (red Flag) The man have 10 different baby mothers. You still take him up (red flag) The man nah work. You still take him up. (red flag) The man beat up him last woman. You still take him up. (red flag) He cheats and with you. You still take him up. (red flag). The man floss and bruk. You still take him up. (red flag) The man nah mine him pickney them. You still take him up. (red flag) The man beggy, beggy and licky, licky. You still take him up. (red flag) The man is self absorb. he doesn’t care how you eating as long as he eats first. (red flag)

    So, my girl who gets the blame now. What a women is willing to “accept” a “MAN” will keep feeding you it.

    Translation: If you accepts his cheating, he will continue to cheat. If you accepted him not working, he will continue not looking for work. If you accepted him not wanting to get married, he will continue to not focus on marriage.

    This is one of the reasons “why” we woman always get the blame. I agree. We accept a lot of garbage and wonder why our life becomes f**ked up by them. Of course there are men who are cleaver and cunning. But, there’s always the gut feeling and actions that we often try to ignore.

    But of course theres the girls that love the mixup and drama. So, they will accept anything. The community cocky. The bag of babymothers. The disrespectfulness from man. THAT’S WHY I SAID IT BETTER THESE MEN “STICK” TO THOSE CROSSES BITCHES. THEY ACCEPT THE GARBAGE AND THEY WILL CONTINUE TO STAY STINKING OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

  5. Move hunnu rass bout… for these things women are dying lol sound like a bunch a mudda skunts. A because man too lite dem can dish out but dem Nuh wah eat it. Use yuh pussy an f**k gal if it jumpy an yuh wah f**k.

  6. It’s her business to do whatever pleases her with her body. But why send it to the man woman, to prove what? If you love him so much and he is the love of your life why do you have a next man and not waiting on him to end his relationship? Why is it that he loves you but has a next woman? Oh the big question really is why aren’t you still together if the love is real especially knowing you both share a child with each other??? We as women need to stop fooling ourselves in the process of trying to make a next woman look or feel bad . It’s a damn shame how far we’ll go to hurt someone without seen how stupid it makes us. Just petty that’s all I see.

  7. First of all man my was in Canada at the time plus I wasn’t going to send her the pic but he piss mi off so I did it n he was lying to her so I show her lol she make it look like my man was here lol if my man was here I wouldn’t f**k with him even thou he’s my bby fada

  8. Bitch need to get her fact straight n uno who a comment dnt knw me plus she feel the man want her him jus want her money that man have he woman in ja lol its my bby fada ano jus any man plus I care zero cause ano suck me did a suck no wood

  9. Lol plus clearly the man see n knw n wanted to take those pic n clearly him never care if she saw them so she putting my pic up she look fool cause she putting her man out there too lol why jus blame the woman blame your man too cause he told you him no want me so why taking pic with me knowing that it can get back to her MONA you look stupid MY MAN STILL IN CA

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