1. There is many ways to spoil somebody not just with money. I really am just gonna let them be, they genuinely like each other, u cant help who u love.

  2. Am I the only one that cannot see what is so wrong about her shoes??… What I have a problem with is her hair, make up and how she attire the dress over all whilst the man in a buscemi shoes, Rolex and gold

          1. RONEXT!!!!!!

            Anybaddie else have any other suggestions of what the brand Marvin have on might be?

  3. Den we do di social media cussing and dashing word, Marvin go back a foreign and start wife up di wife and Niki throw word, then him come back and di 2 a dem so in love again!

    Woulda tell Nickiesha fi careful, but anything she get she deserve, see how di wife did a move and see wah happen wid har!

  4. No sah shit pan buddy cyah sweet suh. Marvin look betta Dan har doe… Him good eeh him caah bring some clothes an tings fi har tuh. A doh like dat doe… Sometimes mi see some near love situations an mi know it naw real but mi Wanda if all the parties involved see it

  5. Kmt Marvin ungrateful to lisa nickesha is a hot mess she always tacky she need a new hairdressa Marvin need to fix up the old house a flanker and stop hype him dunce likeGod don’t like ugly Marvin stop front for the gram you gal stay really baddd

  6. She dress tacky 4 real,hair never do right.people must dress cheap n classy bcus me see nuf cheap things go together n look real nice.

  7. I see them all fronting for the gram…..all of them with DHQ before the name….Sher looks better and she’s very progressive. The other ones that actually look decent are chinny unique and daniboo.

  8. Nickeisha need to get a total makeover nothing no look good pan har nothing at all she all run go do har hair like we said she would u no c in the white outfit she think she look hot my God fava he she nickeisha if u a read this go get an upgrade a better hair dresser and go buy better clothes u abs renee stay real bad. Sher a lead

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