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  1. Dear Jesus! Met u sure she’s 11? There’s no way I would let my eleven year old have a baby
    unless she hid the pregnancy from me. And she look so proud about it smh….

  2. no kind a parental guide none….a hope ac sit in the room wen the baby a born and take dem both dung tuh de way she dresses says a damn lot…i feel is wan a dem dancehall germs yute dis spend unno life inna dance 24/7 suh as unno gone chue de door the likkle girl guh tuh or invite smaddy in smh

    1. No Jackson wat sweet to har belly will sour to the crotches when she fi give birth poor thing no know say a right a death door she ago n no must come back di police needed bad bad
      Mawning Metsy n Metters blessings

  3. Fcking shame… wen she a 21,; har son/daughta ago be 11, she can be a granny at 21..A brave new world. [email protected],, did u see the video with the likkle girl a Jamaica, she look about 9/10..The dogshit a have sex with her, she inna a pink&white uniform. ..this world is very sad…

    1. Never heard of a 11-year old, but I personally met a Jamaican female who had her first and only child at age 13 and was impregnated at 12. The guy who got her pregnant was 19+ at the time. She claims she was a hot girl at that age. Is this girl American? There will be an investigation and she and her parent(s) will NOT cooperate, especially if she was impregnated by a step brother living in the same house (happen all the time).

  4. Dancehall diva peach had her first at 12 so anno nutten new, this gal up top look like she been around the world already she look older. A smile cause she feel nobody knows her age sadd smh

  5. Bwoy,time change eeh? When I was 11, I was busy playing hop scotch, dandy shandy, 123 red light and Simon says. Where are her parents???? I hope dem lock up di poopa rass!!!!

  6. ‘Tis days like this that I am thankful to God for two boys. Makes me wonder about her parents and her upbringing, she would not be having that big ass grin on her face had she been my Daughter.She would not have had that baby in her belly eedah!!

  7. A probably is a next 11 year old breed har cause 8year olĂ© a say Dem have boyfriend yah now only difference when MI a did 8 MI expose to a lot but all when MI deh a school if a boy look pah MI, mi just run and say doh look pah MI…. now things different these kids really a sex a give oral and Dem things den a wah day somebody 7year old teacher call and say she an a next girl a kiss up Inna bathroom and the mother get mad and the teacher say we can talk to Dem but its coming from the home so Dem kids yah expose

  8. don’t be surprise if is the mother take the picture! this world is coming to a end,she is very proud of it. thank god i have all boys,i wanted a girl at one point,but i’m grateful to god,he didn’t give me one. because i would charge fi murder!

  9. Good afternoon,
    It is soo SAD to see this. I almost don’t believe this is real OR maybe someone is lying about her age. Could her parents be that careless??? Sorry to say this BUT some females should NOT b allowed to become MOTHERS. It’s so funny, I visit this website and always see people (especially dancehall peeple) flossing, showing what they have, in parties every night, etc. they don’t take the time out to consider thier children nor thier children’s future. Some ah dem deh war ova man and these things when all the time and energy should b spent on raising thier children!!!!
    Mi just nuh undastan Y dem nuh tink dem afi spen quality time wid and nurture dem kids!!! Don’t give them too much free time to get into mischief. Get them involved with activities, church, etc. I feel soo SAD for her as she is only 11. I’m in my thirties now and can honestly look back at things I’ve done in my twenties and know that I wouldn’t do the same now. Can u imagine an 11 year old? She didn’t even begin to LIVE yet! Why can’t ACS get involved? Is this not in the US??? She NEED sum prayer!!!

      1. Quena, and child support falls on him..up to 25 years worth of financial support…but on the other hand, is her mama getting child support for this little girl…

  10. I look at my son who’s 7 and i see a baby….Somewhere here i see a baby too, (not di one ina har belly)…A 11yr old that has seen and been involved in too much grown up stuff..We need to pray for our children..God have mercy!!.

  11. I know these things will happen from time to time but we are missing the point here.This is a 11 year old child,we need to protect them from these predators.Long prison sentence.

  12. All the responsibilities ah guh pon madda granny or whoever dis child live wit n str8 to da welfare office she goes sumbaddy comment bout childsupport is a bigman breed har? If a likkle boy her age she lucky if she even get a bottle a milk fi are baby suh it all fall pon har madda now har careless mumma haffi tek da bate

  13. The style of dressing is not consistent with that of an 11 yr old. If this is true, I would love to see the household she is coming from, something tells me it is far from the norm.
    Anyways, I wish her all the best on the road ahead. This is a case for God and his Angels, because it will take divine intervention to help the little one that is coming. May they both find their way.

  14. This is ah tragedy :sorry If dat likkel gyal did concern mi, ah two tings me woulda mek sure happen (1) If di babydaddy oba age him affi spend time ah prison fi rape (2) Not even phensic dat likkle gyal woulda get when labor pain tek har. Oh, BTW dem deh outfit not befitting fi no 11 yr old, pregnant or not, ah so suh matronly looking maternity frock and lace-up crep she woulda wear. She woulda too shame fi tek pitcho, much less wid big grim.

    1. Yawhy, mi nuh wa laugh cause this serious, but she woulda really gaffe beat dem big ole box shape maternity frock wid di two pocket dem pan di side and some crep weh lace way up tuh ar knee caps..fe real!!

    Also we may wish it is an underage boy that planted the seed, but let us accept the fact that there are HUNDREDS of dirty married, single, Christian and Atheist PEDOPHILES living among us and preying on our young children.
    SHE IS SMILING BECAUSE SHE **IS** A CHILD, that is what children DO… She doesn’t yet understand the full consequence of her situation. Pregnant or not, virgin or not, there is still childhood innocence left.

  16. Why is it when things happen..people ready fi blame parents? From my own personal experience the poor parents cannot stop it….she already pregnant,….does this mean she must no longer smile?

  17. Wow met is not this same lil girl u post months back in batty rider n all her ass outside??? Is must she this if I’m not mistaken

  18. well looking at her clothes and accessories that is not how an 11yr is supposed to dress…..hello kitty jammies is clearly not in her wardrobe selection….mi 10yr old tell me she did want a pair a dem sneakers whe look like heels..di one dem whe dem have inna dillards…..and her madda a talk bout dem look cute….di amount a bloodklaat bax dung whe she get threaten wid di woman call police to raas…..secondly she looks overdeveloped for her age…her batty look bigger dan nuff grown ass woman… clearly the problem here is a lack of parental supervision…..firstly…how yuh fi have yuh likkle pickney a dress di same way like carlene di ghetto bicycle from dung di lane and secondly…..whe di bloodklaat 11yr old ago find time fi a f**k when dem supposed to deh home a do homework and cannot leff di yard widout adult supervision unless dem a go di shop rounda corner deh…..not a bloodklaat…mi can almost guarantee her fadda no deh bout….mek mi 14yr old tell me she a breed….di amount a bloodklaat gunshot to raasklaat….. cause she a get one…her mumma a get 10 and di bwoy and him fambily a get di rest a di case a bullet inna dem raas…..

  19. @anon 7:10 I hope u don’t have kids when i was a lil girl my madda know my every move bcuz she have me on a schedule all now as adult pay my own bills I stay on a schedule wen I was little I usto hate my madda fi be suh strict but now as an adult I thank her for dat dis lil gurl gonna grow fi hate har wutless mumma watch maybe if har fadda was dere da big ooman clothes n poses now belly it wouldn’t reach dis far she clearly need guidence frm a responsible adult

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